Lets Talk Eye Makeup...

Oh, sweet sweet eye makeup.
What used to be my worst enemy...
{think back to this}
{I'm still questioning if I had eye balls all of my Middle and High School days.}

Is now something that I sparingly get complimented on.
Teenage girls:
Hold Out.
There is Hope.
Just start listening to those around you.

Recently both Ashley & C Mae asked me how I do my eye make-up.
And while I had to laugh at the question, I figured I would answer it.
In a step by step tutorial.
Which means I had to start from the beginning.
With absolutely no eye make-up on, wet hair, and dressed in a robe.
I cringe just typing the words.

Anyhow--let's get down to business.
Before I get down to the nitty gritty, I have to preface something.
I know there are many a men out there who say they prepare their girl "Au natural"
I'm gonna call their bluff on this one.
Who honestly prefers their woman to walk around looking like a haggard tired zombie?
Oh right, those who actually have women that possess "natural beauty"
Well guess what men.
Not all of us have that natural crap down.
Which is why God invented eye make-up.
Moving on...

You must first start with all the essentials.
Oh and real quick--this is not a paid post by Mary Kay.
I really do just use a lot of their products.
It may have something to do with the fact that I spent entirely way too much money buying "inventory"
when I sold their products, but that is another story for another day.
And honestly, I don't have enough bottles of wine in my house to discuss that at this time.

Step One:
Eye Primer
Use this ladies.
I don't care what kind--just buy some.
And put it on your eyelids before you put on anything else.
It really will keep your eye shadow in place all day.

Step Two:
Apply a "highlighter" to the entire lid--
especially along the brow

Step Three:
Apply a "neutral" color along your eyelid bone
So I am not really sure if purple is "neutral" but let's play pretend that it is.

Step Four:
Apply a dark color to the corners/crease of your lid

Step Five:
Make your eyes come alive with Eye Liner
I only line my bottom..if I do the top, I suddenly have no eyeballs at all.
I always start from the outside corner and work my way inwards

Step Six:
"Set" your eyeliner with Eye Shadow
..I use the "Coal" over the eye shadow-
and then the highlighter {Crystalline} on the inside corners of my eye to make them "pop".

Step Seven:
Curl those bad boys

Step Eight:
The best for last-Mascara
I usually stick with Maybelline "Classic Lash" in Black--but sometimes if I'm feeling rather frisky,
I'll break out the Mac Haute & Naughty.
I load the mascara up on every lash possible--tops/bottoms/outside/inside.

Step Nine:
Show off those eyeballs :)

One last thing--
Treat your eyes nice ladies.
They are the only pair you have.
Eye Cream & Eye Makeup Remover.
Make them your best friends.



  1. Loving this post! I always notice that your eyes look fab and I feel that my eye makeup just doesn't last. Going to try some of these tricks! Love the step by step with pics!

  2. Nice tutorial. I like how you lined your bottom. It created a sexy look.

  3. i think you look amazing with or without make up, and i honestly mean that. i never felt comfortable not wearing make up around guys, but i have an amazing group of guy friends that i feel gorgeous with all the time, thank god. although now that you posted this, i may just have to try it out and see if they notice ;)

  4. I am a MK user all the way! Have the whole line!

  5. Love your eye make up :) You are gorgeous girl!

  6. I love any & every makeup tutorial I can get my hands on. :)

  7. I love this - thanks so much for this post! I've always wondered how to do the highlighting and what eyeshadow to put where on what part of the eye, lol :)

    I'd love to see a smokey eye tutorial...this one was awesome!! :)

    ~Rachel <3

  8. Yay so glad you posted this, your eyes are gorgy!!! I need all of these products asap!!

  9. Thanks SO much for sharing this. I'm doing this. ASAP.

  10. Mary Kay rocks...and I swear by that primer. It never fails me, even when I sweat when I work out :) Great stuff!!

  11. Love those colors! I'm gonna have to try this! I usually just wear mascara. ha ha

  12. Enough about the eyes, I wanna hear the story about Mary Kay that you didn't have enough wine bottles to talk about! Haha

    No, but really....you do have pretty eyes and I'm still in search of the right mascara that won't cLump my lashes!

  13. Oh my gosh.. thank you... some people sure do need help on eye make up. I have thought about posting my routine too! Oh and I am so with you on thinking that guys are crazy... natural beauty, hah... I'll take my eye make up any day!

  14. The eye makeup in high school might have been a nightmare, but at least your eyebrows were perfectly tamed.

  15. Great post, lady! Your eye makeup always looks fab! I used to sell MK also. Let's not talk about it. But they do have some killer products! Love the eye primer, which reminds me...I need more.

  16. I really LOLed when I read that there's not enough bottles in your house right now to discuss the inventory you have left from selling Mary Kay!! hahaha! I went through the same experience, ughhh! Love your eye tutorial! I wish I could get away with only lining the bottoms of my eyes! Maybe I will try again..! :)

  17. my favorite part of this post {not that the makeup wasnt great because it was}

    Teenage girls:
    Hold Out.
    There is Hope.
    Just start listening to those around you.


    i have a 15 year old. and somedays she comes out of the bathroom and i just smh. um helloooooo where are your eyes and what happened to them.


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  20. Awesome tutorial! I have been in a complete rut forever with my eye makeup. Definitely going to try this tomorrow morning :)

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  22. Sorry about the multiple comments! I'm not sure why my computer went all crazy on me!

  23. Beautiful! I hate doing my eyes, I always feel like they end up tinier when I want them look bigger. UGGHH just a bit frustrating. I may try again after seeing your great post.

  24. most days i throw on some mascara and call it a day....but if i'm feeling REAL adventurous, i'll add in some eyeliner and a touch of tan eyeshadow. cuz i'm wild like that. ;) i like this tutorial though and i may possibly give it a whirl. and primer for your eyelids?? who knew such things existed?!?!

  25. So since this was a smokey eye tutorial, sorry about the mix-up in my earlier comment! My brain was obviously not thinking and I was out to lunch...anyway, great post! I love that you only put eyeliner on the bottom - that's the only way I can look decent! :)

    ~Rachel <3

  26. i am horrible at putting on eye shadow! thank you for the tutorial :) i love the eye liner you used. isn't mary kay the best?! i am addicted to their mascara and face lotion.


  27. Ha! Hilarious that you mention the "natural beauty" thing, as today is the first day i've done full makeup this week, and you'd think i was a new person with all the compliments..."did you do something different today?" "your makeup looks really good!"...try i'm actually putting it on =)

  28. fyi..I did this yesterday & loved it. :)

  29. Thanks for posting this! I'm usually a mascara only gal, but I will refer to this when I want to go all out :) I am totally intimidated by eye makeup...but I do know the primer is key :)

  30. I liked how you said that the guys that say they like the au natural are the ones who have girls who can do that. I totally agree. I have natural dark circles under my eyes so I look like natural death when I wake up. Not pretty. I really liked this tutorial. :)

  31. Beautiful!

    P.S. Reeeaaalllyyy want to hear about your Mary Kay experience...pllllzzzz :)

  32. Great, I'm good to go now.


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