If Your Name Is...

Two winners to announce people.
I've actually been meaning to do this for days now and well...
I forgot.
Sorry Charlies.

The first winner who will be receiving an Inner Beauty Bracelet
courtesy of Digging Deeper Designs is:

and the winner of a 3 month subscription to Birchbox
courtesy of The Luycx's is:

Consider it your lucky day ladies.

Congratulations Kim & Danielle-I will be emailing you both shortly.

Oh and hey--speaking of giveaways, come back in roughly 15 minutes for another one ;)



  1. Yay!! I never win anything!!!

    Thanks ;)

  2. NO WAY!!!! Today is my birthday and I keep telling everyone I want a dang Birchbox subscription!! You SERIOUSLY made my day!!!!!! :) Thank you!!!!


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