Funky Bird.

 Happy Friday Chicklets.
I am so {so} excited to have show off two wonderful ladies to you today.
They have several things in common:
They are beautiful.
They are smart.
They are talented.
They are funny.
And they both write a blog.
Boo ya.

Before I spill too much, I will let them do the talkin'.
Please do not waste anytime hoppin' over to their blogs and saying hello.
I know I say this a lot, but I mean it a lot:
You will not be disappointed.
I'm Michelle and I write over at The Momma Bird.
I like to dab into my life as a momma-
military wife-
and living in England for the next few years!
I recently started up some blog designing.
Blogging just wasn't enough to fill up my day along with watching my boys who are almost 3 and 1.5yrs old.
Stop on by and maybe if you're nice and mention the code:
LIVINGYELLOW you'll get 20% off!
You can also find me on Facebook Here and BlogLovin' Here.
See you soon :)
Hello, Living In Yellowers!
I am Brooke from bnfunky where I share my random thoughts,
rants, and wannabe funny stories :)

My blog got its name from way way way back in the day when we all had instant messenger.
bnfunky was my first screen name since "bnf" were my initials and my amazing mom
convinced me to declare to the world that I'm just "being funky" :)
I love Jesus, my husband, family time, and close friendships.
I love the beach, chowing down, baking, relaxing, and anything that has to do with Chris Carrabba :)
Most of all, I love cracking up and reading Erin's precious blog!!
I would love to meet you!
 I'm always looking for new friends in the blog world!
Be blessed :)
Okay seriously, get your hott cross buns out of here.
Your next stop?
Here and Here.

Happy Weekend Little Pelicans.

{I'm not sure why I chose the word Pelicans just then, but we're gonna roll with it}
...I may or may not be drinking a glass of wine right now.



  1. Haha how funny! I had just written my post for today and I came over to read yours and mine starts almost exactly like yours. Can't wait to check out their blogs.

  2. That's my homegirl BROOKE! Hey girl hey! Look at you looking all amazing and getting featured on this amazing blog. Movin' on up I tell ya! Check out Bnfunky she's amazing!

  3. awe thanks so much for having me!!!! can't wait to meet you ladies :)

  4. Wow!:) I just came here through somebody's blog.Love your Living in Yellow blog.It feels so peppy reading just a little.Guess there's a lot I should catch up on!:)


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