Five Things You Must...{Buy}

My life has been on like excitement overdrive lately.
I never used to get things in the mail.
Like ever.
Except credit card offers.
Speaking of-have you ever noticed how special and important those letters make you feel?
Like a freakin' prized possession I tell ya.
{who want to hammer you with insane interest rates but that's besides the point..}
My days of not receiving packages are over.
At least this past week they were over.
Come next week I'm sure it will return back to those dang credit card offers.

One main reason I started this little blog of mine, is because I wanted to share the things that I love.
Stuff that makes me happy.
Both non-material and material goods.
Because let's face it, sometimes material goods do make your heart beat a little bit faster.
Think back to Must-Have Mondays.
I was shovin' all my favorites in your face on a weekly basis.
I kinda wish I still did that.
I'm thinkin' that would give me a legit reason to go out and spend money.
{Girls--if you like spending money on whatever and whenever, don't get married. Just sayin'}

Back to the point--Today I am here to share with you 5 things that quite frankly,
you must buy.
Yes, I said must.

Let's get this party started up in herrrrr'

1. Erin Condren Life Planner
I got this beauty today and I already feel like I can't live without it.
Okay, so I haven't even written anything down yet..but still.
Does it get any better than this?
 I think not.
Thank you Katie for this recommendation.
My life is so much more organized already.

2. Toms Glitter Shoes
You may remember when I asked for these suckers on my Christmas list.
Well, it pays to have best friends who read your blog.
Because my sweet bestie had these shipped to me this past week.
{that's the bestie--in 3D glasses. That's how we do.}
Umm, I die.
You can't say those aren't stinkin' cute.
Unless your my husband, in which case you would continually say "Wow, those really are sparkly huh?"
Get your feet in some.

3. EOS Lip Balm
First off-let's talk about the shape of this wholesome goodness.
An egg.
When is the last time you've rubbed an egg on your lips?
In sweet mint flavor none the less?
It's perfection.
And your lips need perfection.
A wonderful girl at work got me this little gizmo.
As you can tell, I surround myself with really awesome giving people.
I'd consider doin' the same.

4. Victorias Secret Pink V Neck Tees
Yes, I woke up at 6 am on my day off work to go to the Semi-Annual Sale.
Yes, that means I woke up earlier for this than I do for work.
You wanna talk about soft?
Then talk about these tees.
I can't get enough.
And that second shirt pictured there?
It kinda makes me feel like a hoochie college girl who is tryin' to be all cute and get guys to kiss her.
Minus the hoochie, college girl, tryin' to be cute, and get guys to kiss her part.
You get the point.
Get yourself some of these tees while they are dirt cheap.
Heck, you may get a kiss outta the deal ;)

5. Lorac Blush Bronzer Duo
My favorite.
Sometimes your face needs something to make it look not so..oh what's the right word?
And this baby does just the trick.
One side is bronzer which pretty much defines those cheek bones we have hiding under who knows where,
and the other side packs a nice punch of color on those pretty little cheek bones that are now exposed.
Do your face a favor and make it come alive with this stuff.
Now, if there is something I like more than telling you what you should spend your money on--
It's when you tell me what I must buy.
Because if you say it's good, it's bound to be fantastic, right?

Link up your favorites below so I can oooh and ahhh and then go buy them mmmmk?

Oh, and if you aren't in the mood to link up,
at least leave a comment with somethin' your lovin' at the present moment.

Bank account, prepare yourself.
You're about to be drained sucker.

Real quick--speaking of link ups...
Holy 100 y'all.
I couldn't believe you all jumped on ship to that post so much.
I have not even made a dent in that list of blogs to check out, but don't fret, I'm workin' on it.

When I say that you guys truly rock, I mean every bit of the "truly" and the "rock".

Love You Little Bits.



  1. I have the same EOS (evolution of smooth)....but my friends tease me...saying they know why I like to rub it on my lips....well lets just say they don't think it looks like an egg. Yes they have gutter minds :)

  2. Well how stinkin' perfect is this link up!? I wrote about some of my fav products a while back, and they are still my fav. Great idea Erin! :)

  3. I love my EOS lip balm!! The EOS shave cream is ah-mazing, as well.

  4. Ok, i love you and I love your blog, but please for the love of god, tell me that you didn't drop $50 for a planner!?!?! I was so excited when I saw yours that I ran over to buy one and almost choked when I saw the price!! Don't get me wrong, it is a super awesome planner... but holy moses that's a lot of dough!! Perhaps I need a new job :)

    I can agree, however, with the EOS lipbalm. I have the kind in the red container... not sure what flavor it is though. I bought it forever ago and it's still around. It's pretty good stuff.

  5. Love the planner!! I love mine; it's so great!! I just had to get one when I saw Kelly's video about hers! Check out what she did with the tabs to help protect them. I did it with my and it's awesome!! Here is her link: http://www.keepingupwithkellyandco.com/


  6. I love your eye make up in your Lorac cheek info lol do tell what you use on your eyes!

  7. Great post! I spent about 15 minutes browsing on that planner site.. she has some awesome stuff!

    One of my favourite product brands lately... GREEN BEAVER! Not sure where to buy it if you're in the States, but I'm getting it at Planet Organic in BC right now. I use the face wash, toner, and moisturizer (all made for acne prone skin)... they are AMAZING! Goodbye red blotchy oily skin!

  8. As always, a fun post. The blush and the V neck tee looks great on you. It's wonderful receiving stuff other than credit card bills in the mail.

  9. Those really are the best t-shirts! I have a few and I am obsessed! And I have been dyyying for sparkly Toms...they may be my next purchase.

  10. grrr I'm totally considering getting one of those planners!! LOVE that they're SO cute! ANd big!

  11. i JUST got my new black glitter TOMS. totally wearing them to work tomorrow. you need comfy shoes when you work with 700+ elementary school kids on the daily. and the sparkles make me smile...which you need when you work with 700+ elementary school kids on the daily ;)

  12. i see that lip balm ALL the time at target & every time i want to buy it just to try it. i think im gonna have to now :)

  13. EOS & Life planner... you're right on the money, girl!!

  14. I just ordered that planner! I saw it here on your blog and checked out the site, OMG - thank you for posting this!

    I am going back to school next week and have been looking all over for the perfect planner... well this is it, I will get it after classes start, but its going to be well worth the wait. Thanks for posting :)

    xo Teresa

  15. I love EOS lip balm!! It is amazing! I'm looking up the bronzer/blush duo you recommended right now!! It sounds like just what I need!

  16. A *must have* for me is Smashbox primer. My makeup looks like I just put in on ALL. DAY. LONG. And they have several types so you can find just the right one for your skin :) It's more than spend on my foundation (or any other skin care item for that matter), but a little bit goes a very long ways and I find that I use less moisturizer and A LOT less foundation when I use it. Can't live without it now :)

  17. I too LOVE my planner! and the EOS lip balm is amazing!! I have the strawberry sorbet flavor!

  18. LOVE my EC planner and my EOS lip balm. i got my planner before january and couldnt wait to use it! now it is my LIFE. you will love it!

  19. loving your blog.
    so true when you say:
    if you like to spend money whenever on whatever - don't get married. - so true and hilarious!

  20. Bahaha! I just got an email from them advertising that planner! I'm going to look into it, I love it and it's nice and thick, too.

  21. We must be vibing today with our Erin Condren planners! I'm obsessed too!! Now I need to try the EOS lip balm!

  22. My grandma got me the EOS lip balm in that same flavor and I'm in love! And I have to say I'm totally jealous of the Erin Condren life planner. I had one on my Xmas list, but didn't get one. Boo.

  23. Erin! I totally have my Erin Condren planner. it's so girly and makes it so easy to be organized!! LOVE it, and i got mine on a plum district deal. $25!!!

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