My Take On 2013

and yes--this is my new life approach
The obligatory resolutions post...we meet again.
I've been thinking about this whole new year quite a bit over the past several days. I am a sucker for new beginnings, clean slates, and dreaming up a million and ten things that I should implement for the coming year, but know that there is really no point because none of which will actually come into fruition (proof: see last years resolutions. the only ones I succeeded in were numbers 4, 5, and 12. Number 12 consisted of taking more baths and buying an iPhone. An incredible feat if I don't say so myself).

Last years resolutions taught me quite a bit.
If I create little ideas of what I would like to do more of (instead of ridiculous ideas like working out or limiting my meat intake...) I am much more likely to succeed. And life is all about winning people.
So for this year--I'm taking more of the "enhance" approach.
Taking what I am already doing--but tweaking it just slightly to hopefully have a more fulfilled, more amazeballs life. A few things on my brain for the coming new year include, but are not limited to:

-Make sure my time is being spent either surrounded by awesome people or in sweatpants. A combination of the two would really be preferred. A prime example of this can be found here.

-Eat more apple slices while drinking hot chocolate.

-Stop spending so much time on mind numbing activities and rather focus on tasks that are opportunity yielding. For example--maybe take the hour(s) in the evening I spend on Instagram and read a book or something crazy like that.

-Go out for mid-day drinks and appetizers on the reg
you may think this is water but you may also be wrong..very wrong.

-Be apart of a flash mob danggit.

-Hey I know!! Don't get 275 emails behind!!

-Make out more (this goes back to the whole gravitating my time away from mind numbing activities and focusing on opportunity yielding items...think of all the opportunities this simple little task could lead to!)

-Live more by my favorite made-up motto: If you aren't embarrassing yourself even a little bit, you probably aren't having fun.

-Reteach my mind how to pray. I currently suck in this department thanks to a little thing I like to call ADD. More commonly known as "my brain is used to scrolling through Twitter at the rate of 384738473873 milliseconds per hour and now you expect it to slow down and focus on one thing all while having my eyes closed?!"

-Create the most incredible mac and cheese recipe ever. And I mean ever.

-Give more of me away. Not in a prostitute type of way, but in a giving/loving type of way. Not that prostitutes aren't giving and loving, but you know what I mean...I hope.
-Live with intention and never forget that I am here to make a positive difference (and to do the cupid shuffle at all necessary times, but that's besides the point).

So that's that.
Those are my "goals" for 2013.
Mentally I have probably twenty-eight more but for all practical blog purposes, that is what you are getting today. I should mention I have a few "blog specific" plans for 2013 and now would be the appropriate time to share those as well. It's a little thing I like to call simplify.

-Reduce the number of ad sizes/options I allow. Things got to be WAY too complicated around these parts peeps. Complication doesn't sit well with this stomach of mine. Moving forward this blog will have 2 options and 2 options only for sponsorship. Why only two? Because I believe wholeheartedly in only offering what I believe truly yields results. Here's what I've come up with:
For either option you may email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com to book your spot.
I am old fashioned and prefer this method.
Sorry to all who prefer to checkout without having to interact with me, I ain't havin' it.
I kinda like talking to your pretty little faces, so there we have it.

By cutting down my options to the above, it allows me to spend more time on my new favorite baby of blogging---consulting. I had my first session with this beauty and there is no doubt in my mind that consulting is where my heart is. If interested, here are those options again. Ohhhhh the fun it is.
My other hope with all of this is that it will allow me to refocus on producing quality (read: ridiculous) content for this blog. On top of that, I really, really, really want to be able to invest more time on writing that eBook that I once announced I was writing and haven't started yet.

Annnnnd on that note, this post is way too incredibly long.

Cheers to an amazefest 2013.

Let's make it a good one kids.



I'd Rather Be On The Dance Floor

I've come to a conclusion recently and I think it's a rather good one.
If I'm going to be living, I might as well be having fun.
That's it. That's my conclusion. So it should come as of no surprise that when I attended my friends wedding this past weekend (solo mind you, thanks to that awesome flu my husband STILL has....) that it was going to be one of the better nights of my life. Weddings just equal better nights of your life. Weddings with open bars especially. Anyhow--at the beginning of the night it started out calm. See..here I am. Calm as a clam. Posing with my lackluster of a date (and yes I still allowed them to serve his meal. Two meals at a wedding?! Winning.)
 Here are some of my calm looking friends. Say "hi calm looking friends of Erin!!!"
I included that shot of the chandeliers with my group of friends because who wouldn't want to be friends with a whole group of sparkly gorgeous chandeliers?
Oh. You may be wondering what that picture is all about. This would be where I marked Shawn's spot. With two nuts. Act like that's not funny.

Continuing on...
After eating the most amazefest Chicken Marsala on the face of the planet I got bored.
Why? The music turned on.  
Boring people. That's who.
So within 3 seconds of party rock anthem, I made my way to the dance floor with every other 4 year old girl in a big ole puffy dress. You want to know how to make every person in attendance think you are a freak of nature? You go out on the dance floor with their 4 year old puffy dressed daughters and bust a move. Annnnnd then you dance to Gangnam Style. Alone. In the middle of the dance floor.
Anyhow, here are the fun pictures. Just something about the three G's that get me every time. Glow sticks, Grillz, and girlfriends.
I'm not sure where exactly I was headed with this post other than just to tell you that the only way to live is on the dance floor. Preferrably with a whole strand of glow sticks dangling from your neck.
The end.
PS. I had great intentions of telling you about...
tonight but guess what? I think they are worthy of more than a write-up at the end of this blog post when it's 11:30 at night and I don't even know what I am typing about. Soooooo...expect to learn more about these beauties in the next day or two. Maybe go get a head start now so you can be all like "I already knew that about her" when I tell you about them. Being a know it all can be rather fun sometimes. Not that I would know but I can only imagine.

Dancing > Learning.

Don't forget it youth of America.



A Post...From My Dad.

So if you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed a recent picture I put up with a caption that read something along the lines of "have I ever told you how my dad reads every comment on my blog?"
Well a few (112) of you thought it was pretty sweet. And then a few of you started to think about things for a minute and were all "Hold up. Did he read every comment on that Secrets post?!" A couple more comments later, some of you thought my dad should do a guest post about HIS response to those secrets. I failed to mention this to my father until yesterday as we were sitting around the table eating lunch. Within 24 hours of me opening my mouth--bam. Guest post in my inbox. Needless to say, the man was born a blogger and was just waiting to pounce at his opportunity to shine.
I'm a huge fan of my dad. HUGE. I may be a little biased but I find him to be one of the funniest people I know. Not only that but the man supports/loves his children and family fiercely.
An admirable quality if I don't say so myself.
Anyhow, I present to you.....my father.
(you all better leave the man some love below...he spent a whole 18 hours brewing this post up).

HI Living In Yellow Readers,
At the request and invitation of Living in Yellow I am today, “Erin’s Guest Blogger”.
I am introducing myself to you all as Erin’s Dad (which I really am) as well as a regular post reader of LIY. I don’t think it’s too weird (as a Dad) that I read all my daughters posts, do you? All I am is a proud father and just happen to think that E has done a very fine job with this blogging business. I find it to be very entertaining and also see her kind spirit come through her writings on a pretty consistent basis. Sometimes I wonder if this is all good to expose yourself to the world like this, but so far, so good. I’ve weighed out the pros and the cons and the pros win.  I see many people blogging these days. It is a very creative platform to express one’s thoughts, feelings and interests.
One thing I’ve learned from reading E’s posts and reading just about 100 % of the comments made daily, is that there are a lot of great, wonderful, beautiful people in this world. It makes my heart feel really good to know that there are so many of you out there. This shouldn’t surprise me though as it seems no matter where you travel or where you go, people in general, are very friendly and do really care about one another. If you every get to our part of this world, you are more than welcome.
I find it fascinating to know how small our world has become because of all this technology we have available at our fingertips. You might be from LA or New York City or from Scotland or from just a tiny little place out in the middle of nowhere, like me, and can get on the Internet just to say “hi” to someone thousands of miles away. Just think how long that would have taken years ago: months or years just to say hi to someone that lived halfway across the continent. It would be like, “Hey honey I’ll see you in 2 years as I have to go tell Tom and Sandy we can’t come over to play cards at their place five years from tonight.” It would have taken two years just to get the invite!  We have it made, don’t you think? We take so much for granted today that’s for sure. “ It’s a small world after all, it’s a small, small, world!”
I know that Erin has picked up a few “followers” through her blog LIY. Her topics and daily posts are quite entertaining to me. One post, in particular, last fall, she put you guys way out there on a post called,  “Secrets”. I read quite a few of your “secrets”, but not all of them, as there were so many. I will say there are a lot of secrets out there! WOW! My heart goes out to those of you that have had much pain and suffering in your past. My fatherly advice to you is to look to the future. Don’t make the same mistakes twice, don’t repeat the practice, get some professional help in the area of your concern. For some of you others with your wild fantasies, jeepers’ creepers, good luck! It’s good to dream but some of your dreams, well let’s put it this way, you might be better off just dreaming the dream! Some of the other secrets, we might have all been better off if you just kept them a secret! Too much information! You can all blame Erin for letting the cat out of the bag!  Overall it was a fun post and it seemed like you all enjoyed the chance to reveal your secret, anonymously. Thank God not all LIY’s posts are this dicey!
Well to wrap things up here if you ever do get out my way, look me up. You can find me most days at a place called Shipshewana Auction and Flea Market. (www.tradingplaceamerica.com), located in a little horse and buggy town (Amish people all over the place), of Shipshewana Indiana. Many people visit this area because of the Amish and the large flea market on the grounds, plus over 100 little shops to shop in downtown. (www.Shipshewana.com). I manage a huge miscellaneous and antique auction as well as the Trading Place Antique Gallery. I love buying and selling antiques and sure would like to see the younger generations become more excited about antiques. We need younger people collecting, etc. At any rate keep reading Erin’s  blog and tell others if you get enjoyment reading this little yellow gem of a blog. She’s a keeper and I love her (and her sister and my grand kids and my son –in laws and my wife very, very much) and you too, for supporting LIY! Have a great evening, tomorrow, and the rest of your wonderful life.
There you have it. My dad's officially a blogger.
Welcome to the club...it's a pretty prestigious group to be a part of ;)



Why Christmas Is Awesome

1. We are going to start with the elephant in the room--the birth of sweet baby Jesus. If it weren't Him, numbers 2-10 would not be possible. Thank you Jesus. To put it lightly, without You, this blog would go to crap. 
2. This goes without saying...the food (and the drinks). Ham, mashed potatoes, corn, cookies, cookies, and more cookies. Wine, wine, and more wine. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bed time snack. It doesn't matter! It's Christmas!!! 
3. PRESENTS!!!!!! Duh. 
4. Celebrating in a barn. Just like our ancestors. 

5. Being able to take 1.2 million pictures of my precious nieces and nephews without getting yelled at. It's Christmas! It has to be documented. Plus, it's not my fault their delinquent parents are too busy actually taking care of them or something like that. I have real responsibilities, thank you very much.
6. On no other day is it socially acceptable to have your older sister feed you her breast milk. 
7. Reinbeer.
8. Bows in the hair. I'm just waiting for this to be a hit song modeled after "pants on the ground". 
9. Homemade candlelight services. Thanks to a nice dose of the flu (given to my husband), my "BUT I HAVE TO GO TO A CANDLELIGHT SERVICE" creativity set in. The only bad news is--your husband when sick with the flu, doesn't necessarily appreciate waking up to a million and ten candles burning along with Christmas music blasting throughout the house. You know what I have to say to that? Don't get the flu. 
10. Speaking of husbands, it is the one time of the year he can't say "no" to his picture being taken. Sucker. 
And that my friends, is why Christmas is awesome. 
What one thing would you put on your list? 
**just for the record--I didn't actually drink the breast milk. You may now shut your mouths and stop shaking your heads. I did however eat four helpings of ham, mashed potatoes, and corn in less than 8 hours and it was aweeeeeesome. If you must know.**
ps. I realize this post didn't have nearly enough pictures, so here are a few more for you to enjoy.
Or for me to look at in a year when I can't remember what we did last Christmas. Whatevs.
my dog/my mother-in-law. not to be confused with each other.
 tracking Santa. at about this time he was somewhere near Yemen.
 mi madre/mi amigo
 a rockstar. aka my brother-in-law
 my parents don't like to hang things on their walls in case you didn't notice
 my mom passin out..she had a few two many reinbeers. (or trying out her new pillow...borrrring)
 my dad. once a stud, always a stud.
tickle tickle tickle....giggle giggle giggle