Out With The Old, In With The New

Oh how I love thee.
I am totally one of those people who eats up the whole
 "Fresh start-Clean slate-Time to start new" biz.
There is something refreshing about a new year.
It is a time to concentrate and focus on all the things you should already be doing
{but aren't} that will create a better you.
Or in my case, a better me.
Do I think it is kinda crazy to "wait" until a new year to start practicing good habits?
But do I use the excuse of January 1st being just around the corner during the whole month of November and December to procrastinate starting something I should already be doing?

Anyhow, I took a solid five minutes and compiled this list the other day.
2012, I hope you're ready for me.

1. Read the entire Bible with the help of this little tool:
I started 2011 with the same goal and somewhere around March started slacking off.
Lord, if you are listening-please grant me the discipline to actually complete all 12 months, not three.
Or two and a half.
2. Drink More Water
And by more water, I mean drink primarily only water.
Yes, I will still have my coffee or tea in the morning.
But no more caffeine after 12 pm.
Insomnia, you can kiss your sweet self goodbye.

3. Limit meat intake to two times per week.
Because every time I see a person who looks amazing {or hear somebody say they feel amazing},
 I google their name and it comes back
Now hear me out, this is going to be hard.
We're talkin' real hard.
I love myself some meat.

4. Create an amazing space for my office.
I want a room where I feel inspired.
A room that I feel is all mine.
I'm thinkin' a little somethin' with this set-up:
 and these colors:

5. Host a "Second Annual" Clothes Drive.

6. Become more of an Organized Blogger.
Right now I have no rhyme or reason to my madness.
And it drives me absolutely nuts.
I want to schedule posts in advance, have one spot where I have all my sponsors information, etc.
Thankfully, I have this baby on the way to help me do just that:

7. Move my booty
30 Minutes.
5 days a week.
No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

8. Become more "Un-plugged"
I don't think y'all understand how addicted to technology I really am.
It's pretty much disgusting.
I am not sure of how I attempt to do this, but I'm going to assume a good start would be to stop spending four hours straight every evening on my Ipad.

9. Learn more about photography.
For a long time now, I've enjoyed taking pictures, but have never taken the time to "learn" about  photography.
Aperture, Shutter Speed, Blah Blah Blah..we're about to become good friends.
10. Be Intentional With Money.
I more so mean, be intentional with giving money to those who need it.
I would love to see my husband and I give on a monthly basis to different people who could use it.

11. Think about babies.
Please note: This does not say "Have" Babies.
Just simply start thinking about them.
This homegirl isn't gettin' any younger ya heard?

 And because I want to have at least one resolution I know I can stick with--
12. Take more baths, Get More Massages, and Buy an Iphone 4s.

Cheers to 2012.



Dear 2011,

I do not know what one word I would choose to best describe you.
If there is an emotion to be felt, I felt it during the past year.
You had your highest of highs and your lowest of lows.
2011, you sure had your fair share of surprises.
Big, great, grand, wonderful surprises.
And then surprises that I wanted to punch in the face.

Looking back, I should have realized that when I woke up on January 1, 2011 with a pounding headache, things were going to be a little rocky for the year.
Remind me to never again mix {multiple} martinis with {multiple} glasses of champagne.
I’m still trying to figure out who in the world I thought I was that evening.

Regardless, there are several memories and events that I would like to reflect on that happened this past year.

Life was not documented.
This blog didn’t start until February.

This one little event might make February the best month of the year.
And on the day after I started my blog, it snowed.
A lot.
Enough to close my work down for a day.
Second reason February deserves to be called the best month of the year.
Oh one last thing that happened in February that is worth documenting...
My niece learned how to pick her nose.
So proud of that nugget.

That same nose pickin' niece turned one..
And I managed to step barefoot on this sucker, causing it to go through my heel.
Yeah, that pretty much sucked.
March, I'm counting on you to treat me much better in 2012.

Okay, so April may top February.
It was this month that my husband surprised me with a getaway to Pensacola Beach, FL.
I must say, that had to be one of our best vacations.
It was simple, relaxing, and oh so fun.
I will never forget that trip.
Husband--if you are reading, I am totally down with surprise vacations at any given time.
Say...like next month?!

One last thing-I also ran a 5k in April with these boys.
In the freezing, pouring, rain sleet that is.
If you think for a moment I added this just to make myself feel better, you are totally right.
Just think, one day I can look back and think
"Wow...you once really did do more than lay on the couch for hours on end"

Okay, so yeah..May rocked as well.
It was not only one of my friends Bachelorette parties in Chicago...
May was also the month of my first annual "Clothes Drive" I held.
Talk about one the highest "highs" I've ever had.

Love, Love, Love.

Two Words: CMA FEST.
Four additional words: Take me back now.

Oh July, how I love you.
On the 17th, this homegirl turned 25.
To get my mind off of getting older, I spent time at the lake pretending to be a teenager.
I also produced a child this month
Well, I didn't really produce a child...but I did buy my new camera.
Basically the same thing.
While I was off buying cameras, my husband found himself a new love too.
It's name was Harley.
And now we are both in love.
Crap, one last thing...It was July that we learned we will have yet another niece.
{Come and get here already baby....}
July, you may return at anytime.
Please and Thank You.

This month is when things went a little haywire in my world.
What started out as a beautiful month...
Turned not so beautiful when my daddio had some health complications.
This was the start of our what seemed like never ending hospital visits.

In the midst of my father "bouncing" back, my family departed on a little trip to Mackinaw Island.
Talk about beauty.
It was also the month that my beautiful little {2nd} niece was born.
And also the month that we had to say goodbye to my precious grandmother.
I learned so much from that woman in the last few days of her life.
Miss you so much grandma.

Thankfully, October started out a little more exciting by celebrating our 5 year anniversary.
To celebrate we set sail on Royal Caribbean's Allure Of The Seas.
Thank you October for putting a little more pep in my step.
You were exactly what I needed.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

And here we are.
Another Christmas season under our belt and 10 pounds hanging over my belt.
Speaking of Resolutions.....
All in all 2011, I wouldn’t trade you for the world.
As you can tell, I created many memories that will be cherished for as long as I shall live.
Cheers to 2012 not starting out waking up feeling like crap.
Unless I think I'm bigger than the world again....
In which case, I am an idiot.

Bring it 2012.
 I'm ready for ya.

Happy New Year.



Blondes Are Funny.

Holy Thursday.
How in the world did the day before Friday show up so fast?
Which reminds me, with it being so close to Friday..that means New Years Eve is right around the corner.
Guess who is awesome and has no plans?
You seriously wouldn't believe I am 25 and like to have a good time if you didn't know any better.
Enough about me being a loser though, we have much more important items to discuss.
Like how hilarious this girl is.
I mean, do you ever just read a blog post and laugh out loud?
That's exactly what I did when I read the below.
I'd consider doin' the same ya heard?
After all, laughter is the best medicine....
Hey ya'll!

I'm so excited to be a guest blogger for Erin today!
Let me tell you a little about me:
I'm an MBA student,
trying to find my future career path, 
and a full-time foster mom.

At Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde sarcasm is a way of life
and awkward things happen on a daily basis.

I couldn't decide what to write about for my guest post, 
so Erin gave me a few ideas:

She said I could consider sharing my favorite recipe...
but I can't do that because I rarely cook 
(unless you count cereal and pasta as cooking).  

She also suggested sharing my favorite pins...
but I can't do that because I don't have a pinterest account.
You guys can pick your jaws up off the floor now, 
I know it's a crime against womanhood and the blogging world not to "pin," 
but if I got addicted to ANOTHER website, 
I would never get off of my MacBook.
I'd be like one of those video gamers who doesn't shower for days 
because he's scared that if he pauses the game,
  a girl might actually speak to him the world will come to an end.

Erin suggested something Christmas related...
but that would bore ya'll to death because my family doesn't do anything special for the holidays.
We buy presents for each other because that's what we're supposed to do.  
I get everything that I hand-picked out at the store and, 
often times, even swiped my mom's debit card for.
We get together at some point in December to eat a lovingly prepared feast, 
usually consisting of sandwiches and finger foods.  
We then open the presents, that we hand-selected, and put on our best "surprised" faces.
You better prepare yourself for our holiday decorations (we went all out): 
In all seriousness, 
I really do love the holiday season and my family. 

She also suggested talking about Resolutions...
but I can't do that, because I never make them.
As much as I might want to tell you that I'm going to eat healthier, 
work out more, or spend less money on frivolous things (yeah right), 
I'm not going to.
Why not?
Because if I REALLY want to do those things, 
hanging up a new calendar isn't going to influence me, at all.  
Except the fact that I'll have to get used to writing 2012 on my checks.
Oh, let's be real--I never write checks,
I just hand over my shiny, silver card when I want stuff. 

Well now that I told you that you won't find recipes, 
"pins," Holiday Decorations/Traditions Posts, or Resolutions, 
(If you're even still reading)
you're probably wondering what you will find at 

For those of you who have never made it over to my blog,
and whatever other random things I feel like blogging about.  
There's rarely a dull moment in the Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde!

Thanks for reading!
Hope you'll stop by and check me out!

Until next time, 



Headaches, Presents, and Tea Spills.

Whuddup yo?
Because I use this blog as a way to document this life I live,
I figured it is only proper for me to run through my Christmas real quick on this sucker.
So, I apologize if you have been reading the same bits on other blogs, but bare with me.
Or don't bare with me at all and come back tomorrow.
Oh, and if in the midst of this I start to get all capital letters on your butt, it's because my dog is pacing in front of my computer screen and it is driving me absolutely crazy.
Enough about dogs pacing though, lets get on to my weekend festivities.

Christmas Eve
Okay, so one thing you need to know about me.
Christmas Eve is by far my most favorite day in the entire year.
It's just so magical.
And cozy.
And pretty.
And full of traditions.
Oh, I squirm just thinking about it.

Anyhow-I did what any normal human being would do...
Worked at my job until noon and hosted a lunch starting at one.
Here was a glimpse into that little shindig:
Two things you must make STAT.
Rasperries with chocolate chips tucked in them and Winter White Sangria

The actual eve of Christmas, we attended my favorite thing to attend.
A candlelight service at our church.
Every stinkin' year I get all teary eyed when all the candles get lit.
It's beyond beautiful in my eyes.
I kinda wish our whole lives could be lived in candlelight,
but that would mean we are Amish.

After that, we had great plans of driving around and looking at Christmas lights.
But, if you follow me on Twitter {as you all should},
you would know I spent it lying on the couch with a giant Sinus pack over my head.
Think back to this:
All in all, it was still spectacular.
Minus the killer headache.

Christmas Day
So do you all jump around like a five year old Christmas morning or is it just me?
I mean I was hyped up to the max.
The man and I opened our gifts for each other and I must say, I was quite impressed.
After spoiling each other, we spent the entire morning/early afternoon on the couch.
Watching Christmas movies, eating ham, and sleeping.

Later in the day, we went over to my parents for some additional Christmas activities.
Like spilling hot tea all over.

When I wasn't spilling things, I took several pictures.
Go figure.

Overall, the weekend was magnificent.
Blessed is an understatement.

Merry three days past Christmas y'all.