It's About Time..

Ahhh, sweet sweet October.
Probably one of my most favorite months of the year.
It's officially fall--it's our anniversary
{5 years..Umm, yes that makes me feel like an adult. Weird}
and it means I can eat 10 apple pies if I want to.
And yes, I do want to.
Thank you.
The final perk to this beautiful month is that I have some  suuuh-weet little ladies
who are hanging out on my blog this month.
Yip skip and hop.

Let's meet them mmmk kiddle bits?

So yeah...I kinda just made you a ton of new friends.
Now that you have a gazillion more blogs to look at-please don't forget about me.

Enjoy the freakin' weekend....
I don't know about you but I'm about to have me some fun :)



Capturing Joy & Lessons Learned

Hallelujah..It is officially Friday.
The day I have been looking forward to since Monday.
This week has been a week full of long days, wide eyed nights, nerves, tears, memories...
And joy.
Yesterday we said our official "Goodbyes" to my grandmother.
We woke up to very foggy/cloudy skies-
It rained all afternoon-
but for about an hour in between that-the sun shone down as we laid our grandma to rest.
I don't believe so.
We had the joy of witnessing 600+ friends, family, people in the community, etc..
come say their goodbyes to my grandma and offer their condolences to my grandfather and our family.
The amount of love expressed is something I will never forget and will always be thankful for.
You never realize how many people care, until something happens.
I pray every person feels the love that my family felt this week.

Anyhow-with all that being said..while my heart is sad, it is still so full of joy.
And as you know, I love capturing that joy :)
Here's what I got for ya this week:
My grandparents back yard..I love the fall colors & the reflection off the water.
The kid is precious. And an aspiring Fireman. Back off ladies, he is too young for you.
Speaking of reflections from that picture above..is this not adorbs?
This would be my man...cooking in the kitchen with me.
My 2nd favorite activitiy to do together.
Right behind watching TV.
Pretty little flowers. You know I love you.
Is there anything better than a steak hot off the press?
Right behind watching TV with my husband, no there isn't ;)

Now lets see what you got.
Link up you Linky-Lou heads.
Use this button on your blog
{It is definitely time for a new Capturing Joy button. This one is so 1990's ;)...}
And go live joyfully.
Ya heard?

I hope you all have had a fabulous week.
Love you little bits.


One Last Chance

If you would like to see your pretty little ginormous button over on the left hand side in October
Now is your chance.
$15 bucks and it's all yours.
That's like a whopping 10 bucks off.
Comes with an individual guest post.
Email me at Livinginyellow@gmail.com to claim your spot.
Like asap.

Wow Wow Wow Yippy Yo Yippy Yay.
I think it should've been Bow Wow Wow but whatevs.
My brain is shot for the day.
And so are my nails.
Thankfully I have a manicure & pedicure scheduled for right....now.
Peace out youngins.



Fashion Advice

Two things kids:
Don't wear tight yoga cropped pants covered in grass-with regular panties-colored short socks-
and your husbands crocs to the gas station.
The creepy gas station men will look you up and down, but instead of whistling-they raise their eyebrows.
In a very concerned way.
On second thought, do wear it.
Eyebrow raises are a good ten notches down on the creepy scale compared to whistles.

Also, don't wear a sweater with a giant hole in the armpit to your grandmothers viewing.
You will be self conscious the entire time that while you are mid-hug, somebody will see the hole.
And then you spend your entire time construing a story in your head about how you had no idea the hole was there..."Oooh my gosh, how embarrassing. I had no idea..."
You know, that kind of thing.
Except that's not totally true because I might have taken a picture of me wearing the sweater...
prior to leaving the house.
Just for giggles of course.

I really should start caring more about what other people think....



Coffee, Books, and Clothes...{And New Blog Design}

Well, hello there.
Welcome to my new page....you like?
I love.
And if you don't...then get off of this blog asap.
Ha. Just kidding.
No but seriously...go click the red X in the top right hand corner immediately if you don't ;)
Actually don't...because if you do-you won't get to see the cutest thing to ever hit the planet.
I would like to introduce you to Hannah from Coffee, Books, and Clothes.
She is super sweet and has a fabulous blog.
Check it..
First off I'd like to say thanks to Erin!!!
She is AWESOME and I'm kinda obsessed with her blog... :)
I am so excited to be guest blogging today, so let me start off by saying hello...
Hi. I'm Hannah and I'm from Coffee Books & Clothes!

As you can probably guess my blog is about 3 things...

I blog about these three (and I try not to go too far off on a tangent).
Here are some random things about me:
  • I am a senior in high school, going through the long and grueling college application process right now (wish me luck!)
  • I love iced and blended coffee drinks
  • I am freakishly obsessed with Harry Potter
  • Though my style is constantly evolving, it is very classic and feminine
  • I collect miniature Buddhas (currently I have 14)
  • I work at Pump It Up - an inflatable bounce house for little kids to have party (it's fun, but exhausting!)
  • I mostly like alternative and rock music, but I'll listen to everything
  • I'm obsessed with classic novels - I think a lot of older novels are better than contemporary literature
  • I'm very silly, crazy, and awkward, but I like to think I'm kinda smart, pretty, and funny :)
I'm new to the blog-o-sphere, but I love getting to know other bloggers and readers. I hope you like my blog and thanks so much for reading :)

P.S.  I love to do photobooth message posts, like I did in these pictures :)
Okay, let's be serious for a minute: How cute of an idea was that?
Is it okay that I am a wee bit jealous I've never thought to do something so genius before?
Anyhow-go check her blog out here for more awesome greatness.
I'm off now to go cuddle my lovebug arms around my man...
Or a bowl of popcorn.
Whichever sounds better at the time....

Talk to you soon kitten britches :)



Sometimes I Can't Think Of Titles...

I am trying to be really excited about this post.
Like trying quite hard.
But it feels like there is a little man camping out inside my stomach tearing my insides out.
And I want to kill that little man insanely bad right now...which kinda hinders my excitement.
Not only that-but the moment I forget my insides hate me, I look in the mirror and notice mountains have decided to land on my face.

Remind me again why women get the shaft when it comes to monthly cycles?
Oh that's right-men are wimps and can't handle the pain.
I almost forgot that point but was quickly reminded when I just heard my husband say for the 298th time that his back hurts.
Poor thing.

Okay, seriously-how annoyed are you by now of my complaining?
Me too.
Which is why I am genuinely excited to write this post now...
But we'll go with it.
And we'll go with the randomness brewing in my brain, mmmmmk?

1. I ran two red lights today. On the 2nd one I fist pounded and shouted
"Boooo yah, that's two lights I've blown through today!"
Take that cops.
2. Remember this post where I gushed about the trip we are going on for our 5 year anniversary?
Guess who is now in full out preparation mode for said trip?
{Definition of Full Out Preparation: I am now "thinking" about all the cute outfits I NEED to go buy-
I am "thinking" that I should start working out-
and I am definitely NOT thinking about eating this for lunch straight out of the carton-
Yeah, I would never do that. Again.}

3. I somehow found this today:
It made me jump for joy.
My jumping actually consisted of emailing my husband the link with saying something along the lines of "amazeballs"
What I'm trying to say is that I think I am cool because people have pinned stuff off my blog.
It doesn't take much people. Doesn't take much.
4. I spray painted for the first time yesterday.
Jigggaa whaaaaaaaaaat?
Things are gettin' serious.
Keep the excitement in your pants, the project will be revealed soon.

5. My friend and I split a bottle of wine the other night.
A little while later, I found myself in front of an Arby's drive thru.
After 4 minutes of laughing so hard that I could not say a single word-I ordered a Jamocha.
And then felt like a high school student who just had their first sip of Smirnoff.
Poor Arby's worker-if you are reading, I apologize.
Not for the wine because that was good, but for your time that was wasted listening to what probably sounded like a Hyena bellowing across the speaker.
Good work on the Jamocha though.

6. Thank you for all of your kind comments in regards to my grandma's passing.
I've always known you guys are thebomb.com, but you proved it all over again.
You make my heart smile and I thank you for that.

Okay, that's all the Rando Mc-Nando I've got for the time being.
Oh, what's that you just said stomach?
You still hurt?
Bath Numero Dos for the day....I'm back and ready to attack.
Ahhhhh, much better.

Now go do something a lot more exciting than what you just spent the last 10 minutes doing.
You'll be glad you did.


It's A Beautiful Life

Good Monday Morning Lovers.
Because I am not really in the mood to type...
{and I have a Heavenly smelling bath waiting for me}
I am going to leave you with one of my favorite bloggers.
Her name is Ashley and she is the cutest little peapod around:
I do not lie folks.
Anyhow-here is the beautiful, sweet, blog writting Ashley--
Hello all!
I'm Ashley from In this Beautiful Life.
Nice to meet all of you!
Last month, I won the lovely Erin's giveaway to be featured on her blog and to answer a few interview questions.
So, here goes nothin' ...
1. When did you start your blog and what prompted you to do so?
I am still a newbie blogger. I started blogging May 2011. I love the blog world and have met some really great girls through blogging, just like Erin :)
2. If you could only paint your nails one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?
This is a toughie.  Probably a nude-ish, pink color. I know, pretty boring but what if I had a job where I could only where a certain color or for my wedding?? I wouldn’t want to wear black or let’s just say green on my wedding day.
Essie's Naked Truth
I got my nails done a few weeks ago and got the shellac, loved this color
3.  I know you love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, what is your favorite cocktail?
My fav cocktail would probably be Vodka Cranberries.  But if I am tailgating on, let’s just say an early Saturday morning, you can find me drinking a Bloody Mary.
4. One man left on the planet to kiss {other than your significant other} who would it be?
Oh there are sooo many to choose from … (sorry Rick), but probably Ryan Reynolds
he is soo dreamy J
5. What is coolest place you have ever visited?
Coolest place would probably be St. John, VI in the Caribbean. My boyfriend’s family and I visited there December 2009. 
I have never seen water so blue. 
It was amazing!
6. What is one thing the world should know about you?
One thing the world should know about me?
Hum …Well I would like to think that I am a good friend.  I find myself thinking about others, sometimes before myself.  I would say its a good quality, although sometimes I worry too much about what others think, but all in all, I think I’m a great friend :)
That's all folks!
I really enjoyed this opportunity to be interviewed by Mrs. Erin
(isn't she great!?) and hope to meet some new bloggers as well! :)

Now seriously-make your way over to her blog right.this.instant.
Tell her you found her here!
You know where I am headed to-
bath tub, here I come...

Have a great day =)




My grandmother passed away at the young age of 82.
She was one of the most Kind-Hearted, Christ-minded, Loving people I know.
During her time of sickness {over the last week} she never complained once.
She continued to smile and display her gentle spirit through it all.
She has left so many valuable lessons and has set such an example for those around her.
I am so blessed to call her my grandma.
You will be missed.


I Don't Know What OOTD Stands For.

Shirt: Target {$4 at that}
Necklace: Forever 21/Bracelet: Kohls
Boots: Charlotte Russe/Leggings: Can't remember that far back

All I do know is that it has something to do with clothes and taking yourself in pictures of them.
I wonder what it is called when you take pictures of yourself in the opposite..aka no clothes?
Oh yeah...I remember now.
The above is what I wore last evening for a little dinner and hospital action.
Exciting stuff huh?

How in the world do people become fashion bloggers?
I look like a genuine freak show trying to be all "natural" in front of the camera.
Case in point-what in the world is going on in these pictures?!
I'm pretty confident that years of practice would do me no good either,
so this is as good as it's gonna get.
Oh and seriously-what the heck does OOTD stand for?
Please tell.
Every time I see it I say to myself "Oh..another oodles of noodles post"
and I'm kinda thinkin' that's not what it means.

PS. On the bright side-my morning started off with cramps knocking on my uterine walls,
I spilled a huge glass of pink lemonade all over the carpet, and I found a load of laundry that I did last week...still sitting in the washer.
Bed-I'm coming back for ya.
See you soon.



My New Home {And Capturing Joy}

Okay, lie. But I wish.
{How fooled did you just get?}
So I may not have a sparkly new home waiting for me to get my decorating fingers on like the title of this post kinda hinted at.
As much as I wish that was the case-it's not.
Instead, I am referring to the hospital.
Yeah, that place that I kinda despise going to has somehow made it's way to be one of my daily stops.
I thought that after the whole episode with my dad-my time was done there.
Well-last Friday my grandma wound up in Critical Care where she is still stationed.
On top of that, my brother-in-law found it necessary to have a little baby this week.
Okay, he didn't have it...but his baby momma did.
You get the point.
And by baby momma I mean my dear sister-in-law.
I just prefer the term baby momma.

Back to my grandma though-
things aren't going so well.
Like really not at all.
And it saddens me a lot. Really a lot a lot.
So I haven't really talked about it...at all, until now.
It makes me cry and be all sad...two things I prefer not to have to do and be.
We are unsure of what will happen at this point but regardless, if you are the praying kind-
I ask that you please pray for peace and comfort for both my grandma and our family as we make our way through what the next few days will bring.

With all that being said-it has been a bittersweet week at that.
A celebration of a new life and also a celebration of a long life.
On the bright {or not so bright} side I've definitely earned a frequent flyer card to the Hospital.
I don't recommend earning your own, it's really not that cool.

Regardless, I still have MUCH to be joyful and thankful for.
In celebration of that-lets get the pictures a rollin'.

{It's from a cell phone-don't judge on the quality. Just judge how cute that little baby is-
and by that I mean swoon over her little bittiness}
My precious grandmother that I was referring to above holding her only granddaughters hand. Pure love ;)
I love how you can just hear the giggles in the pictures..
So I like me some wood. What of it?
It represents all of the fires we intend to have but never will...
I also like me a workin' man.
One who not only does it-but looks hot in action...Success. 
Ahhh....even better than wood and my man-candles.
Okay so maybe not "better"--but close.
Yours truely.

Now it's your turn.
Link up below-have this baby on your blog-
and party it up.

Happy Weekend Kids.
PS. I am doing a little craft experiment this weekend.
It just may turn into an Etsy shop if all goes well.
Me+Etsy Shop?
I know-they don't mix.
Or do they?
Time will tell friends.