This Is Me..Not Blogging.

It has been another crazy 24 hours.
And by crazy I mean another episode of tears streaming down my face,
stress filling every bone of my body,
and eight straight hours of sitting in a hospital room next to my daddio.
Yesterday morning my mom called at 6:30 am to let me know they were back in the ER-
my dad was experiencing massive bleeding from his lower region if you catch my drift.
It was results from the surgery he had last week-
results that you aren't supossed to have.

With all that being said-
my "blogging" brain has been non-existent.
The only thing I have focused on really the past week is getting my dad back to good health.
Thankfully, he was released this morning from the hospital and is back on his way to recovery.
With everything he went through yesterday, the doc's say it will take up to a month to get his strength back.
Good news is I have the studliest dad of all and I have full confidence he will be back in tip top shape in no time ;)

So..I know last week after he was in the hospital I learned a couple lessons.
Guess what?
The lessons keep on comin'.
Let me add two more to that list k?

1. God Listens.
After getting the call yesterday morning-I still proceeded to work.
My mom informed me the doctors were going to be a little bit before taking any action,
 so I should just go on to work and come in the afternoon.
Sure, I had said a few little prayers on my way to work..but around 9:45 it hit me.
I am not kidding folks.
I sat at my desk and literally demanded (or so it felt)
for God to give my dad strength-to stop the bleeding-and to make him healthy.
After about 10 repetitions of saying those same words over and over,
I trusted God heard and was taking action.
After getting to the hospital in the afternoon-
I learned that right around 9:45 am my dad had passed out-twice.
The nurses found him on the bathroom floor within seconds.
From that point forward-he started feeling better.
The bleeding stopped immediately.
I told God in that initial prayer 
"I will mark this time 10:00 am that I asked for the bleeding to stop...
Let it miraciously stop right now.
Do something so powerful that we will know it was YOUR doing"
He did it.
Praise be to God.
Amen ;)

2. My Husband is the Greatest Husband EVER.
I get a little teary eyed talking about this subject.
The kid is amazing folks, you have no idea.
Over the past week-my husband has been there for my dad and for me 100%.
Yesterday after my mom called, I was sitting in the bathtub getting ready for the day-
and the tears started streaming down my face.
I could feel stress overtaking and Shawn could sense it.
He immediately made me some hot tea-told me to relax-and said immediately
"I will go be with your dad this morning...it will be okay"
And that is what he did.
He went straight to the hospital at 8 am and sat there with him until 8 pm.
During those morning hours, my husband had to see some hard things as my dad was taking a turn for the worse.
But he did it.
And he did it with an attitude of "Why wouldn't I do this?"
He deserves the world and more.
I love you baby-
Thank you for being the greatest kind of amazing there is.

...Well there you have it-my attempt at NOT blogging for the day ;)
I kinda suck at that whole bit.

On that note-I leave you with this because it is oh so true.
I hope you feel the same.

Love each and every one of you.
...I promise my funny bones will return soon!
For now I am off to entertain my father as he rests at home.
I'm thinkin a good dose of him witnessing me do the Cupid Shuffle is just what the Doc ordered.
Thank God for Dr's orders ;)



Lady Gaga Gives Me Nightmares

I am about to do something that I have never done before-
It is something that has always annoyed me a wee little bit when reading other blogs-
but I am about to talk about something I do NOT care for.
When starting my blog I thought "I will never talk about stuff I don't like...what's the point?
Nobody wants to read something that I don't care about...talk about things I love and/or make me happy!"
However, today I am doing just the opposite.

It all started Sunday evening when I sat down on the couch with a bowl full of popcorn, peppermint tea in hand, primed and prepped to enjoy the MTV Video Music Awards.
{I suppose sitting down to the watch the VMA's was my first mistake}
However-it was when Lady Gaga made her appearance as a man that I started to get
severely creeped out.
Between the grabbing herself-
dropping the F bomb every other word-
strange facial expressions combined with the unexplained shaking-
and rubbing beer all over her hair...
I had enough.

Okay I get it-she is talented.
I have done my fair share of dancing and singing to her hits.
However-her weirdness is a bit too much for my liking these days.
In fact, I can hardly tolerate it.
{Yes, I know I sound like a mother right now...and no, I do not care}

As she would spew out whatever non-sense it was she was saying-
the crowd would erupt in applause.
I on the other hand wanted to throw up in my mouth.
Not only do grown adults admire her-
young girls everywhere are looking up to her as a role model.
Is this the kind of role model we want our younger generation looking up to?
Hmmm...let me go check.
K-I'm back..and the answer is:
To know that she is a "music icon" in today's society makes me nauseous.
I know I am being a bit dramatic-but it's true.

Needless to say, falling asleep Sunday night I couldn't get over what I had just witnessed.
Has your heart ever literally felt broken because of our society and what it is coming to?
I literally fell asleep with fear in my heart for my future children.
Thanks a lot Gaga.

Okay, enough of my rambling on and on....
The floor is now yours folks.
Time for you "Little Monsters" to leave me messages about why I should love Gaga and how I am acting a little bit absurd over this whole matter.
Say what you will-but in the words of Miss Gaga herself-
Baby, I was born this way ;)

...So now that I am totally over talking about stuff I don't care for
{It really wasn't that much fun}
I am ready to talk about some of my recent LOVES.
Come back tomorrow for those mmmmk?

PS. Do you ever feel like you are in a writing funk?
Me too.
On that note-I am off to go find some Funk-Be-Gone.
Kinda like Goo Gone. Minus the Goo.
I think I might've just come up with a million dollar idea....



Not Prepared

I'm not gonna lie-
I was not prepared to write a post for today.
And by "was not" I mean "am not"
So instead of sitting here waisting precious time that I should be spending on making homemade mashed potatoes (mmmmm baby, I can't wait)..
I am going to recap my weekend for ya in pictures.
Slacker style 100%.
Thankfully, I am not ashamed.

Let's start with Saturday shall we?
Hi-my name is Blueberry Butter Braid.
I am now sitting in Erin's stomach and tasted every bit delightful as I look.
Nice meeting you.

Well Well..what do we have here?
An opportunity to dress like we are going to the Kentucky Derby.
Except no horses were involved-
Just Art Vendors, Food, Great Company, and a Beautiful Park.
It was 200% perfect.
That's a lotta perfect...

Next item on the agenda?
A stop at a local gardner's house to pick up some fresh produce.
Has anybody else noticed that taking pictures of local farmers markets is the latest rage in blogger world?
I feel so trendy.
Thank you local gardner.

As for the rest of the weekend-it was spent welcoming my father back home
possibly eating a Sunday lunch with my hubby at Hooters (what?)
scoring some suh-weeeet deals at Old Navy
and making those darn mashed potatoes I've been talking about...
Or am about to make.
All you need to know is that by the time you are reading this, those potatoes are in my belly.
That all depends on how active my belly is in digesting them if you catch my drift ;)
Yes, I just talked about bowel movements on my blog.
Gotta keep it classy around these parts ya heard?

On that note-I am outta here.

Love you pickle pants :)

PS...What did your weekend look like?
Tell me-I am so interested.
Yes, that might've sounded highly sarcastic but for once in my life I am being serious.
Do tell...



Capturing YOUR Joy

How happy am I that today is Friday?
Thhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiisssssss Happy.
That's like a lot of happy there kids.
This week has been such a whirlwind and exhausting to say the least...
I am most definitely welcoming this weekend with wide open arms and the biggest kiss ever.

Yeah, something like that.

Before I get into all the joyful pictures for the week-I have to say "Thank You".
You have NO idea how much your comments meant yesterday...to both me and my family.
My dad read them lying in his hospital bed and had tears coming down his cheeks.
There are not many times in my life I have seen my dad not able to talk because he is so choked up.
When people feel other's love for them...it is one of the most beautiful & moving things.
Your support and prayers mean so much more than I could ever put into words.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So now that I have turned into a weeping willow once again...
{Like seriously, my baby ranking knocks anybody else's out of the park...}
No, that doesn't mean I am having a baby-it means I act like a baby.
Got it?
K, back to why I started this post today...
To show off all the joyful pictures for the week and for YOU to link up!
Woop Woop.
As promised-today I am featuring YOU superstar photographers and the incredible photos you have linked up over the past couple of weeks.
Ya'll have some mad talent. Let the games begin...


Told ya they were incredible.
I could learn a thing or two from each of you.
Because I can't post like 9 million and 800 thousand pictures-I had to select just a few.
For those of you who were not pictured above-your time is coming.
But in order for that to happen..You have to keep playing along ;)
{I'm so sneaky sometimes}
You know the drill-link up below-put this button your blog:

and party on party people.
As for my party-I will probably be gettin' down somethin' fierce in the hospital this weekend.
Speaking of-I asked my mom if I could sneak a drink in to my father while he is recovering.
She thought it wasn't such a good idea.
I'll decide ;)
Just kidding kids. Don't fret.

Love each and every one of you.
Don't you forget it either.


Awkward & Awesome: MIA

I had great intentions of writing what I would like to think of as a "hilarious"
Awkward & Awesome post for today.
That was until life happened.
Life happenings that have left me feeling deplete of every ounce of energy and any little bit of comic relief my bones typically have.
Yesterday was a very scary day.
One that has me sitting here with tears streaming down my face to be quite honest.

As you may or may not know, I am a daddy's girl.
I love that man more than words could ever say.
So when I found out yesterday afternoon he was in the hospital having emergency surgery,
I immediately felt like my world was crashing in an instant.
I will spare the details of why he was in this surgery, and leave you knowing he is on his way to making a full recovery in the hospital.
While I wish the circumstances would've been different-
yesterday taught me quite a few valuable lessons.

1. Life is never certain.
I have always known this fact but when something scary happens like it did yesterday-
that reminder really hits you.
You NEVER know what each day will bring.
Never forget to tell the people closest to you that you LOVE them.
Not just with your words, but also in your actions.
It is one thing you can do that you will NEVER regret.

2. Have true friends-Be a true friend.
It was so neat to see some of my dad's friends show up within minutes of my mom calling them.
My dad was overjoyed and in disbelief that people care so much about him.
I want to know that if I am ever in a situation like him,
 I would have people by my side instantly.
Even more important though, I want to know that I would be that person
immediately running to my friends needs.

3. People on drugs are FUNNY.
My dad would've done an amazing job of writing my Awkward & Awesome post today if I would've let him.
I would share some of the things he said, but he would probably kill me.
And really-I am in no mood to be killed right now.

4. Doctors and nurses are rockstars.
I can't get over how important these people are.
What they deal with on a daily basis is unbelievable.
Even more unbelievable is that they do it with a joyful spirit.
If you are in the medical field-my hat is off to you.
Honestly though, I don't wear hats...but you know what I mean.

5. You never know what other people are going through.
You think you are having a bad day because you couldn't decide what to wear?
Go visit a hospital and listen to the stories, look into the patients eyes,
and witness the families heartbreak surrounding them.
You never know what people are dealing with-be kind to everybody.

6. Crying gives me headaches.
Not really much more to this..but it's true.
Dumb lesson to have to learn.

7. God is great all the time.
No matter what the circumstances-
no matter how my dad's surgery would've turned out-
I believe that He is great.
In the good, and in the bad.
He always works together for our good and for that, I am so so thankful.

...Well there you have it kids.
Not what you would expect coming here on a Thursday, but words straight from the heart.
Don't get used to it ;)

Dad-if you are reading
{which you should be because we all know you aren't doin' too much else right now}
I love you.

..Now just stop scaring us would ya?




Better come out and find me...
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Now that I got you to click- 
Stay awhile and say hey would ya?
You can come learn how I Live In Yellow...Literally.
Exciting stuff huh?
Now seriously, get your tail movin' that direction...

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That's why.

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If you have a brain in your head, you will do all of the above.
I trust you have a brain...don't prove me wrong friends.

PS. That ridiculous looking picture above? I was trying to go for this look....
Turns out if you aren't 4'9..Super Cute..have wavy gorgeous hair..and by go the name of Little Miss Momma, it doesn't work.



Motorcycle Hair & Family Reunions

Once upon a time, I went on a motorcycle ride.
After the motorcycle ride, my hair happened to look like this: 
Windblown like I'm some kind of 80's rock star, Stringy, and greased out to the max.
Or what I would like to think of as perfect party hair.
Did I bother to re-do it for the day?
Absolutely not.
I had a family reunion to attend.
And why oh why would I ruin my party hair right before a family reunion?

I know, I know...
Typically you think of family reunions as some type of awkward social environment where you have to act like you know everybody else's name even though you have no clue,
 nod your head in response to all the old people you can barely understand,
and then you migrate back to your immediate family asap-
ya know, to ensure that you don't actually get to know each other.
That's what I used to think....
Until this past Sunday.
Let's take a glimpse at my family reunion shall we?
Let the party begin....

Not only did we have a group of Cloggers come to put on an hour performance of their happy little feet dancing around...
We hired a contestant for the Miss Indiana pageant to come sit on my grandpa's lap to wish him a Happy Birthday...

And as a family we danced our tails off in circle formation to the chicken dance.

Of course, no reunion would be complete without the appropriate table decor...

gadgets for kids to blow in that make all kinds of obscene noises...
and light up diamond rings for everybody to wear..

Come to think about it-I guess my viewpoint on family reunions hasn't changed all the much.
It was awkward.
I did a great job of nodding at the mumbles I could barely make out.
And come to think about it, I migrated to my immediate family within minutes of arriving.

But somewhere in between all of that, I had fun.
Lots of fun.
And no matter if I will remember their names come next year-
the memories I created with them will be treasured forever.

PS. Come back Thursday to hear about an awkward moment regarding me not remembering my relatives name at a previous reunion.
It is mildly hilarious.

PSS. If I hung out with you on Saturday night and you are currently thinking to yourself "She wore that same outfit on Saturday night as she did on Sunday..."
you would be correct.
 It was still on my bedroom floor from the night before.
Just saving the Earth...one less load of laundry at a time ;) 



My Newest Addiction.

It's True.
This E-Z Corn Popper has rocked my world.
I used to eat popcorn one kernel at a time.
I now eat it two fists full at a time.

Does anybody else have one?
Please tell me you are an addict too.
I don't want to feel alone in this.
If you don't have one..please get one.
See ya in Rehab.

PS. Thank you to my surprising machine husband for ordering this on Ebay
without my knowledge.
 The kid knows just how to get to my heart people.
And how to make my middle section wider.
My heart and waist thank ya baby.

Take-away for the day:
...Go buy something nostalgic.
You will get a small "taste" of what it felt like to be a kid back in the good ole' days.
Something about it just feels good...
Don't take my word for it though...
Go connect with something old.
You'll be happy you did.


Did You Win? Click To Find Out.

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Come to think of it, we have TWO winners to announce.
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Ha. Ha. Ha.
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...On a completely different note come back tomorrow learn about my latest addiction.
It's serious folks.



Capturing Joy Yo.

Top of the mornin' to ya little pumps.
Two things with that first sentence we need to discuss-
Little pumps stands for Little Pumpkins.
I'm a huge fan of abbreviating anything...especially if it involves anything Fall related.
Secondly, I apologize if you read this and it is not the morning.
I should've thought about the fact that if somebody reads this in the afternoon or evening, it will really throw a wrench into things.
Thankfully, I will not change it but spend ten minutes discussing why I shouldn't have written it in the first place.
Aren't you glad I don't waste any of your precious time rambling on and on?

So anyhow, hopefully if you are here today-you know what time it is.
Time to share our joyous pictures.

I hope your stomach dances around like mine does when I think about today.
And if it doesn't dance-Inhale an order of french fries on your lunch like yours truly.
That baby will be bouncin' in no time.
K, now that I have you all thinking about my dancing stomach...
Lets start showin' off our goods.
And by that I totally mean our joyous pictures ya goof balls.
Without further ado, Smiley McNiley pictures..take it away :)

Cartwheels and I get along real well.

Check out the baby blues on this boy. Cutest Nephew Ever.

My lunchtime hangout spot.

Love. Love. Love.

Friendships equal Joy. And Kissy Faces.

Well that was fun.
Ya know what is funner? Yes. Funner.
Looking through your joyous pictures...that's what.
So, in order for me and the other ten million readers to do so, you must link up below.

Next week I am going to showcase my favorite pictures from the past two weeks that I have found from all you picture lovin' fanatics.
If that doesn't tickle your fancy I don't know what does.

So link up below-include this picture with a link back here on your blog-
and party on party people.

PS. Just because I host a party, doesn't mean I can't attend another.
You can bet you bottom dollar I'm partyin' over here today too:

Have a wonderful weekend peeps :)