Yesterdays Post Part Two: Awesome

Okay kids, I don't have much time to pump this little post out.
I've got some mad TV to watch tonight, and no I am not talking about Mad TV.
Its lingo for a lot...or just good quality TV. Something of those sorts.
The Office, Real World re-run, annnnnnd Royal Wedding at 4 am.
My mind is exhausted just thinking about my hectic schedule....
K, enough rambling, time to finish yesterday's post.


1. Key Lime Pie {delivered via Room Service}. I could lick this stuff up, oh wait..I did. On several occasions none the less. Please do yourself a favor and order some next time your in a hotel. You won't be sorry....(except have a bra on when the gentleman comes to your door).
Or don't. It will make for a better story...

2. Waking up to this every morning:

Yup, pretty sure my eyes wouldn't get sick of that sight.
You know what it also means when you wake up to that in the morning?
The only decisions you will have to make all day is what time your nap is going to be and where you are going to eat for dinner. Booyah.

3. Watching kids be kids. There is nothing sweeter than ooh'ing and ahh'ing over little rascals splashing in the water, building sand castles, and burying their little brother. Oh wait, there is something sweeter...acting like those kids {photos taken last fall}:

4. Quenching your thirst with an adult beverage any time of day. 9 am? Why not?
Disclaimer: I am really not a lush. I like to enjoy 1...2 drinks in a setting.
Please don't think I am as cool/fun/wild/crazy as I may come across.
I prefer to have a drink and then see how quickly I can fall asleep.
Paaarrrtttty animal.
5. Lazy Rivers. I've decided one will be in my backyard soon. Wanna come play?
One thing you should know about me: I've been in a hotel brochure floating in one of these babies back in my day. And by that I mean when I was 5. Oh, and I just so happen to be in a Sandals Resorts commercial, also in an intertube floating around.
Autograph now or later? You decide.
Put me in a body of water with a tube around my waist and I'm kind of a big deal...
6. Eating outside. For every.single.meal. I conquered this quest on my trip. BLD...NBD.
{Lingo Breakdown: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner...Outside, every meal...No big deal}
...Please note my awesome hair going on here..oh and my huge fake smile.
Ding dong to a T.
7. Live music. I can't get enough..seriously. Something fills my soul to the top when I hear individuals with amazing pipes, spewing out all my favorite hits {insert Tom Petty.}
 It doesn't hurt when they are in venues like this:
Absolutely uhhh-mazing. Take me back...pronto.
8. The cost of our 4 night hotel stay {in a brand new sparkly pretty resort}:
All I'm saying about this is it pays to have a Priority Rewards Visa card.
Darn Room Service jacking up our bill, I knew I shouldn't have spent so much....Psych.

I don't think their is an ending point to this list.


End of story.

Peace out lovers...I'm off to go frolic & play in Chicago this weekend with some pretty little lady friends.

Watch out.


Awkward & Awesome Thursday: Vacation Edition

There is one thing I learned about vacations:
They offer a vast array of awkward & awesome moments.
Thankfully, I think this now means that I need to travel at least once a month to ensure I have supple material for my blog.
{Resort & Hotel managers, take note: I will come stay for free if you need me to..just sayin}
I have a lot, and I mean a lot to write about.
To keep your boredom at a minimum and your eyeballs healthy, I'm going to break this up into two days.
Lets stick with the Awkward stuff for today k?
Good, glad we could agree on that...


1. Men lying in their woman's lap/"region" while laying out {or vice versa, thankfully we saw both ways}. I'm just wondering what kind of tan lines this creates??
I suppose I have always wanted the outline of my husbands body all over my stomach...
now I get it.
Unfortunately, Shawn thought it would be rude if I snapped a shot of the couples we saw in action {he has tact or something weird like that}.
Side note: I don't recommend searching google images for this either, you may see a little more than a couple laying out, just fyi folks.
2. Wearing a bathing suit and then spotting a three year old in the same exact bikini.
It happened..and she looked much cuter too. Darn three year old with no stretch marks and cellulite. Who does she think she is flaunting her perfect little body anyways?

3. Number 7. Really? Common sense should tell you that if you have swamp water coming out of your booty, you might not want to risk swimming & leaving a brown stream behind you. I'm guessing that would be a wee bit more embarrassing than the water changing a light shade of green because of the little tinkle you let out.  
4. Stopping to admire a boogie boarder do their thing, and then that "thing" happens to be face planting onto the ocean floor. Just walk away...that's the only thing I knew to do.
5. Strolling on the beach behind two girls who start smelling each others armpits. Perhaps the only reason I find this awkward is because I would do the same thing and not think a thing about it. One drawback of traveling with your husband: He won't smell them for you. Silly men.

6. The first night I decided to have Room Service deliver a slice of key lime pie.
Stellar idea I know.
However, I failed to have any undergarments on under my skin tight tank. So, conveniently when the gentleman came to deliver my slice of heaven, my husband was outside.
What do I do? Open the door while hiding behind it like a scared little duck and shouting "Hi..sorry, I uhhh, ummm..SHAWN CAN YOU COME GET THIS??!!" That poor room service guy turned completely around facing the opposite way of our room until Shawn got to the door. Shawn tried to tell him "Its okay, she isn't in that bad of shape.." as I proceed to blurt out "I just don't have a...." and he left.
Worse yet, I was stuck in an elevator with him the very next day.
I failed to bring up the night before. I'd rather leave him with every obscene thought he had drumming up in his head as to why I couldn't come face to face with him the night before.

7. So, one night we are sitting at Landshark Landing {one of the coolest places in the world} and we strike up a conversation with a gentleman sitting near me. After talking for a good 45 minutes, it was time for us to hit the hay (It was 9 pm..waaaay past our bedtime ya heard?) As we are saying our goodbyes, he shakes my hand and says "Shawn, great meeting you.." Awesome. I was just mistaken for my husband. 
Wanna meet the culprit?
Little fact about Doug: He lives in a pink house. Coincidence?

8. You know that whole non-sense rule about no electronics can be turned on while your flight is departing? Welp, sorry but I refuse to listen to that rule {It helps with the anxiety people, calm down.} So, there I sat with my Ipod playing and reading my nook while the plane is headed 3,000 feet in the air. The young girl beside me sat and stared the entire time with a look on her face that spelled "this plane is going to blow up any second because of your stupid electronics." Sorry petrified pup. Thank you for making me feel like the rebel who doesn't know how to listen and follow instructions.

9. Witnessing the below (thankfully hubs let me capture a few awkward moments):
Great look you two. You pull it off so well.

10. Having hair so windblown/greasy/ratty that it is capable of making a nest for my sunglasses. Yes, those are my sunglasses stuck in my hair. As in, I needed help getting them out of that hot mess.
Gosh, I'm cute with no make-up.
That must've been what Shawn meant when he told me I looked like one of his beloved angry birds after taking this picture. Modeling agencies, I'm booked..sow sow.
11. The below experience:
Sitting at dinner in the airport: Me "I wonder if there are idiots who spend too long at restaurants in here and miss their flight? Shawn "Oh..I am sure there are."
Exit to walk to our gate, I stop at a random screen that shows all flights and notice that our flight is scheduled to leave the ground at 7 pm (look at watch, 6:50 pm)
Both us take off in a mad sprint with 30 pounds draped around each of our shoulders for what seemed to be over a mile.
Out of breath, we make it to the gate as I proceed to somehow get out of my mouth
 "Is it too late for us to board that plane??!"
Delta woman points to the screen: It is delayed for at least another hour.
Laugh it up all you "on-time" bystanders.
When is the last time you ran a mile with 30 pounds on each of your shoulders? Suckers :)

Come back tomorrow for the awesomes pleeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.
Mmmm Hmmm....I just begged you to.
Am I lame or really just that lame?
Don't answer that.



Dear Husband,

These past 5 days have been a little giant slice of Marriage Heaven.

Your surprise getaway to Pensacola Beach, FL was waaaaaaay above any & all expectations I had {which lets be honest here, I didn't have any..but if I would've, you definitely would've blown them out of the water}

Due to your marvelous works, I have much to be grateful for..{and I mean much, consider yourself warned buddy}....

-Thank you for hiding your fear and anxiety after plugging in the airports address on the GPS, which informed us we would be arriving at the airport a mere 23 minutes before our flight departed. Your stellar 80 mph moves left us time to spare...and somehow diminished every little bit of nervousness I had that we wouldn't make it in time.

- Thank you for making my little tear ducts flow on two occasions-the first time for my excitement when finding out our destination, and two-from you accidentally saying you would put fried food on your cereal if you could. I will never forget the seriousness in your voice when those words came out of your mouth..or the looks we received from our waitress when we had tears streaming down our face.

-Thank you for allowing me to take a million and one pictures to capture every.single.moment and hardly whimpering about it. I believe you have started to come to terms that I'm not going to give it up. At least your handsome and the camera loves you ;)

-Thank you for the extra 8 pounds that have been added to my belly by taking me out to some of the best restaurants in town. And for expanding my pallet by making me suck down little bits of fish off your plate {even though the thought of it gives me the chills.}
 I will never regret one ounce of the extra weight.

-Thank you for spending hours on end floating down the lazy river even though your wimpy butt didn't always want to touch the cold water. Also, thank you for agreeing we should punch the father who thought it was cool to act like a six year old smacking his pool noodle for three hours straight. If only we would've acted on those thoughts...

-Thank you {from me & my skin} for diverting my attention off laying out for 9 hours straight by agreeing to go either shopping or getting a mid-day margarita. You have clearly learned what makes me tick.

-Thank you for making me fall asleep in .2 seconds flat by rubbing my hands. If you ever want to do that again, I will not argue with you. Promise.

-Thank you for the 2,034 times you allowed me to say Chick-fil-a in my desperate search for one. The fact that you never told me to shut up once {and that I did not need it} is impressive. You are a gem.

-Thank you for sprinting the 1+ mile with me in the airport after we realized we were the idiots who sat at a restaurant for too long, only to find out our flight was delayed. Thank you for also agreeing that you felt like you could've died on that run 2 minutes into it, and then seconding the notion that we did indeed need Starbucks & ice cream to make up for the exercise we just completed.

-Thank you for making me feel like a million bucks on this vacation. The fact that YOU spent all of the time planning, booking, and researching everything we should/would do is hands down one of the sweetest things you've ever done. It will never be forgotten.

-Thank you for making me realize all over again that YOU are my best friend and that it is nearly impossible for me to get bored with you. Honestly.

-Thank you for all of this and more. And there is more, trust me.

While I loved being in the sun, on the beach, taking pictures, laughing til we cry, watching the sun set, floating in the pool, shopping, eating out...

I loved just simply being with you the most.

Thank you for being my favorite travel companion, partner in crime,
and love of my life...forever and always.
Your pickle punk,



Remember Me?

I hope you are all excited about this fact {My mind is still debating how I feel about this..}
Anyhoo, I have much to write about buuuut...
Reality wasted no time smacking me in the face with an 8 hour work day to get thru,
 5,000 loads of laundry to tend to,
36 hours of sleep to catch up on,
and approximately 300+ photos to upload.
Reality, I'm strongly considering punching you in the face right now.
Remind me why I came back?
If you want a little hint as to where I've been hiding the last couple of days, here you have it:
Oops, that was a pretty big hint.
With all that being said, check back in a day or so for a brand spankin new post.
That is, if my brain still remembers how to write one of these bloggy posts.
I missed you all so very much...
PS. Thank you to my wonderful friends who covered for me when I was out soaking up the Florida sunshine. You guys are amazing.
PPS. I almost forgot, we have a winner to announce..
{We're gonna go ahead and throw the idea out there that the sun might've fried my brain}
The lucky lady winning the gorgeous purse from Miss Chic is.....
Congratulations girl!
Shoot me an email at livinginyellow@gmail.com so I can send it out to ya =)
...Talk to you tomorrow kiddos!



Give Me Royals or Give me Death

Hello, hello! Lauren here, from Marketing & Martinis!
Lil’ Miss Erin has asked me to fill in for her while she travels to the world of the unknown…or wherever her husband takes her. Either way.

But I’m sure she’s basking in Bora Bora as we speak…seems like Shawn’s style.

ANYWAYS…I’m here to make a fool of myself by telling you what I plan on doing next Friday…

I have a weakness for celebrities. Give me ROYAL celebrities?! Sheesh. I lose all control!

So next Friday, I will be one of those people. One of those people that
you diss in your Tweets and Facebook statuses because you can’t believe people are actually going to do it…

I will have the TV on at 4am (that’s what time NBC start coverage our time) to watch Princess-to-be, Katherine Middleton marry her (actual) Prince Charming at a viewing party.

How am I going to do all of this, with a job, you ask? Well. Yes, I’ll be using a vacation day. I cannot tell my children “No, I didn’t watch the wedding of the century live, but I DVR’d it!” No. That will not work. I’m sorry. You may call it pathetic. I call it dedication. As US Weekly says, “Royals-they’re just like us!” (right…?)

So, in honor of this event, here’s what I’m thinking I’ll be doing…

I’ll have a flag of this around the stem of my mimosa

Would I be super creepy if I did these…? Guess I’ll be a super creep then.
These adorable cupcake toppers (via http://freepartyideas.blogspot.com/ )

I mayyy even bust out a tiara from high school and pretend to be Princess Katherine for a bit…maybe…

There you have it. Are you embarrassed for me? You probably should be.

Erin- I’m sorry for defacing your blog with my obsession.  But thank you for asking me to occupy your blog while you travel the world!

PS. Do you like wine? Do you want to transport it in style? I’m hosting my first giveaway here!

Reminder: Today is the LAST day to enter to win this:
If you haven't put your name in the hat, it's not too late. Click Here.



Easter: Green Style

Hi all! I'm Leslie, teacher and
There you will follow me in my attempts to becoming more green one step at a time.

But first I want to thank Miss Erin for letting me visit her "home" so
to speak.  I'm super new (three weeks) to this blogging world and
super excited to show y'all what I got!
Since Easter is Sunday I thought I would get in the spirit by giving you all lovely readers at
Living in Yellow some tips on going green Easter style.
Sometimes Easter baskets are filled with re-usable items but usually they are filled with plastic grass and eggs along with sugary preservative filled candies. 
Now I love all those wonderful traditions that make Easter special but really there is nothing very
green or organic about it. 
But with these tips you can go GREEN!
Make sure to use an Easter basket or contanier that you will use year
after year.  It can be the traditional basket, a sand pail, or a tote

Instead of using the plastic green grass that is non-recyclable.
Why not use brightly colored shredded paper
from your very own office shredder? Even newspaper would work.

Dyeing your Eggs
Did you know that there are natural ways
to dye your eggs besides using food coloring?? Neither did I. 
Check out these creative ways to dye your eggs this year:
Yellow-Steep  two or three green tea or chamomile tea bags in a cup of hot water and  then soak eggs in tea
until desired depth of yellow color appears.
Blue-Frozen blueberries
Red- Beets or raspberries
Pink-Use cranberry or red grape juice thinned with water
Green-Frozen spinach
Light Blue-Add purple grape juice and canned blueberries to the water
Lavender-Steep red zinger tea bags in hot water.
Put old spices to good use with these ideas and measure about one tablespoon per cup of water.
Vibrant Yellow-Boil ground cumin or turmeric in water
Orange-Cooking paprika in hot water produces an orange color
Earthy Rusty Brown-Add chili powder to heating water
Light Brown-Gold-Boil dill seeds in water for this muted earth-tone.
And they turn out just as pretty!

Wooden Eggs
Why not buy wooden eggs to decorate with paint or markers. So green, plus they make excellent keepsakes of your child's artwork.

Believe me, I know it's hard to break habits to start going green but
even just trying ONE of these things will put you and your family on
your way to a more natural, healthier Easter!
And the environment will thank you too!
Thanks to you all for taking your time to learn about some green tips.
 Can't wait to see you over at Natural Domestic Living!!


Guest Post Numero Dos: Easter Edition

Hi all! My name’s Ashley and I live in blog world over at
Find Life’s Rhythm, a blog devoted to inspire, motivate, and guide those 20-somethings freshly out of the comforts of college and entering the real world.
You can read more about who I am here.

Anywho, while Erin is busy doing thaaaangs, she asked me to guest post for her to keep all you
readers happy and entertained…….. (Do you hear those crickets chirping? Thought so….)
I’m still wondering why she asked me to do this because her level of
entertainment is ridiculously awesome (and awkward), but I am up for the challenge! I am giving it my best
shot and I’m super excited to do so! Here we go….!
 If any of you read Glamour Magazine, you’ll recognize the format of my post.
An Easter edition of “It’s ok ….”
- To think the Easter Bunny is a little creepy.
-To color Easter eggs for the enjoyment and nostalgia of doing it even though you have no children who you will hide them for. 
-To look forward to receiving an Easter basket from your mom even though you’re well into your 20s.
-To eat Reese Peanut Butter Eggs, Cadbury Crème Eggs and cupcakes for breakfast on Easter Sunday because you gave up desserts for Lent.
-To purchase a fun, springy, Easter Sunday dress although your closet is full of perfectly fine dresses.
(A girl can NEVER have too many dresses!)
-To have your dinner plate consist of ½ mashed potatoes, ¼ ham, and a roll on the other ¼, with a separate plate dedicated to desserts. Veggies, what?
 -To unbutton your pants while you’re still sitting at the dinner table because, dog-gone-it you still have food on your plate and it’s delicious!
-To move from the table to the couch where you remain for the rest of the day, until the food is set out again and it’s time to graze.
-To secretly envy those kids running around the yard looking for eggs.
Thanks for reading and letting me entertain you!
Hopefully this will hold you over until Erin’s anticipated return to LIY!

Hope your Easter weekend is fabulous!



Introducing Nesting Time!

Hi all!
My name is Chelsea and I'm the author of Nesting Time!
I'm sooo honored to be here today at the one and only
Living in Yellow...
also known to me as my
little sister's blog!
That's right... Erin and I are sisters!
Isn't she WONDERFUL???
I taught her everything she knows.
{Don't tell her I said that.}

{Erin and I. I know, we don't look alike!}

Anyway, I thought I'd do a little meet and greet
with you all... 
a little "best of Nesting Time" if you will.

First, you should know that I'm a school counselor by day,
and a wife and mom by night/weekend/summer vacation.

My life is way better than I deserve,
and I am so thankful for the blessings I've been given!

One of my passions is making our home environment
warm, cozy, and pleasing to the eye.
So, I LOVE all things home decor and I am working
on my cleaning, cooking, and organizing skills.
I have MUCH to learn, but I enjoy sharing
my  other people's ideas that I have been able to use!
My motto is, if I can do it, so can you :)

Recently, I created a craft space that I'm pretty excited about!

I also have a love affair with spray paint,
which recently resulted in this fun spring "mantel".

If you visit my blog, you might also come across
a wreath or two, like the one I made for our bedroom here:

and also here.

Or, for you party animal types,
you might like to check out the 
we threw for our little one:

However, I believe that creating a warm, cozy nest
involves more than just
pretty decorations
so at Nesting Time, you will also hear my heart 
when it comes to issues of faith, marriage, parenting, and finances,
often with a bit of goofiness sprinkled in.

I hope you'll take the time to come visit me,
but even if you don't, I still like you because you read my sister's blog :).

Thanks Erin, for letting me introduce myself to your lovely readers today!
Oh, and thanks for being the BEST sister ever.
I mean it folks... this girl is amazing.
She is as beautiful inside as she is outside.
Erin- "God must have spent a little more time on you."
{Sorry- inside family joke there. That was a line from an NSYNC song that our dad once
dedicated to our mom as we were driving down the road. 
OK, maybe you had to be there. It was funny at the time.}

Have a Good Friday!
Pun intended.

P.S. I would like to publicly apologize to Erin for
convincing her to eat rabbit feces when she was a small child.
Honestly, I didn't expect her to believe they were truly candy.
At least it made for a funny awkward and awesome post :).