Hot & Steamy

I can NOT wait to get hot & steamy in…
This hot tub on…

...This ship!

More details to follow.

PS. I am giggling at you right now because I know you thought I was going somewhere else with this post.
Some things are meant to be kept a secret ;)



Weekend Recap

A great weekend it has been indeed! As you can see, it was full of friends, antiques, food, church, sunsets, and smiles. One of the most exciting things that happened?
Our internet went to the doctor and got healed up!!
The doctor happened to be my husband. And now I am in love with him more than ever before, because duh..what woman doesn't love a doctor ;)

Hope all of your weekends were spectacular!

Til next time..looooove ya'll...spoken in my best Southern accent.



Awkward & Awesome Thursday Volume 4

1. Putting on a shirt for the day and realizing the size sticker is still plastered running down the front. This wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t worn it before, but I have. More than once. Thank you everybody who failed to mention this. On the bright side, I now have multiple people who won’t even have to ask my size when purchasing my Christmas gifts this year.

2. Thinking somebody is waving at you so you wave back all cheerfully and then notice they were waving at the person behind you. Usually you realize this by the confused face the waver gives or by the group of friends with the waver that is busting up laughing. I love witnessing this happen to other people. It might be one of my favorite things.

3. Having a member ask me if I can give him our routing number (FAQ in my line of work), and I respond back simply with “Oh yes”. He says “You make that sound sexy.” Okay two things: 1.Yuck, weird, awkward. I think there may be something lacking in your love life? Just saying. 2. If a routing number gets you fired up just wait and see what an account number will do to ya ;) Pssssych

4. Meeting somebody in person for the first time and they begin to tell you something about themselves. All the while you are nodding your head and respond back with “Yeah, I saw in your Spring Break 2009 photo album on facebook you did that..” I continually fall victim to this. There really isn’t anything more cringe worthy than suddenly realizing you just made yourself look like the biggest facebook creeper on the planet.

5. Meeting a little baby for the first time and not knowing if it is a boy or girl. I am sure having the parents hear “Auwww…it is so cute, what’s its name??” makes them feel real proud. Sorry parentals, just please make sure you label your baby boy or girl if there is any question of what sex your child is. Please and thank you. This will save both of us many awkward moments in the future.

6. Taking self portraits in the mirror. I realized this the other day when shooting my photo session for my new shirts. How do you not feel awkward staring at yourself in the mirror, trying to act nonchalant, knowing that what you are taking is about to be posted for the world to see? This girl has got it down, but me..not so much. Thanks husband for reminding me how awkward the photos did turn out.

7. Reading aloud to a group of people when you suddenly come across a word you don’t know how to pronounce. I use the quiet/mumble method, meaning you just mumble how you think it would be said and say it 10 decibels lower than every other word you are saying. Not obvious at all. Okay, joke. It might be obvious.

8. Talking to somebody and your bra suddenly comes unclasped. Knowing there is a 50/50 chance the person you are conversing with notices your bra is up to your neck can be a little uncomfortable.

9. The insanely fast way I eat my food. Shawn has taken a real interest in noticing this trait of mine recently. It is a good feeling when your husband is staring at you across the table, wide eyed, jaw dropped, in amazement realizing his wife shovels in food like a 800 pound pig. I have never felt more attractive. I can’t help it people, I like to eat. Get over it.

No, this is not me. But a pretty good replica. I like to think I look a little nicer than this when inhaling my food.
1. The other evening I had to paint my nails for work, yellow none the less. I love yellow but not particularly on my nails. Regardless, I say to Shawn “Well, I have to go paint my nails now..” and he responds with “I should paint them for you”. (I think I might’ve just gotten in trouble for writing that. Oops.) So anyhow, that’s what happened. He painted them, I loved every minute of it, and they turned out pretty good. That kid has got some raw nail painting talent ;)
2. The Ellen show. Holy hysterical. Thank goodness for DVR-we get to watch her hour of hilariousness nightly. Walk into our house during this hour and you will see tears, hear knee slaps, and witness two people bent over from laughing so hard. Not kidding. If anybody else saw the “Woop Woop” segment this past week, please let me know and please tell me you laughed insanely hard.

3. Having a complete stranger say to me at the end of a phone call “You’re the best”. Glad to see you are a quick learner stranger J Ha, I kid, I kid.

4. My best friend sliding across a gymnasium floor (willingly, in a superman fashion none the less) with people everywhere, at a benefit function. This is the same best friend who gets embarrassed if I talk a little loud in public. I was beyond proud of her in this moment. 

5. Wearing my dance pants leggings this past Saturday night. A couple hours of dropping it low, cupid shuffling, grapevine, and spinning in circles made for one of the better evenings of my year. Highlight of the night? The DJ played Eric Church’s song “Smoke A Little Smoke”. I have dreamt about the day I would be able to dance in a public place to this song. Not joking around here, told you I have BIG dreams!

6. These pretty little eye shadows, compliments of Mary Kay. They will make you pretty, promise.
7. The power of a shower. I’m a poet and didn’t even know it. Ha, okay moving on.. Jumping in that enclosed space full of water and soap transforms me from Lazy Bones Jones to some productive superwoman in 12 minutes flat. I might’ve overestimated the whole productive superwoman thing, but you get the point.

8. Answered prayers. From finding my poor little lost cell phone in Sams to friends of ours receiving an adopted child they had been wanting for years this past week. They never get old and to me that is awesome my friends.

9. Belting out Lion King’s “I just can’t wait to be King” this morning. Stomping my feet and raising my hands when it comes to the part “Everywhere you look I’m..standing spotlight” is the perfect start to my day. It is so much cooler in my head than what it is for you folks reading about it though. I am on a huge stage with thousands of people watching. I’ll let you know when it becomes a reality.

Is it weird I picture myself this way?!

10. English & Southern accents. I continually tell myself I am going to go a whole day speaking in either, but then I ruin it when I start out by saying “Hello, I am from British.” I can’t ever remember it is Britain. Once I get it down maybe I will post a tutorial on how to speak like a Brit. Ooooh, I am excited.

   Have a beautiful day!



Blank Space

I have got a problem on my hands today folks, it is called "I can not think of a thing to write about today" aka Writers Block. I am blaming it on the following reasons:
  • This cold is clouding my head
  • Martini night was last night. Nuff said.
  • Internet is down at my house. This makes using the internet a little bit harder as you can imagine.
  • I have mucho to write up for tomorrow's Awkward & Awesome Thursday.
I tried to convice Shawn to be a "guest poster" on this little blog of mine and for some odd reason he said no. Poor boy, his creative bone is broken today too. I told him that the best way to capture my audience is with a tutorial on how to properly blow a snot rocket in the shower (this skill is coming in handy these days). Buuut then I remembered that tutorials typically include photos and I quickly nixed that idea.
I apologize for my lack of words today but I will make up for it tomorrow.

On the bright side, I am wearing a sweater today with a giant hole in the armpit and nobody has yet to see it. It’s obviously going to be a good day at this rate J
 Hope your day is faaaaaabulous!  



3 Things...

1. Please take a look at this receipt and notice how much I paid.
Pretty sure every happy nerve in my body went bananas (no pun intended) when I heard the cashier say "You don't owe anything, it's free".
Thank you Banana Republic Luxe card, you are my new best friend. I promise to keep spending more money on you. Husband might not like this idea, but when you get me the two shirts below for free, you deserve it.

Hi Free Sweater #1

Still in shock.  
2. Speaking of husband, his new haircut is beyond handsome. I think I might eat him. 
3. Pretty positive I am getting sick. A few indicators are my watery eyes, my face feeling like it wants to blow up, and the green snot coming out of my nose. I would say this stinks, but I love the bath/nap time it gives me so in all reality I am pretty pumped.
Relaxation, get ready for me because I am coming your way.
If you haven't noticed, I am pretty into baths. Just ask me how I plan on giving birth. Call me crazy, and I may call you correct...but at least that baby will come out smelling like Philosophy's Coconut Frosting :)
TMI?? Sow sow. (short for sorry).

Just a few squirts instantly transforms your bathroom into a cupcake shop :)

4. Eeek, I lied..I have 4 things to talk about. Sorry, I promise it will never happen again. Please tell me if you watch the Bachelor and who you are rooting for! I LOVE discovering new people to discuss this obsession of mine with. It is like discovering a piece of key lime pie in my freezer, only better.
My pick?
Emily. Really, Is it possible to get any cuter than this?

Love you all & Happy Tuesday!!!



To Do

I've got BIG things going on this week. Better get crackin..

PS. Husband reviewed this list and questioned every item except Number 2-Plan a Cake Walk. I'm so glad that we both find this task necessary. Lets just say an elementary school Spring Fling left us a little bit inspired...


Perks of Being a Female

As I mentioned in this post, I am a part of something awesome. That something awesome happens to be a Martini Club :insert excited female scream:. This club was born about a month ago and we now have had two official meetings. While there are many perks to being a female, I consider this to be one of the best. What group of males can sit around with each other, enjoy chatter about their lives, all while sipping on fruity concoctions mixed together in the cutest of glasses? Your right, this is not completely out of the question for some males, but I think you get what I am getting at. Girls need girl time and this is exactly what this club delivers. We get together at a different meeting spot every other week, sit around for a couple of hours, sip on martinis, laugh, cry (martinis may be to blame for this), and just enjoy each other’s company. There are several things I especially love about this club...
::drumroll please::
  1. It is with a group of girls that I would probably not hang out with regularly. Not because I wouldn’t want to (bc duh, they are awesome), but we are all just busy ladies with different schedules. If we did not have a regularly scheduled meeting (insert Martini Club) we would not get together.
  2. Secondly, we meet in the MIDDLE of the week. We always have things to do on the weekends (okay, not always in these parts of town), but the weeks can drraaaaaag. This little bit of added excitement to my work week is just what the doc ordered to keep me on my “A” game.
  3. And last, we are NOT an exclusive club. We are always looking for more females to join us, so ladies-if you are in the area please feel free to join. You know you want to J 
              Round One. Photo compliments of our President, Lauren @ Marketing & Martinis
    Round Two.

My Martini of choice?

Key Lime Pie. Deeelish.

6 Tablespoons vanilla flavor vodka
1/4 cup KeKe Beach Key Lime Liqueur
2 Tablespoons pineapple juice
2 Tablespoons heavy cream

Shake it all up with ice cubes & pour into glass that is rimmed with graham cracker crumbs <--this makes the drink what it is. Enjoy =)



Date Night

Last night was date night in our household, just me & him. Surprisingly enough, this does not happen very often as our weekends are usually full of getting together with friends (not that I am complaining), but sometimes it is nice to go out alone, like a real date, just us two. Our taste buds told us they wanted sushi so we decided to accommodate them because who wants their taste buds mad at you? Not me. The beginning of the date was orchestrated by a mixture of Train, Howie Day, John Mellencamp, and a few random snorts outta me (I thought that was a funner way to respond to a question than with an actual answer). Yes, I said funner.
 We ended up at a local joint, Chubby Trout.  
             Don't worry, this was only .23 seconds of the evening 

               Don't give me free time with chop sticks..


We were able to make those little taste buds jump around with joy, caught up on each other’s lives, and didn’t even have to tune into other peoples conversation, huge improvement on my end. I tend to be a bit of an eavesdropper in public, watch out.

Overall the evening was a success and ended so sweetly with….


 A piece of lemonberry cake. Gotcha sucka’s.



Feedback Please..

I was just conversing with a dear friend (and co-worker) of mine through email and this was our dialog:

Friend: "Okay, well I am off to check your blog now."
...Suddenly cringing at the thought she was about to use her precious alloted website time at work to see that I have nothing new posted today. Uh-oh.
Me: "I haven't updated it, I don't think I am going to daily..."
Friend: "Dude, the Pioneer Woman has a top 10 tips for bloggers and she said you HAVE to update it daily.  So I'd probably just listen to her..."
...Genius. If Pioneer Woman said it, I am doing it. Or so I think.

This is where YOU, my valued readers come into play. Love it? Hate it? Think I am absolutely crazy to be convinced I can pump out a post a day? Tell me your thoughts...I appreciate you oh so much.

  Yup, its true-I am hooked.

Oh and hey, I am not wearing any sockies today. This is a sure fire way to know that Spring is on its way people. Stick around, its comin!!!



Awkward & Awesome Thursdays! Volume 3

  1. Observing somebody trip and fall. Do you laugh, offer to help, or ignore it like it never happened so you avoid making them feel even more embarrassed than they already are? Stumps me every time.
  2. Answering a phone call at work to hear the other person on the line PEEING. Do you wait for them to finish or talk as though you don’t hear their steady stream in the background?  Holy awkward. Thank you supplying me with something to blog about valued member. I do not make this stuff up people. 
  3. Having a store alarm go off when I am exiting. What exactly do you do in that situation? Keep walking and appear to be a criminal to everybody in sight or find the nearest store associate to pat you down? Neither option is desirable.
  4. Non-stop smirking while talking to a guy because of something that had JUST happened before I struck up this conversation. Now that guy is suddenly smirking back and I just know he thinks I have an instant crush on him. Woopsie. There is no way to bring clarification to these types of situations..”I really don’t have a crush on you, I swear I am smiling at something else…”. I’ll save myself that awkward moment of convincing.
  5. Talking with a co-worker about the color of the shirt she is wearing and she states "It is not pink, I hate pink!" Just so happens I was wearing pink that day...allllrighty then.
  6. Watching other people lick their fingers after eating. You know it’s awkward.
  7. Last Thursday I made reference to an awkward co-habitation bathroom experience. This week I was lucky enough to hear a female grunt in a public restroom while I was exiting. Yup, this week’s moment tops last.
  8. People talking in 3rd person jargon. I just don’t get it. And it creeps me out. Just saying..
  9. This past week at a restaurant we witnessed a couple getting engaged. My giving friend suggested we order them a dessert to celebrate. We informed the waitress we would like to do so (thinking this would be anonymous). She apparently didn’t get the hint because she proceeded to march over to their table and POINT to us telling them we would like to order a dessert. The rest of the evening was full of waves & head nods back and forth with them mouthing “Thank You” the whole time. It was awkward people, trust me.
  10. How I looked when I was 15 years old. Thank you friends and family for failing to mention I wore so much eyeliner you couldn’t see my eyeballs. Lord, please protect my children from such mishaps.

  1. My ears spotted the sound of candy being opened at work. Those same ears landed me a free lemon drop. Thank you ears for your amazing candy opening instincts.
  2. Michael Jordan. Need I say more? Well, I will. Too say I was obsessed when I was younger would be an understatement. I would only allow myself to wear anything that was plastered with MJ. This to normal people would fall under the awkward category but I still consider it pretty awesome sooo, this is where it’s stickin peeps.
  3. Well my niece has managed to make her way into my Thursday posts the past two weeks so I will keep the tradition going. This week she decided it would be a good idea to start acting like a dog, because duh, why isn’t that a good idea? She now sticks my sister’s glove into her mouth and lets it hang out while she crawls around, imitating how a dog would have a rope hanging out of its mouth. At what age does stuff like this stop being acceptable?
  4. Getting ready for the day and my husband looks at me, says “You like good today” aaannnddd raises his eyebrows at the same time. Double wham. Good morning to you too baby cakes ;)
  5. Prank calls. Yes, I am 24 and no, they do not get old. Guarantee I will be that mom dialing numbers with my children as I sit in the corner and chuckle my brains out. Can. Not. Wait.
  6. The homemade card that my hubby made me for V-Day. I so desperately wish I could post a picture but he made me swear to blog secrecy that I wouldn’t. Boo. Still the cutest card in the entire world though, trust me folks.
  7. The one hour massage I got this week. To be still and allow my mind to wander off to "nothing land" is absolutely wonderful. I love that my husband never argues about spending money on massages and I am so beyond happy to have a friend who went to massage school. Thanks BT, you are so skilled.
  8.  Fist pounding my boss when I do something good. Who needs a raise when you can “blow it up”?  
  9. The temps have gone from this to this (see below). I can actually run outside without feeling like a knife is slicing my throat. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus. Calves and buttocks-take note & get ready to be transformed..I have high hopes for these babies. What a diff. 1 week makes 
  10. Saying “Isn’t it funny how close we are to (fill in the blank with a place you want to go to)??” to Shawn while we are driving along. “I mean that is weird how close we are, aanndd it sounds so good right now too…funny huh??” He is a sucker for it every time. Try it when you want to get something, it is nearly impossible to say no to (sneaky, sneaky I know). This is how I score random stops at Starbucks, Panera, or Target.
  11.   My sister’s new blog, Nesting Time <--Check it. She is everything I am not (mentioned in the first paragraph of this post). She is a mother..faaab mother at that, creative..like she actually knows how to make something out of nothing, and probably the nicest woman I have ever met. It’s a good thing I love her because she has already beat me hands down in best blog of 2011 (Because I am assuming we will be in the running for that of course).  Oh, and it’s only been up and running for a whopping 4 days?!! Talent sis, pure talent.
                The creator of Nesting Time and her little squirt, Claire



Special Delivery

I had no intentions to post anything today, but then this sweet little amazing friend of mine decided to send me a package in the mail, allllll the way from Nashville. I get excited if I receive anything in the mail, so you can imagine the joy running through my bones when I saw a whole package with my name on it. I felt like a little kiddo on Christmas, I could not get the tape off fast enough. Tucked inside was a variety of things-a cardigan of sorts with a built in scarf (you’ll see in the picture below), socks, candy, markers, journal, and the cutest card I have ever seen.

Suuurrrpissseee =)

Thank you for providing me with an outfit today friend

Her giving, selfless spirit is such an inspiration to me. I am so jealous (in a good jealous kind of way) of the qualities she possesses. So thank you BFF for the huuuuuuge smile you plastered on my face yesterday..okay and today too. You are more special than words can say. Now, if only I can convince you to tuck yourself in a box to be shipped back home to me???
I think I’ll check with UPS on pricing for that :)…

 Meet Aubree, my precious other female half

"If I had one gift that I could give you, my friend, it would be the ability to see yourself as others see you, because only then would you know how extremely special you are."-B.A. Billingsly



Valentines Day

Much love from me to you, xoxo.

Our morning started out with tears. This may sound like a bad thing, but trust me, they were not sad tears..they were great tears, the kind you get from busting up laughing so hard. Shawn got out of the shower with a sticker on his ear. A sticker that I might’ve placed on his pillow a couple of nights ago (those Clementine stickers can be used for anything). I love the fact that my Valentine's Day started out with my husband wearing “I want to be your cutie” on his ear.
It doesn't get much sweeter than that :)
Now we will both head off to work, have a helicopter pick us up for our lunch date (Shawn said so…I have a fear though that the helicopter may get lost and we will actually have to drive to lunch or something silly like that), grill out cheeseburgers for dinner (no heart shaped patties here though, just the plain ole round ones), I will then depart for bible study, and we will be reunited on the couch to end our day with The Bachelor. I am sure their helicopter driver won’t get lost. Somewhere in between all this we will have the opportunity to exchange cards (or Shawn’s method, a white piece of paper with writing on it). This year I went alllllll out though and spent $4.99 (gasp) on a card. I never go this extreme but it was well worth it for two reasons:
1. It references macaroni and cheese and 2. It sings for you.
Oh, and I also garnished it with a few more of those cute little stickers I have been saving. I can't wait to see where those magically appear tomorrow ;)

Happy Valentines Day!!!

PS. If you think that I saw this shirt in a window display and walked in to the store, tried it on, and took a picture just for my beloved readers, you might be right.



Biggest Loser Reject

I am currently in a Biggest Loser competition at my workplace. Each week I am supposed to log 210 minutes of cardio and do strength training 3 times a week.
This week my totals look like this: 0. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Instead I:
·         Tried a new Mexican restaurant
·         Took baths
·         Drank martinis
·         Ate macaroni & cheese after 9 pm
·         Blogged (tad bit addicted)
·         Went to bible study
·         Saw Jennifer Aniston’s new movie, Just Go With It. Highly recommend.
·         Hosted a Jersey Shore party
·         Had extra playtime with Maggs
·         Spent hours in front of a slot machine celebrating V-Day with my man
·         Had my pajamas on until noon (both weekend days). This never happens.
·         And many other activities, all of which had nothing to do with working out. Woopsies.

Maggie says hello.

Let the losing begin...

Delicious little meal I stuck in my tummy

Jokes on you. Michigan City, IN is apparently the new Vegas.

Shawn informed me that sunglasses are used only when playing table games. I found it necessary for slots as well.

My 0 may look like a failure to my teammates (sorry Charlies) but I’d consider it a pretty successful week in my book (Uh, minus my losses at the casino, better luck next time). Hopefully this week I will muster up some motivation to get that body of mine moving again...



Natural Beauty

I am mildly obsessed with nature. Stick me somewhere with beautiful surroundings and there is a good chance I won’t shut up. My husband will testify to this, he frequently feels like he is having déjà vu because my mouth will be on repeat saying “Look at the sky…isn’t it awesome?!”, or something of that sort. It amazes me what a colorful sky, body of water, or natural landscape can do to a person’s spirit, or at least to mine. Thankfully I have been able to capture some of these “moments in awe”. 

Side note: I was driving while I took a few of these; I apologize if you were behind me at that moment. I can only imagine your terror as I swerved back and forth while holding my camera out the window. J
Driving on a major highway in my area

Traverse City, Michigan. Vino anyone?

Siesta Key Beach, FL
Riveria Maya, Mexico

Driving to work one morning

Sitting outside of my previous workplace

Siesta Key Beach, FL

San Diego, CA

“The happiest man is he who learns from Nature the lesson of worship.” Ralph Waldo Emerson