Wonton Mommy

So you all remember those little buttons I stuck in my ears in yesterday's post right?
Well, the creator of those little cuties is here to share some facts with you today.
Everybody, say hello to Alicia {owner of Wonton Mommy}
Alicia, take it away.
My name is Alicia, aka, “WontonMommy”.
You can visit my little shop here, where I make and sell handmade lovelies for both baby and mommy;)

You can also read how a little DIY project turned into my business endeavor over at my blog.

I figured since Erin has quite the talent in being humorous, I would try to get a little silly and introduce myself by sharing 10 random and hopefully funny facts about myself…

1) In the third grade I memorized all the US Presidents.

 I still can name them forwards and backwards(great party trick!)

2)WORST movie ever.....

3)BEST Movie Ever...

Funny how the Former film won an Oscar(many actually) and the latter did not win a single one.

4)I am OBSESSED with the color Mustard.

5)I am am DEATHLY afraid of birds.... especially big ones like these...

6)I work at a commercial door and hardware company so I also have a slight obsession with these:
I absolutely LOVE them... all doors are A-Ma-Zing.

7 & 8)One of my most favorite places to be is out on the lake.... I love to fish!
Two factoids in one;)

9) I can eat this stuff all day:

10) Last but not least.... the most embarrassing and silly fact of them all:
Drum roll Please......
I don't know why, but I love this guy:

Yep, that's totally Neil Diamond and I totally just shared that with you all. My fave song?
"America".... it's a sad sad obsession I know.

One last thing...word on the street is that Alicia is having a stellar sale going on through tomorrow.
Click here to learn more about it.
You don't want to miss out.
Christmas gifts anyone?



  1. It's okay to be a Neil Diamond fan. He has good music.


  2. Girlie Blogger.... don't get me started on good ol' Neil! ;)

  3. I LOVE Neil Diamond!

    I rag on my mom for loving him, but in secret I'm a fan too LOL


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