What's Up Sexy?

There was much laughter that went into the making of this blog post.
And by much laughter I mean rolling on the ground, red faces, and hardly being able to breathe.
Yes, my husband and I are 5 years old.

Anyhow, you may have seen all over Blog land in the past 24 hours this whole "Upsexy" phenomenon.
The inspiration behind all of these posts came from this text:
I happened to read about it on one of my fav girl's blogs here.
After dieing laughing at her experiences, I knew I had to give it a try.
After all, pranks and I are pretty much best friends.

Oh, and because I do not have an Iphone and can't take screen shots
{Reason #347 why I need an Iphone...}
You are getting good ole fashion photos.
Of me holding my phone.
19th century style.

Round 1: My Sister
...And NO response.
How do you ignore a text of that nature?

Moving on....
Round #2: My Dad
....And what do ya know?
NO Response.
Real cool family.

After feeling like a complete and utter failure, my husband gives it a shot.
He decides to text one of his guy friends.
It went a little somethin' like this
{Some language changed to protect the PG-13 nature of this blog}

Husband: Cowboys kicker missed that fied goal due to his own coach icing him, and his Quarterback lacing into him before it about his Upsexy.
Friend: Upsexy?
Husband: Yes sir, you didn't see him lace into him with Upsexy?
Friend: What the {bleep} is Upsexy?
Husband: Not much, you?
Friend: {Insert Name Calling}
I thought your white trash Droid was auto correcting.

.....And that's when we lost it.
So freakin' funny.

So friends, I encourage you.
Go act 5 years old today and send somebody a similar text.
And then tell me how it went.

I promise you, I will pee my pants in laughter with you.
Not kidding.
It's that funny.
Seriously...start texting.

PS. In the midst of this whole prank session this evening, I managed to position myself underneath my husband in the closet so that when he turned around, his elbow miraculously nailed me on the top of the head.
I bawled like a baby for minutes and minutes.
We're talking upside down lower lip, weird sobbing noises, and shoulders bouncing.
Oh, and for the record..I was in the closet just bending over..
trying to pick up my pajamas from the night before.
Just forget it.
I can't type this without making it sound like something dirty was going on.
All you need to know is I now have Mount Everest on my scalp.
If you've ever wanted to see a mountain in real life, just pay a visit to my house.
Free admission.



  1. O.M.G...you are seriously toooooo much!!! lol

    Love this post....now go behave yourselves:)

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  2. hahahahah omfg yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is seriously the most epic blog ever!!! im doing it now.

  3. Girl, I read about Upsexy from the RavieBird and HAD to try it. My attempts went just.like.yours. What is wrong with people? My sister actually asked me whatwas in my coffee? Apparently she thought I have drinking problem at work.

  4. DAMN IT. I have texted like 4 of my friends, 3 haven't responded and one CALLED me and was like "WTF?" lol - ugh!!!

  5. HA! I'm totally guilty of participating in this fun yesterday too! Got a response from my husband but just confused the heck out of my mom. This post is HILAR! XO

  6. That is FUNNY! I might have to try that prank on my sister. We are always texting each other. And how you can always make your injuries so hilarious, I'll never know. But they are! So sorry... I hope the mountain retreats soon.

  7. bahahaha. Totally just tried this! Only one person fell for it though :(

  8. LOL to this whole post!!! hahahahaha!!!! "how can you ignore a text of that nature?" hahaha!!

    and I love how your dad just responded with "no" without asking what it was HAHAHAHA!!

    and the BEST is when people write ... "what the BLEEP is upsexy" hahaha!!!!

    oh man I love this. LOVE that it has went viral. I have never laughed so hard these past 24 hours.

    btw, what the heck kind of phone do you have anyway? haha! Yes, you need the iphone :)

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  10. I read this on Ravens blog too and was trying to keep a straight face because the hubs was right beside me and I wanted to pull it on him, and if I had laughed he would've read it and ruined it. Well, I asked him, "It smells so bad in here." he said, "no it doesn't." so I said, "yeah it does, it reeks of upsexy." He looked at me, amused, and said, "yes, you are very sexy."


  11. hahahha i love the one with your husband and his friend! Too funny!!

  12. LOL I thought I was the only one who got true amusement out of this kind of stuff. I must try this ASAP!

  13. I instantly texted like 10 friends. Only 1 went perfectly. The other were all like huh? what are you talking about??? hahah I love this!!

  14. ok I just had to comment one more time because your dads answer? just has had me laughing all night long.



  15. HAHAHAHAH! Oh my gosh. This post is all kinds of greatness, I don't see how I managed to stop laughing! I am soooo doing this to some people tomorrow! (it's too late tonight)

    your rock my socks off Erin!

  16. I don't know if you watch the Office, but this just reminds me of the episode where Michael runs around the office asking people if it smells like "updawg."
    Also extremely hilarious!

  17. Hee hee hee!! I tried that out on my neighbor a while ago and she fell for it hook, line and sinker! The lack of responses from your sister and dad is sooo funny!! Love your blog, it's a great dose of daily laughter! :)

  18. Ok. I tried it and everyone fell for it. I laughed out loud every single time. Hilarious.

    I just posted mine. It's here.


  19. Can't. Stop. Laughing.

    OMG, thank you for this. LOL!!!!

  20. OH man! I just got my co-workers, my dad, and my sister! This is too fun! Thanks for sharing, I love your blog like I love cheesecake!!!!!

  21. This is HILARIOUS!
    Tried it with the hubs and he totally messed it up.
    I asked - 'did the room smell like upsexy?
    His response- we haven't been in the same room this morn. explain yourself!'
    LOL! Men!

    I then texted my sis:'we should have upsexy at your shower'
    Her response: I don't get it.

    Fabulous. I died laughing!

  22. my husband is the biggest dork and he used a different version of this at a birthday party recently:

    hubs: "whoa did you see that henway?"
    friend: "What?"
    hubs: "Did you see that henway?"
    friend: "What's a henway?"
    hubs: "Oh, about 5 lbs."

    I am so proud.

  23. I saw this the other day on Raven's blog and DIED laughing! How can they NOT respond??!!! So funny!!!

    Guess you'll have to try on other people...

  24. that is hilarious!! I want to text my husband, but he is in the next room and would come out and ask - not text me - so I'll have to wait until tomorrow! haha!

    I hope your bump goes away soon! That is never fun!

  25. I tried this on three different people and nobody took the bait!! Darn it. It was still fun though. :)

  26. HAHA! I tried this on my BFF Wayne.. he didn't get it... then when i spelled it out for him... he goes "You're stupid"... but yes I'm totally trying it. Keep you posted.


  27. I didn't have to text anyone, I just read it to my husband and we both died laughing!!!


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