Simply Aunie

Let me tell you what I love about blogging-
Meeting all of the awesome, talented, cutie pie girls who also blog.
Does your mind ever just get blown?
Because mine does.
And ever since blogging, it feels blown all the time.
Like seriously, I didn't know this many cool people exist in the world, but SURPRISE...
there are thousands of them everywhere.
And today, I am lucky enough to have one of those surprises here.
Remember when I said Cutie Pie up above?
She is like a Caaaauuuutttiiieee Pie.
Check her out.
My name is Annelise and I am awesome.

Actually, I'm not so awesome.
But I sure am I'm a quirky, simple girl.
I blog over at Simply Aunie.

If you like Erin's blog,
you should maybe venture on over to mine.
Though I'm not quite as funny as your girl at Living in Yellow,
I do have lots of silly adventures, I like to show off my un-fashionable self,
 and I also make sure to post about the random happenings in the life of Aunie.
In addition to writing about all-things-Aunie,
I also occasionally write poems.
I like to call them Not Poems, because it's not like they're good or anything.
My two most popular ones are called These Boots and Bowling.

 So if you can't tell already, here are 3 things about me:
  1. I like to write.
  2. I'm an odd-ball.
  3. I'm pretty down-to-earth and would be incredibly delighted if you would come visit me at Simply Aunie.
Well... that's it for now. Peace out, fellow LIY'ers!! 
xoxo - Aunie
I know you guys are good at showin' my guest posters love.
Don't prove me wrong this time.
Love Fest 2011, taking place....NOW.

....Be sure to stop back tomorrow.
Here is a sneak peak of what you may see:



  1. I love your guest poster and definitely will be making a visit to her blog :)

    And that picture at the end...simply awesomely awkward! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Erin! And HAHAHAH THAT photo at the end!!!


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