Owls & Lace

With it being Monday and all, I figured you could use some quality entertainment.
This girl absolutely cracks me up.
Do not take my word for it though, keep reading.
You are about to bust up.
Guarantee it.
Anna, take it away girlfriend.
Hi, I'm Anna, and I blog over at Owls and Lace.
I'm so excited to be here, partially because I love Erin's blog,
and partially because blogging is the greatest procrastination ever.
I should be studying for finals right now.
 But luckily, I love y'all already, so I'm letting this take priority.
You're welcome.

2011-12-07 001 001

I'm a nineteen year old (but only for one more month) college sophomore who's in love with fashion and owls.
Today we're talking about whatever my little heart desires.
And it wants to talk about why you should come be my friend.

 I started blogging because I had found some fashion blogs that I
was in love with, and wanted an easy way to follow them all.
Then I decided I wanted to start recording my outfits, but those posts were super boring.
Eventually I evolved into what it is now, writing about all the weird things that happen,
school and whatever my brain pops out.

Personally, I find my life hilarious.
But that's just me.
I know it sounds so cliche to say that I've met the greatest people blogging, and I love it
so much, but it's true.
I've met people I never would of otherwise, and they've made the greatest impact on my life.
I also love owls. Don't ask me why, because I don't know. But I'm obsessed, hence my blog name.

I share a face with Katy Perry. Actually we don't share it, we just have the same one.
If we shared, that would be a problem because I'd never have a face.
Or something.

My boyfriend is purple.
If that's not reason enough to come visit my blog, then I'm not sure what is and I give up.

Just kidding, this is what he looks like outside the morph suite

I have two super cute cats. Stella has a foot ( and shoe)  fetish, and
Twilight wakes me up by dancing to my alarm. 
They're also addicted to cat nip, and will probably be on an episode of Intervention
soon, so get to know them now before they get sent to kitty rehab.

And if you still need more reasons to come hang out over at my place?

Did I mention I own a cake pop maker?

Plus in my spare time, I lounge on rocks in fancy dresses.

And when you get down to it, is anything cooler than that?
Didn't think so. 

If you did not laugh one time during that post, then you probably shouldn't be at this blog ;)
Please go give my girl Anna some love.

....Come back tomorrow for a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
Mostly that.


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