"Mom..your balls are too big!"

That was just one of the commonly heard terms this past Saturday afternoon.
It was my mom, sister, and I's annual "Christmas baking day"
Except we didn't bake at all.
We made balls instead.
Lots and lots of balls.
Oreo Balls.
Pretty sure we made somewhere in the range of 400-500 but who's counting?

Not only are these like the easiest things known to mankind to make.
They are also beyond delicious.
Amazeballs would be a better term in fact.
Oh, and they provide lots and lots of humor when making them.
"Oh..these balls are so good"
"Your balls are small"
"I love balls"
Think for a minute of this Saturday Night Live skit...
Yeah, it was a little somethin' like that.

Anyhow-you want the recipe?
You got it.

{This is for roughly 42 balls...}
-16 oz package of oreos
-8 oz cream cheese, softened
{in our case we used a LOT of cream cheese...}
-16 oz Bakers semi-sweet baking chocolate, melted
{and again..we used a LOT of chocolate}
-Sprinkles and whatever toppings tickle your fancy

-Crush up your oreos
-Stir in your cream cheese
-Roll into 1 inch balls
{unless your mom and you make them 3 inches...Good work dad ;) Wow. Yes, I just said that}
-Let the balls cool for 10 minutes or so.
If you don't have room in your refrigerator, stick em' in the garage like so:
-Melt your chocolate in the microwave {check it every 45 seconds or so and stir until its completely melted}
Dip your balls in the chocolate making sure you get them nice and coated
-Sprinkle your cute little toppings on
-Refrigerate until firm. Maybe like an hour or so?
-Package em' up all pretty

...And enjoy.



  1. Oh my YUM. I've had these before and they were DE-LISH. I almost think they're better than cakeballs! [almost!]

    Looks amazing. I'll expect mine in the mail sometime this week. ;)

  2. How cute! LOVE IT! This preggo thinks she wants to go home and make a whole batch for herself ;) haha

  3. Yummmmm!!!! You can never go wrong with Oreo anything!

  4. I make these all the time! They really are amazeballs

  5. Oh my gosh soooo cute! I want to make these! :)

  6. Yours look soo good too!!! :) I used peppermint instead of sprinkles but I should've done both. I just ate 2 in the past 3 minutes no lie! yum yum

  7. Those balls look soooo good!!!!

  8. Just soo you know, that SNL skit is the first thing I thought of when I read your title!! I love it.. Did you know Ben and Jerry's has a special holiday flavor of ice cream called "Shweddy Balls". Oh, and your balls look delicious :)

  9. Hahaha!! Sounds like you all had a fabulous time with your balls this weekend :) I've made those before too, so simple to make, but so yum!

  10. I made these this weekend with my momma & sister! THEY ARE HEAVEN!!! I've eaten so many - I'll have a perpetual stomach ache until mid-January. Totally worth it though. I store mine in the freezer, I like my balls chilled :)

  11. Oh, and PS. In white chocolate, sometimes I throw a little creme de mint in there, and then you get green minty balls. Yummy!

  12. Yes Oreo balls are heavenly. I just made some again with Andes mint chips to dip them in. So good!! I'm also gonna try using mint Oreos and golden Oreos. But how did you dip me so well?! Mine didn't look that pretty. Lol

  13. I ran across your blog from la vie petite blog the other day and find you just hilarious! I mean look at this post title. Love it! Anyway these look yummy and what a great story! Don't you just love having fun with family in the kitchen?


  14. I made these this past weekend too! yours are soo pretty!!

  15. How fun! Those look so yummy, I'll need to try those. You crack me up, must have been a very fun time. :)

  16. Those look uh-mazing! Send me some in the mail? :)

  17. Wow. You certain got busy. Looks at all the yummy treats!

  18. Definitely making these!. And I think they're easy enough that my girls can help!.

  19. Oh man. These look good. This is exactly why I don't start Christmas baking until the week of Christmas. I'd eat all 400 of those suckers by myself!

  20. I would love to get my mouth around some of those balls.

  21. Love these but never made them! Didn't realize it was so easy!
    They look so delish!
    I think I may have to make some now!!

  22. These look so good! I might just have to break down and make a batch of balls! I took one look at the video you posted and started laughing. I remember it very well and it had me laughing so hard I was crying! So now I'll play it again and have another great laugh!

  23. Oh wow, I <3 I am soooo going to make them :D

  24. I found your blog today through Emily Andersons.

    Oh mylanta. That is my favorite SNL sketch ever...and the Betty White one was pretty hillarious too. This running joke sounds like our house. Plus, oreo balls are yummo!

    Sooo...I've been reading through your blog and I have to say...you're my new favorite blogger. We have the same sense of humor. I'm adding you to my reader feed! :)

  25. Making these for a little Christmas get together tonight! They look YUMM!


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