A little bit of this. And a little bit of that. And a bunch of this and that.

I'm not even gonna fake it.
Right now, I am hyper.
Like straight up bouncy.
And when I get hyper I type words that look like thiiiissssssss.
Because for whatever reason, my fingers think it is fun to hold down extra long on certain keys.
Consider that your warning for this remainder of this post.
Lets get this party staarrrrrrttteeed.

I have so many topics bouncin' around in my brain right now, I don't even know what to choose.
So I think I'll choose em' all.
It's been awhile where I've just thrown together a bunch of random stuff, but I think it's time.

1. Do any of you have show off friends?
I'm talkin' friends who think they are all "BA" at wrapping presents and shove it in your face?
Well, I do.
The other night I hosted our annual "wrapping" night
{which I wish actually meant "rapping" night}
and this is what they created:
And then there is mine:

2. After work, I went tanning.
I should've known right then things were not going to go well.
It gets worse though.
I had to wait.
Wait in a lobby full of teenage jerked over Amish-orange skin-bright blonde haired boys.
And one of their cell phones rang and it was Sugarlands "Stuck like Glue"
And right then, I knew I hit the lowest moment of my life.

3. I mean seriously, does life get sweeter than this?

4. I talked to two, count em', two women named Dorcus today.
What is wrong with this world?

5. Speaking of what is wrong with this world, I heard tonight on the radio I could enter to win
McDonald's french fries everyday for a year straight.
I'm pretty sure the creator of this giveaway could be thrown in jail for homicide right?

6. I love dinner at home with my boo.

7. We had two Christmas gatherings this past weekend.
It went a little somethin' like this:
Don't worry about it.
We're a normal bunch.

8. Crap, one more thing.
Sorrrrrrrrry, I know it's getting to be long and you've got thangs to do.
This past weekend my motorcycle lovin' hubby & I went to the Harley store.
The place was serving FREE beer and wine.
I am now in love with the Harley store.

...And finally, this shin dig is over.
I would say sorry for all of your time I just wasted, but that would be a lie.
I'm totally not sorry.

Happy Tuesday Loveeerrrrssssssssss :)

**This post was orchestrated by Snoops "Drop It Like It's Hot"**
Just thought you should know how I get down while I write.



  1. I love blog posts like this!!!!!!!! And now I have Snoop Dog stuck in my head, yo!!!!

    Beautiful family, btw!!!!! And your dinner looked delish!!!

  2. I love this!

    And I'm using that exact same wrapping paper this year. Nothing like Target. :)

  3. My favorites were the tanning story, the McDonald's fries for a year (I have a feeling the person who came up with that giveaway is REALLY obese...but I could be wrong), and that you talked to not one but TWO people named Dorcas. ha ha.
    Loved the random post!

  4. hahaha girl you are too funny! I love the wrapping gifts part. You've got some seriously creative/talented friends. keep droppin' it likes its hott lady.


  5. LOL, you always give me a good laugh. Your posts never fail.


  6. I love all the randomness! Don't apologize this was no time waster! :) You said FREE beer and wine?! Can I go with next time?! Yes? Good.


    P.s. we still need to do our little rap thing! ;) hehe.

    P.s.s. Drop it like its hawwtttt. Yep. I just went there.

  7. You are such a fun girl. Haha. Show off friends - yes, of course I have them. And I make them feel even more BA because I am terrible at wrapping.


  8. Fabulous post today! Came home in the worst.mood.ever. but this made me literally laugh out loud. Especially the wrapping party story... great stuff erin!

  9. You are awesome! Love reading your post cause it always makes me LOL :)

    p.s. props on your wrapping skills

  10. I'm sorry. I'd be one of those show-offy friends with wrapping. :) I hope you can forgive me and you keep letting me read your blog.

  11. i think it's funny that you go tanning.
    and i also think you are hilar.

  12. Most peeps named Dorcus go by Dori! I only know this because my friend Dori told me her name was Dorcus and I laughed in her face thinking it was a joke. Nope. I'm just a jerk! ;)

  13. the tanning story is so spot on! ha i think that EVERY time i go tanning. hilarious!!

    and Dorcus, HELLO 7 Brides for 7 Brothers!! Best.Movie.Ever!! Ok, ok, but not my first choice of names for my children. lol.

  14. HAHAHA I just love you! Do you really listen to rap while blogging? that inspires me. you look adorable with your niece!!!! I hope you have a great Christmas girl.

    Ooh and this comment was orchestrated by Snoops "drop it like its hot" ;)

  15. Wow that's some fancy wrapping there, very creative!

    PS - after reading your oreo balls post (and laughing at that classic snl skit) I tried your recipe! We used bits of peppermints for toppings and they turned out great! Thanks for the tip! :)

  16. love your blog..lots of fun to read here.=)
    new follower!


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