Everybody Else Is Doin' It...

I'm not usually one to follow the crowds.
Okay, lie..I typically follow the crowds.
But I like to think that I don't.
So yes, I had a mental argument in my head on whether or not I should post our Christmas decor.
Click on 98% of blogs these days, and that's what you'll see.
But then I kinda realized that I like looking at other peep's decor.
And I also realized I have nothing else to write about.
So guess what you're gettin' today?
Our Christmas Decor.
All of it.
Just know, there was much procrastination put into getting all of this up.
We're talking I just finished last night.
And I might have finished just so I could have some material for my blog today.
Anyhow, enough talking....
{Yes I got on a ladder. And yes, I'm aware my neck looks like a freakish dinosaur}
{Our Basement Tree}
....And for the making of our regular tree
It is one of those "paint by numbers" type of trees.
Basically meaning, you have to put it all together.
It's overrated.

...And there you have it.
Our house all Christmased out.

To see our house without all of the garland, ornaments, and lights..click here.

What's your decor look like?
Link up below so I can check it out.
Please and Thank You.

As for me and my weekend-
I'll have my hands buried in balls.
Lots and lots of balls.
Oreo Balls that is.
Mmmmm baby, get in my belly.



  1. I love your holiday decor and am so glad you decided to share. :) The blue, pink and purple tree is my fav!

  2. Great decorations. I essentially decorated my house this year so that I could have a post too since I was really too lazy to think of something else. Blogging is hard work.

  3. love it! wish i had a wreath... hmmm.

  4. Gorgeous! You take some wonderful pictures! Have you ever done a photography tutorial? I love your stuff.

  5. Love all the colors you used!!!! So fun & bright!

  6. Love all the decorations! I really like looking at other blogger's christmas decorations, it gives me inspiration :)

  7. you, my friend, are just *too* sweet! Thanks so much for the kind words on my blog... it made my day! Thanks for the opportunity to link up!

    xoxo - kylie


  8. I love all of your decorations, so pretty!!

  9. Your home looks so nice & cozy, makes me crave a cafe mocha. haha! Cute decor.

    PS - Is the Jordan jersey part of the X-mas decor orrrr????

  10. Cute! & I personally love seeing others decorations. :) I need to take pictures & post mine soon!

  11. love the Christmas decor!!

    OOooo that Oreo ball recipe PRETTY PLEASE :)

  12. I LOVE your bright colorful tree and wreath on your front door! I think I am going to copy your wreath for my house! :) Your house is def in the holiday spirit!! :)

  13. Ohh I really like the colors of your holiday decor - so cute!

    And yum oreo balls, those sound magical!

  14. Your christmas decorations are amazing! Good job chica :)

  15. Love your Christmas Decorations! SO CUTE!! =D

  16. I'm glad you decided to follow the crowd. I'm loving seeing everyone's decorations!

    I linked up two posts because I have two decor posts. :)


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