Dear Santa..Or Husband. Or whoever wants to buy me gifts.

So it dawned on me the other day that my husband has yet to ask me for a Christmas list.
This means one of two things.
Either he has something so amazing already picked out that there is no need for a list..
Or he hasn't thought about the fact that he needs to buy me some Christmas gifts.
Being a female and knowing how men work, I'm going to assume the second option.
So I pointed this fact out to him.
And he says "Oh yeah, well then get me a list"
So I told him to do what I tell him to do whenever he asks me a question or needs something:
"Read my blog"
So hunny, if you are reading, here are all the items you can buy me.
We'll start small with the stocking stuffers and then progress from there.
Get your wallet out hunny...I'm about to be expensive :)

1. Mac Lip Gloss

2. A plethora of mac & cheese
You think I am kidding.
But I'm not.

3. Minteas
4. Infinity Scarf {Target}

..And now on to the good stuff:

1. Sparkly toms

2. Iphone 4s

3. Keith Urban
No, not a CD.
No, not concert tickets.
Just Keith himself.
All wrapped up and under the tree.

4. Target Sleep Shirt
5. Anthropologie swimsuit

6. Hyundia Sonata

7. Michael Kors watch

8. Joby Tripod

9. Aqua Pumps

....And if material goods aren't really what you're lookin' for this year.
I'll gladly accept..

9. A Baby Orphan
Goochie Goochie Goo.

...If you can't find any of the above-
I'll be happy with just you.



  1. I'm sure your hubby is onto something already.

    Wow. A baby orphan. That's quite a present.


  2. bahaha, guilty of telling my hubs the same thing. read my blog, then we can talk. lol.

    and who doesn't want the MK watch this year. love love love.

  3. hahaha killing me. The macaronni and baby orphan were my favorites :)

  4. This is one fantastic Christmas list - a hyuandi sonata is at the top of my list too!!

  5. I so hope you get the macaroni and cheese and baby orphan. Love it.

  6. Adorable! Loved the Keith Urban idea and the "goochie goochie goo" LOL

  7. LOVE your Christmas list! The Keith Urban thing made me giggle. I want an iPhone too. And a 2012 Camaro. But that's for the "In My Wildest Dreams" list.

  8. You had me busting out laughing at "Get your wallet out hunny...I'm about to be expensive :)"

    wonderful list! hope he gets you everything on it!

  9. love. it.
    and i'm thinking i may steal some of your ideas :)

  10. We LOOOOOOVE our Sonata! Fingers crossed that you get everything on your list!

  11. I love this idea of wish-listing on the blog :) Super cute things on the list, btw. Hope you get everything on it!!!

  12. You have created the best Christmas list ever here!! Love this stuff in particular the aqua pumps!!
    -Meesh :)

  13. yep....the sparkly TOMS made it onto my must have list this year! i "pinterested" my Christmas list...made things SO much easier for me since i basically emailed my hubs the links after i pinned stuff. here's hoping it'll keep him from buying the totally wrong thing (again) this year!

  14. I'll take one of everything, please! ha ha
    My favorites are the infinity scarf, the iphone, the aqua pumps, and Keith Urban (of course).

  15. I too am asking for Keith so we may have a problem here. : O
    I LOVE everything you picked. Especially the sparkly TOMS and the infinity scarf. Good luck darlin'!

  16. Toms were on my wishlist too!!!
    Hope you get most of what is on your list. I'd like to have Keith though if you don't mind :)

  17. I have to say - I've never seen someone ask for Mac n Cheese for Christmas! I asked for a new Michael Kors too!

  18. What?! So you're telling me all I would have had to have gotten you was Mac N Cheese and you would have been happy? Guess it's not too late to return my much more expensive gift.... ;)

  19. Love this list!

    Mac and cheese is always welcome under my tree as well. As are the sparkly Toms!

  20. You crack me up! Love me some mac & cheese. I want an infinity scarf! Can we share Keith Urban!?

  21. i love these! esp all the pretty infinity scarves from target! i want one in every color. :)

  22. I love that you have mac 'n cheese on your list, lol.


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