Cute As A Button

Happy Monday Friends.
Let's talk about something that I love for a minute.
Packages of all types.
Big, Small, Heavy, Light...
They all speak near and dear to my heart.

So naturally, when I came home the other day and this pretty little diddy was sitting on my counter...
all pretty and packaged up waiting for my fingers to open it...
I got uber excited.

Immediately I did what my fingers told me to do-
I yanked the packaging right off.
And low and behold, these precious little button earrings courtesy of
Wonton Mommy
laid in front of my eyes.
Oh my, precious.
I knew my ears had to have them on immediately.

So that's what my ears did.
They put those little buttons on.
And then my ears and heart melted.
Navy and White.
A sailor's delight :)
Could you get any more perfect than that?
Well, considering these colors are available as well, I would say yes, yes you could.

Not only that, but you can sit in church and whisper to your husband
"Do I look as cute as a button today?"
Bet your bottom dollar if you have these babies on, he will say yes.

Not only can you get the above in earrings, rings are available as well.
So stinkin' cute I can't stand it.

The point of this post?
You must get some.
For you, for your sister, your mom, your best friends, your co-workers, your mailman.
You know somebody?
You buy them some.
Got it?
And then we can all be little button heads together.

...Come back later to get to know the brains behind Wonton Mommy.
In the mean time, have fun shopping you little maniacs.



  1. So cute! I love button earrings, I need to get shopping :)

  2. I loved all my stuff I ordered from Wonton Mommy! Good taste :)

  3. Oh my word, I looove these! Off to check out the shop now. :)

  4. Those are sooooo adorable!! :)

  5. So adorable!!! Button heads...heehee...funny.

  6. ummm...I HAVE to tell you how Gor-G-ous your eyes look in that close up shot!

    Moi Glamo! :)


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