Babies, Birthdays, and Staticy Dresses.

You know what is frustrating?
When you sit down to write a blog post, warm lemon water in hand, and you have no words to type.
All because you are distracted by what all your friends are doing on Facebook,
who Tweeted what,
and the fact that this girl looks this incredible after having a baby like what, maybe a month ago?
Pretty sure I just had a conversation with my unconceived baby that it better give me my body back like it did her's.
You hear that baby?

Anyhow, I am going to try my hardest to get in the zone here. 
Although, I just spent the last three minutes googling the word "unconceived" to make sure I spelled it right.
When all else fails, I rely on my past weekend to get me through my posts.
So that's what we're gonna go with on this one.
Hopefully tomorrow I will have something amazeballs to talk about.

So it went a little somethin' like this:

Helped a friend get ready for her little 1 yr old's birthday party.
Just wait til you see how cute her birthday bash was...
Oh, and went to bed by 9 pm.
Yeah, I get down like that.

I busted out these bad boys
And put on the most static dress known to mankind.
One would think I would change, but no.
Instead I had my friend rub me down with dryer sheets and water.
It didn't work.
Anyhow, a group of us went out to dinner.
Some of us had a hard time keeping the wine in their mouth
{You may not be able to tell-but there is wine on the table. It spewed out of her mouth. We keep it classy}
Oh, and some of us ordered food that was served on a sword.
Yes, a sword.
Take that wimpy Kabob.
After leaving...
I got yelled at for singing too loud on the car ride home.
Nobody appreciates raw talent these days, ya know?
We had a family reunion to attend.
You may rememnber this one where we hired a girl to sit on the old gents laps, and performed the Chicken Dance as a family.
Well, this one was a lot more normal.
Told ya.
Not only did some of us dress up in the above, we got down playin' some Dirty Bingo.
Speaking of Dirty..my niece pictured above, took a liking to calling out the numbers.
The one she got most excited about?
This is not a joke.
I tried to go on some rant about how she must hear that at home, but then I got scolded.
Act like it's not funny people.

After the reunion, we attended that little birthday party I mentioned earlier.
Tell me this isn't the cutest party ever:
Needless to say, I consumed way too much food over the weekend.

Which reminds me....
I am off now to bust my butt to some 30 Day Shred.
Right after I finish inhaling this plate.
Well, not the plate but the contents on the plate.
If you don't hear from me for a week, don't be alarmed.
I just can't move my legs, my hands, my fingers, or my head.
Working out is known to do that to me.

Talk More Wednesday Little Bits.
Mwah, Mwah, and Mwah.



  1. Grr isn't Sydney frustrating?! ARgh! You look great BTW... no fretting allowed!

  2. After seeing that same blog post, I had a very similar talk with my unborn child.. as well as the calorie filled dinner I ate tonight. I will also have the same conversation with the dessert I eat later tonight. I'm sure it'll help.

  3. I was 8 weeks away from 21 when I had Boomer...so everything snapped back pretty quickly. I believe my SIL told me she hated me for the first 3 weeks of my daughters life....now five years later I'm almost positive that nothing will bounce back if there is another baby...gravity is killin me!

  4. I did some 30 day shred action on Saturday and realized that after 3 weeks of doing next to nothing in the gym, level two was a bit ambitious...

  5. thank goodness someone said it! what a hottie! fingers crossed for that one day, but i think that'd mean getting a rockin' bod right this minute. and i'm just too content sitting in my big comfy chair!

  6. Love this post! She does look great! I love all your pictures!! Those heels = love and that birthday party SUPER CUTE! Um, can I devour the contents of that plate please, because it looks delicious!

  7. bahahaha. I thought THE exact same thing when I saw Sydney's post! I was thinking, "those have to be old pictures, from before she was prego," but NO. Bless her skinny little heart. ha ha.

    Static is my worst enemy in the winter time! Long hair + silky material or coats = no bueno.

  8. I used to teach 5th grade special education and once in my math group one of my students, in the midst of a lesson, busted out with, "Ya know, 69 is a really interesting number because the 6 and the 9 are kind of like opposites and they fit together..." I had to agree with him--an astute observation. Not laughing about that on the spot was really difficult, and there wasn't even another adult around to appreciate it!

  9. Food served on a sword? I am jealous. I have never heard of such a thing! Lol.

    And how cute are those birthday party decorations?


  10. Ha Ha- You crack me up! Totally sounds like a great weekend to me. Oh & your right, cutest party ever!!!

  11. Loved your outfit girl and those hot to trot shoes!

    I would LOVE to plan a blogger meet up with you. You HAVE to come here and meet all of us..everyone would just love you.

  12. I thought the same thing when I saw Sydney's picture.

    I'm *almost* to my pre-pregnancy weight and my kid is 3 months old. But I still don't look great in my clothes yet. LOL

    Looks like a fantastic weekend!

  13. That cake is amazing. I want it. Now.

    Sounds like a fun weekend!! Most weekends involving so much food are. :)


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