Awkward & Awesome Thursday: Christmas Edition

So the other day at work, I got an email from my husband.
It was actually an email that he was passing on from a fellow co-worker of his who happens to read my blog.
It said something along the lines of "Show this to Erin, she will get a kick out of it.."
and it was a link to like 60 Awkward Holiday photos.
Anytime you see the words Awkward & Photo together, you know it's gonna be good.
Anyhow, I did what any superstar employee would do,
I clicked on the link quicker than wild fire, and spent at least a half hour of my {work} time busting up laughing.
So anyhow, I figured I should probably share some of my favorites with you, so you can waste some of your precious work time bustin' up.
Ready for this?

I used to think onesies were cute on adults... 
 I just don't get it. But I love it.
So this is where the idea to wrap your kids up in lights originated from?!
That's a nice balloon you've got there kid.
 Please note the arm hanging out the side of the box in the back.

Two words: Sexy Momma.
What a fascinating pose. We'll have to try that one.
The shirt explains how the 12 yr old girl sitting next to him has a kid already.
Hahaha, I am not sure which is greater. His "Dwight" look-alike face, or his sweatshirt.
Speaking of dogs...
Well, alo-HA.

And there you have it.
I really hope these made you laugh or this was a complete waste of time.

Speaking of Holiday photos, my friends and I used to be cool and have Ugly Sweater Parties.
Apparently we decided it was a good idea to get old and do somethin' crazy like have kids,
so we haven't had any in the past two years.
Here is me, bringing back those memories:
Year 1:
I'm posing like the angel. Don't worry about it.
{Sidenote: We had rented out this amazeballs cabin for our first annual party.
It's amazing we weren't allowed back the next year.
Who knew dancing on tables and lighting off fireworks inside the house deters somebody from wanting you back?}
Year 2:
The hubs thought he would go for the "Patriotic Christmas" look.
I preferred more of a classic look and went with the ever so popular Christmas vest option.

Cheers to Awkward Photos & Awesome Sweaters.

PS. I learned something this past week.
If you raise your sponsorship prices, and nobody emails you to book a spot-
It probably means you shouldn't have raised your prices.
So, prices have fallen back to normal.
Book your spot like it's hot.
Merry Christmas ;)



  1. Oh my gosh! Those are hilarious! It's actually a little disturbing to think that people actually thought these photos were a good idea!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh my gosh. I just his same exact post the other day. Most of the same pictures and everything! Great minds think alike.

    Here's mine... http://handlingwithgrace.blogspot.com/2011/12/at-least-youre-not-one-of-these-people.html

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my gosh, this post was too good and funny for words!!! so hilarious.

  4. LMAO!!! Nice job! :D I needed a good laugh!

  5. O.M.G..........lmao!
    Umm, kinda reminds me of "the people of walmart.com"

    Bloggers Rock the Colors of Christmas

  6. i cannot get over how hilarious those awkward photos are - oh my! too funny!

  7. Those pics are hilarious!
    I was just in Target the other day and they have a book of Awkward Family Photos. I was seriously tempted to buy it.
    Merry Christmas!! xoxo

  8. This is AWESOME! I can honestly say that every post I read of your I laugh out loud. If you have any pointers on how to get my blog out there, I would love to know. Im trying to get out there and have been blogging for about a year and feel pretty lame that I only have like 13 followers. HELP! :)
    Heres mine.... brittanyburchfield.blogspot.com

  9. ok... those awkward family Christmas pictures just made my day and my tomorrow! Not. Even. Kidding.
    Each one made me laugh, pee a little and they just got better and better!
    Way to rock the scotty dog sweater!
    Merry Christmas,

  10. Those are SO FUNNY! People are....interesting. heehee....I love the lady posing in front of the tree showing her cookies. Baking...you know what I mean.
    ; )
    Thanks for the laugh!!

  11. HAHAHAHA, oh my gosh this was the most fabulous post I've read in a while. hahahahaha, yep, still laughing..

  12. I was just browsing through your blog...came across this post...laughed. Then I reached the point of crying-laughter. Oh my goodness. These people!


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