Awkward & Awesome. Minus The Awesome.

So here's the explanation on the title--
Awkward & Awesome posts usually take me a solid hour to write.
And right now, I don't have a solid hour to waste.
So I thought that maybe if I didn't actually call it "Awkward & Awesome Thursday" the post would get written faster?
Except now I just realized my logic is mildly stupid.
So instead, I've just decided today I am stickin' to the Awkwards, and tomorrow you will get the Awesomes.
How's that sound?
Better sound good because unfortunately..you have no choice.
Let's begin:

1. So you remember how this has been my whip for the past week {or two}
while my car is in the shop right?
I could just stop right here with my first awkward. But no, it gets better.
Well, the other night was deemed "girls night" so we thought it would be most practical to take this baby out.
I mean she seats 6.
Who needs a minivan when you can ride around in this class?
Anyhow, I went to parallel park and as I am doing so my friend exclaims
"Wow, you are doing so good...I am impressed"
The very next second...WHAM.
Right into the car in front of us.
So much for my impressive parallel parking skills.
Fortunately, no damage was done on either end.

2. Leaving a bar that same night, I'm driving home and notice this plastered on my windshield:
Oh what's that you say?
A parking ticket.
For parking in a handicap spot nonetheless.
Hi, my name is Erin and I park in Handicap spots at the bar.
Citizen Of The Year.

3. Somewhere in between the crash and the parking ticket, I managed to exit a parking lot, by failing to realize where the exit was. This means I exited by flying off a curb and miraculously landing on the street. 
Don't worry, that car has shocks like you wouldn't believe.

4. I mentioned I don't own the car that I did all of the above in right?
 Okay, moving on...

5. Standing behind a woman in the grocery store who was purchasing 40 cans of cat food.
You can imagine what she looked like.

6. So you may remember this post.
That same day I happened to email my husband and say something that involved the line of..
"You know what's sad...." followed by a bunch of non-sense.
His response "No, what is sad is the number of self portraits in your blog post today. That's what's sad"
I thought to myself, "Self...You should count the number of self portraits and prove him wrong!"
I had 8 freakin' self portraits in that post.
This may have caused a low moment in my life.
Needless to say, I am done with self portraits for good.


.....And there you have it.
I literally have a list of 40 other Awkward moments that have happened in my life recently.
You think I am kidding.
Guess we'll have to save those for another day...
Oh, and come back tomorrow for the Awesome{s}.
Fortunately, there are many of those as well.

PS. If you are the dealership of the car I am driving right now, just know that numbers 1-3 were completely falsified and made up strictly for "humor" purposes of this blog.

PSS. If you do not own the car mentioned in 1-3, everything mentioned is completely 100% true.



  1. Hahaha, oh, man. Love your "disclaimers" at the end. This whole post was just perfect!

  2. Lol. It's nice to meet you! I'm here from Cori's blog :)

  3. Hi Erin, I'm visiting from La Vie Petite.I'm trying hard not to pee in my pants! You crack me up! Love your blog:)

  4. haha you are like an awkward magnet! Love it!

  5. HAHAHAHAHHA! Oh my gosh! Thanks for laugh love. =D

  6. You are hilarious! And this is my new favorite blog!

  7. girl you crack me up!! i had a winner of a rental one time when i was like 19, i took that thing out and had a freaking blast. hilarious!!

    however, that car honestly deserves a right in a handicapped spot. lol. it screams i'm old. lol. oh too funny!!

  8. So glad that your November has been as awesome as mine :) Sorry about the bath bruises and the crazy car. Hopefully things are lookin up.

  9. So I totally parked in a handicap spot when I went to the airport the other day. Didn't even notice it AT ALL (I was in a huge hurry). That was a cool $250! So I have to ask, did yours cost that much? Cuz I was flabergasted that it was so stupid expensive! Hope December is way better! I know that's what I'm hoping for! :)

  10. bahahaha. My favorite part was the disclaimers at the bottom! I think it would be best, for everyone around you, if they got your car back to you soon. ha ha


  11. hey, erin!

    this post made me die laughing... you are hilarious. i saw your guest post on la vie petite and had to check ya out. {although im pretty sure ive read your blog before}.

    anyways, i love it and i will now be following! have a great day!

  12. You are such an awesome driver....only God knows how even more "awesome" you'll get in 30 years from now. Hahah
    I'll pray for your future kids when you drive them to soccer practice. ;-)

  13. HA! I laughed out loud particularly at number 3 - simply because I thought it couldn't get worse than 1 and 2 and yes...you proved me wrong. Hilarious! Happy Friday and Happy December! XO

  14. umm so i found you from la vie petite and you are just fricking hilarious. i am so looking forward to following along and reading about your adventures.

  15. hahaha...I was trying to nonchalantly read your blog while at work...it makes it extremely difficult when I'm lol'ing all over the place! :)

  16. OMG....'Citizen of the Year'. I'm coughing up a lung laughing right now (because I'm sick...and you're making me laugh...just to clarify) Thanks for that!

  17. hahahahahahah I am dying laughing at EVERYTHING in this post! The rental car mishaps, the comment by your husband HAHA!!

    oh man, this was like, totally awesome.

    thanks for the laugh.


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