The Anderson Crew, Yo.

So ya’ll know I like to sponsor brilliant women right?
Well for the month of November I chose this one:
Emily from The Anderson Crew.
The girl is nothing shy of fabulous.
She recently gave birth to her 6th..Yes 6th..child.
She takes amazing photos,
Creates the cutest little gifts and crafts,
And she frequently drops the word yo, like yours truly.
Aside from the 6 kids, amazing photos, and craftiness…we are basically identical.

Anyhow, what I’m getting at with all of this that today I am guest posting over there.
And I’d really love for you to stop in and say hello.
While you are there take a look around and stay awhile.
I think you will fall in love with little miss Emily and her blog.

And hey-if you are stopping over from The Anderson Crew--
{I promise I'm not vain. I just like really, really, BIG photos}
So glad your fingers made it this way.
Can’t wait to get to know you better.

Happy Weekend Party Animals.

PS. Last night I not only {basically} started my Christmas shopping.
I finished it too.
Procrastination and Efficiency are pretty much my best friends.
A little stop at Quiznos and my man by my side is just what I needed to kick into high gear.
Christmas shopping,
You were fun while you lasted, but I am so so glad you are over.
Until next year.

PPS. Hold the phone.
I just realized after I typed the words "I finished" my shopping,
 that I have yet to buy my husband a darn thing.
This may be because of the list he has given me:
"White T-shirts, Ipad Screen Protector, and a Toothbrush"
What the ?
I would rather dig up dinosaur bones than buy those lame gifts.
My brain just got a genius idea.
I need you all to leave me a comment with one thing you are gettin' your man.
I need your gift giving expertise bad.
Mine just ain't cuttin' it.

Sucky Christmas List,
You can kiss yourself goodbye.



  1. I suck too and still have to get my husband his gift...I plan to get it this weekend though! I am getting him a new PS3 and some games :) Other gift ideas are sunglasses, a new jacket, DVD box collection of a show he loves...? Good luck!

  2. 1.) You're funny. I'm super judgmental so take that as a huge compliment.

    Just kidding.

    But foreal.

    haha.. But no, I just met you through Emily and look at chooo! I enjoy, I enjoy.
    I'm pretty sure the only thing my husband ever wants is video games, food and sex. So.. it's pretty eashy. ;)

    Once I bought a new wallet and filled it up with little gift cards for fast food for lunches so he didn't have to keep asking me for allowance.. BAhaha.. but no, he loved it, fill it with your pictures too!


  3. Visiting from Emily's page and you are just what I needed, another blog be addicted to!!

    I'm getting my BF of 6 years a pistol because men love guns! I haven't read enough of your blog yet to know where your from, but you could also get a guest certificate to a gun range. I'm from deep south Texas so guns or anything related usually works, but if all else fails Xbox or PS games are easy


  4. How about a coupong book of fun and sexy coupons?

  5. I bought my husband some standards--work gloves, pj pants, nice slippers (don't worry--they're manly), and some movies---and then last night it happened---Groupon came to save the day. Apparently the Globe Trotters will be around our way in February--and other than being an amazing dad who loves doing all things fun and exciting with our kids--he LOVES basketball! I got tickets for all of us at half price--I think he's going to be very surprised! Good luck getting something more exciting than a toothbrush! ;)

  6. My husband is a can play any instrument under the sun, and has been begging for a new guitar, so I went behind his back and am getting the exact one he wants from a church friend. He will be thrilled!

  7. Among other things, I bought him 1) a bottle of his favorite Buffalo Wild Wings sauce 2) a puzzle 3) a collection of short stories from his favorite author.

  8. I can't really help you with any gift idea, my husband and I decided to not gift exchange this year. Usually, he just wants video games anyways. I would rather buy him a toothbrush :)

    I do however, find you to be super funny. I'm sure you hear that all the time! It's for real (yep, just said that) and I will be a new follower!

  9. Well, you are like me....I havent bought anything yet for the hubby either. His Xbox broke down so we decided to get a new one with kinnect to play some games. But I feel like that's a cop out. Lol and my hubby has his bday dec 30, so it's pretty tough to shop for.

    What about a massage gift card? That's what I'll be doing for my man...work makes him too tense.

    iPhone/iPad case from etsy? I found some cool ones on there.

    Good luck!

  10. I just bought my husband a 4 hour kayak tour at the beach. He is such an outdoorsy person and I am (not) too, so I thouht he would LOVE if I got him that and went with him. :)
    Good luck!

  11. While my husband and I were in college, his mom gave away his original Atari. We found one just like it at a vintage game shop. He's been pining for it for more than a year. That's going to be his big gift this year. But I don't you well (just visiting from Emily's blog) but I always recommend tickets to go see a concert/band/game he would like. A good gift to get excited about now, and enjoy later :)

    Happy Shopping!

  12. Hi! I found you on Emily's blog and I'm so happy that I did! You are already a fast favorite with how much you have me laughing over here!! Your husband's Christmas list looks like my boyfriend's! Merry Christmas and I'm happy you're (almost) done shopping! ;)

  13. My husband gave me a list that included lots of way too expensive guitar pedals. I am giving him a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars (gray) instead :)

  14. wandering over from emily's and just wanted to say: kudos for memorizing super bass! the only line I can recite is "you know who I is...?" love the totally wrong verb usage in that song! as for as gift for the hubs, maybe just dress up as nicki and give him a private concert! ha! :)

  15. I saw the funniest tv commercial the other day for Duluth Trading Company, you should look it up on Youtube. Serious it's darn hilarious. So I bought my hubs some of their underwear that "doesn't ride up your crack" or "give you sweaty crack." Check it out.

  16. alright pretty lady. I bought the hubs a groupon getaway to a little bed & breakfast. I think he'll like it.

    I also got him a nice shirt from J Crew and some granola bars because the man loves granola bars. weird.

  17. cute hat!

    and oh man, my husband is the worst to buy for. the.worst.

    he tells me lame things or nothing at all. whatev. you're not getting anything then, mr. anderson.

  18. I got my Mister a Kindle Fire about a month ago and he is in love. He is also getting some clothes, a coat hanger for his car (lame but necessary), squishy stress balls, slippers, a dremel.

  19. i'm a new follower who popped over from Emily's blog and i just had to say hi!! :)

  20. I'm getting my hubs a tv and tv wall mount for his office and then some manly stuff...like a big lopper for outdoor work and work gloves. Nothing of which he asked for. :-)
    It's hard as you get older because we just buy whatever we want!
    I like the coupon idea....like, does your husband do something every day (or every week) that you don't like to do? Mine is walking our dog EVERY night (in the winter too)--so I think I may make him a coupon or two saying that I'll walk the dog for him one night...only redeemable when the temperature is above 50 degrees, of course!

  21. the mister is getting a new power drill, drill bits, a watch box, and a bunch of stocking stuffers from me this christmas. Oh, and he got a watch in November that he used my macy's account to buy it since I had a coupon. So he's making out like a bandit this year! but it's all fair since he bought me an Ipad last year. LOL


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