Your Not So Typical Thanksgiving Post.

Because I have really exciting plans to go out tonight and party a Thanksgiving dinner to prepare,
I am taking the next two days off.
Okay, I just realized that in fact by me sitting here writing, this constitutes as a blog post.
I always blow my theories.
Correction: I will be taking one day off.
Meaning, I will be back Friday.
As long as I don't burn our house down in the making of the Turkey.
Yes, I am cooking a Turkey.
Realistically speaking, I make no promises when I will be back.

I hope you all have a blast celebrating your countless blessings.
This year, I have much to be thankful for:

The Clearance Section At Target
Ryan Gosling taking his shirt off in Crazy, Stupid, Love
Macaroni & Cheese only being .79 cents a box
The woman at my work is who is trying to get my stain out
Wine. Lots of Wine.
Our new sectional which has now made me the most unproductive woman alive.
Sophia Grace
LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem
NOT having to hang Christmas Lights. That's what men are for.
Advil & Tampons. Enough said.
Leggings. Especially after the huge meal I am about to inhale tomorrow.
Toilet Paper. Can you imagine if we didn't have it?
Picnik's Teeth Whitening Feature.
{I wish I had those pearls}
Paid Time Off Work.
My Bed. Without it, I would be lost. And an insomniac.
Oh, and my husband, family, friends, job, health,
you readers, blah blah blah.

But mostly Ryan Gosling taking his shirt off in Crazy, Stupid, Love ;)

Happy Thanksgiving.
From us, to you.

Oh, and for the record-that is not a vein popping out of my head as it may appear,
It is my hair.
Sexy I know.

PS. I just realized next month is Christmas already. Wowza.
{I'm a little slow sometimes with seasons, cut me some slack..}
In honor of that, I'm slashing prices for Sponsorship in December.
Think of it as the start to your Black Friday shopping.
Just less hassle, no crowds, no long lines, and no getting trampled on.
In which case, you may get trampled on.



  1. Hahaha I LOVED this list... SO cute. I don't think my husband loved the fact that I drooled over Ryan throughout the entire movie... but I was oh so thankful that he took his shirt off! ;) Good luck with that turkey... I'm sticking to a casserole & apple pie! Much less work :)

  2. Ryan Reynolds YUM!!!!!!!!!!! LOL terrific movie...I never saw the twist in the ending coming!

  3. You make me smile. And I agree with pretty much everything you said (and the rest I'm simply ignorant about). Especially Ryan Gosling (why is he not on my top 5 list?). Happy holidays!

  4. Oh Lordy, that stain still makes me cry. And it had to be a white shirt you know, for more effect ;-)

    That movie was...something else. I enjoyed it, but my hubby doesn't want to buy it haha I wonder why....

    You and your hubby are so beautiful together. Do you have kids? When you do they will be gorgeous just FYI.

    Have a happy turkey day!

  5. LOL love your thankful list!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. Aaaaah Ryan Gosling...my wife said she read your blog, but for some reason couldn't mention any **** thing besides Ryan Gosling...haha! You and hubs have a good thanksgiving!

  7. i am also so very thankful for Ryan gosling taking off his shirt :)

  8. Ryan......*sigh*.........................sorry, got lost there for a sec.
    Sophia Grace and Rosie, so funny!! Loved 'em on the red carpet. Totally agree on the Advil and tampons hahahah although I never would have thought to give a thanksgiving shout out. You are so thoughtful. ; )
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

  9. SO with you on ALL of these. Especially...and most importantly...I am so so thankful for the leggings I'll be wearing tomorrow too! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  10. lol I love Sophia Grace and Rosie :)!

  11. You made me laugh out loud!!! New follower here!

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