I do not pass up a gumball machine.
 If I don't have a quarter of my own, I find a way to get one.
There is something so fascinating watching that little gumball make it's way down to my hand.
 I do not believe in Credit Card debt.
I love to spend, but I love to save even more.
 And I only like to spend what I have.
I do not take showers standing up. The only time I will stand is if I am using a shower other than my own. Any other time, I am sitting.
This has been the case for 10+ years.
Every morning I eat a banana. And I give my dog half of it.
 I pay to have my house cleaned every other week. Best money I could ever spend.
98% of the time I am in the car, I call my husband. Even if I am minutes from home.
I do not care about Designer names. I care about Clearance.
I do not cuss. And If I do, it is only to repeat what somebody else said.
Even doing that, I cringe.
 I am more of a "guy's girl" than a "girl's girl". Guys require no effort. I like no effort.
I do not get mad often, but if you want to make my face red with anger-tell me to go to college.
Or that I should have gone to college.
I will want to punch you in the face.
I study other people's blogs in detail. Their layout, their information on each and every page, their page width, how they edit their pictures, blah blah blah.
If I could spend one hour with any human,
it would be Michael Jordan.
My favorite thing to wear: a dress {presumably too short} and high heels.
I am terrible about calling people back. It is rude and I can't stand it.
However, I haven't changed it.
I think I look better with sunglasses on
 I once got my teeth whitened in the middle of a mall. It didn't work.
 I have an incredible phobia of getting my blood pressure taken.
Thinking about it makes my blood pressure rise.
Skee ball makes me light up. I could play it daily.
I will not go out in public without make-up on.
I want to be a part-time stay at home mom.
Twenty One.
I once earned a Mary Kay car. I then turned it back into the company.
Twenty Two.
 I laugh at 82% of everything I say. Make that 92%.
Twenty Three.
My pant sizes ranges from 0-7 depending on the brand.
Twenty Four.
I listen to really ghetto music on occasion. I don't know why I love it, but I do.
Probably because it makes me drop it like it's hot.
Twenty Five.
I do not have a Smart phone. I have a dumb blue boyish phone.
I find it completely unnecessary to have access to Facebook 24/7.
However, I am lusting over an Iphone.

What Twenty Five things should I know about you?
Tell me by linking up below.

PS. Come back tomorrow to hear about the 1 diet trick I swear by.



  1. Love it :) Credit card debt is the devil..Once we pay ours off, I never wanna see one again!!

  2. i ROCK at skee ball. the end... and amen :)

  3. i ALWAYS sit in the shower! my family and friends think i am weird but then one of them tried it and loved it! it is the best and so relaxing!!!

  4. SO with you on the "I don't leave home without makeup on" and "I think I look better in sunglasses" Could not agree more!!!

  5. oh my gracious, you are TOOO adorable!!

  6. I linked up! :) I loved your comment about the pant sizes ranging from zero to seven! :) So true!!!

  7. Holy cow. So many of those things describe me to a t (tea? tee? Teeeaaaa? i don't know...). Definitely love this post!!!

  8. This is one of the best, most interesting, lists I've seen in a loooong time!
    Looking forward to your diet trick!!

  9. Many points i have to agree with! For example unfortunately with the 'not returing calls' one; i am terrible with that too :(
    Fun list!

  10. love love love this, and we actually have a lot in common! especially the love of clearance sales :)

  11. well aren't you so interesting to read about huh?! I agree with the pant sizes thing. very strange. and OF COURSE I loveeee to drop it like it's HOT!! I may have to keep that on mine if I do this and link up :)

  12. Loved learning so many cool things about you! Skee ball is awesome! It's the only arcade game I like to play! Why do they make pants in such varying sizes?! It's annoying!

    I too hate credit card debt, hence why the hubs and I have consolidated and shredded all our credit cards but one - for emergencies - that we pay off each month to build good credit :)

    And yes to clearance! Amen! And I always call my husband in the car too, especially close to home. Haha!

  13. I couldn't enjoy reading someone's blog more...this just cracks me up! :)

  14. I am your newest follower! This is great! I am going to link up by the end of the day!!

    And you shower sitting down!? Do you sit on the ground or do you have a chair/stool in your shower?! I am so curious! :-)

  15. LOVE that last pic!!! HILARIOUS!!! And what's up with the Mary Kay car?!

  16. Too late for the link up but I finally finished mine! LOL! It was hard!

  17. Stopping by from Hollie Rogue.

    Love #1. :)

  18. Fun post! I found it through Pinterest. I'll be back to check out more posts! :)

  19. I love this! I shower sitting down too! I saw on a tv show someone cut someone down and say, "What do you know? You shower sitting down." I though, "ain't nothin wrong with that!" haha.

  20. just found your blog :)

    i have a blood pressure phobia too!! and then the nurses are looking at the machine all crazy-- i try to explain to them it's "white coat syndrome" and they still look at me like i'm crazy. glad i'm not alone in this!! how do we get over it?!

    lovee your blog-- bookmarked!!

  21. umm...number 11? glad i'm not the only blogging creeper :)

  22. Just found this post... I MUST know more about the Mary Kay car!! Please?!?


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