Time to get lucky.

Let's talk real quick about things I like k?
Aside from the usual chatter about wine, traveling, Keith Urban, mac & cheese...
there is something I really love.
And it involves blogging.
I love blogs that you visit their page, you get wrapped up in their words, you relate,
you cry {don't judge}, you laugh, you admire, and then you wait like a five year old on Christmas morning for them to write their next post.
Those are the kinda blogs I love.
And because I am still makin' mine be one of those...
I will introduce you to one who already has that mastered.
Her name is Ashley and she is here today from Eisy Morgan.
Please oh please go visit her.
Oh and if you do, you have a chance at winning a prize.
{I like to treat my readers like third graders}
Hi all you wonderful Living in Yellow readers!!
My name is Ashley and I write a blog called Eisy Morgan!

I am just one girl with one blog of millions, but I try to value being real and honest in a world covered with masks. We as women have many hats we wear, so I write about whatever is on my heart, both personally or creatively and share what I am learning with my readers!

I love to share things that I love from hair tutorials, cheap craft ideas, blogging tips, as well as hosting a couple link parties. One called Inspired by YOU Wednesdays where you link up your most inspiring post of the last week and another new one called Heart Therapy where I give you prompts to help us work through things that might be on our heart. We are also having an ornament exchange for Christmas, sign ups are this Friday!!

Please come over and say hi and join us for some fun and connecting with one another!

I am giving away a 300x200 ad space which includes a feature as well!
All you need to do is come over and follow me and leave a comment here letting Erin know you did!

You heard the girl.
Go click on that ever so popular Follow button-get your booty back here-
and tell me that you did.
It's kinda like a scavenger hunt..

except you don't have 1,000 things to look for.
So really it's better than a scavenger hunt.
Okay seriously, its like 9:37 pm and my brain isn't working anymore.
Hence the analogy that really made no sense at all.
Time to call it quits.
Good luck lover beans.

Come back tomorrow to learn about how I am taking steps to be the most productive little human I've ever been.
Or am planning on being.....
Ya, something like that.



  1. I just did!! :) I thought I was already following her!! She's got a great blog!! :) Thanks! - Meesh :)

  2. Love her and yes I'm a follower of her beautiful blog. xoxo

  3. I've read her blog before and absolutely love it. I'm an official follower now!


  4. I'm a follower! I currently have apple butter going in my crock pot because of her :)

  5. I am now following her blog, it's super cute btw!!! =D

  6. I am an official follower of her blog! I love it! Thanks for having her do a guest post!

  7. Loves Ashley :) And now I've found you and am following you too. Bonus, two for the price of one! :D xx

  8. I now follow Eisy Morgan, what a cute blog!!

  9. I love her blog and already follow her!!!

  10. I am now a follower!Had to pin the "YOU MATTER!" photo to Pinterest;)

  11. Your blog is already like that, Sista! I check on it constantly for new posts! :)

  12. I already follow her! Love both your blogs!

  13. I am now a follower and just signed up for the Christmas Ornament Exchange! :)

  14. I am her follower! Love Ashley! I also just learned about your blog through her! yay!

  15. Im a follower and I joined her linky party!

  16. I'm officially following Eisy Morgan!

  17. I definitely follow miss Eisy Morgan!;) love that blog!


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