So I Spill Things...A Lot {And Other Weekend Activities}

Welp, it is that time of the week again...
The inevitable day we never seem to avoid..Monday.
With it being Monday and all, I find it necessary to recap my weekend festivities.
If you find this unnecessary and unimportant to your life,
please exit this blog immediately.
Good, now that those who are important remain...lets begin :)

1. Let me share with you how my Friday evening started out:
No, I did not murder my husband.
{The thought only crossed my mind...twice. Kidding}
I spilled a full glass of sparking fall wine all over the carpet..in our master bedroom none the less.
Naturally, I ran to the kitchen to grab my camera first.
{I love my gut instincts}
Then my husband proceeded to get all huffy and puffy on me and tell me I am never drinking wine over carpet again.
We like to play pretend that I am 5 years old sometimes in this household :)
Good thing my husband is a carpet cleaning genius.
He worked his magic and all is well.
And I snuck a glass of wine with me into a different room..with carpet.

2. Speaking of spilling, I started drinking Sparkling Water this week.
I thought it made me look cool, I am not gonna lie.
And because I will do anything to look cool, I bought one of those fancy Pellegrino bottles to look like a local celebrity.
Well after realizing paying $1.50 for a bottle water is a little pricey,
 I downgraded to a supermarket brand plastic two liter bottle.
89 cents baby.
Except little did I know that Sparkling Water means carbonated water, which means it will explode when you open it depending on how well you handled the bottle prior to popping the top.
{Again, reached for the camera before the towel...}
Needless to say I am completely over drinking Sparkling Water.
I would rather keep my computer in working order, thank you.

3. In between my spills I started reading a new book.
Get it while it's hot..
It is a freakin' riot.
And I don't even say riot.
She cracks my bones up somethin' fierce.

4. I got to see two of the cutest little nuggets this weekend
{and no, they aren't from Chick-fil-a}
Check out my nephew & niece y'all.
{No, I did not just have my wisdom teeth pulled out..I would like to say I have candy stuck in both cheeks, but I don't. I've just blown up apparently.}
And....I'm love struck.
{I may or may not have told my nephew he would get candy for posing for these pictures...
To his parents: My dearest apologies. Look how good he did though ;)...}

5. I listed our basement furniture for sale on Facebook yesterday...
and it sold yesterday.
Bada Bing Bada Boom
Finally, Facebook has done something good for my life.
I will refrain from saying that my husband told me not to list it on Facebook because it wouldn't sell.
That would be like rubbing it in his face that I was right.
And I would never do that....
Once we pick out our giant cozy sectional, you are all invited over to break it in.

6. Last but not least, I am obsessed with this song at the moment.
And because I think you should be too--here you go.
I love it so much I was belting it throughout the grocery store yesterday.
I also got scolded for that.
{I would be so much cooler if I didn't have a sidekick sometimes...}
Love you baby ;)

PS. I spotted this in Lowes yesterday
{I say spotted like it isn't 12 Feet tall..}
If you or anybody you know purchases this, please tell me.
I just want to know if there really are people that crazy out there who exist.

Go have yourselves a Happy Monday mmmmk?
Peace out youngin's.



  1. My husband thinks I am his second child too. It might have something to do with the fact that I whine and make him fix all of the 'problems' around the house when he is home. Oh well.

  2. I may or may not have knocked over a whole quart of maple stain on our carpet a couple of months ago. My Husband is also a carpet cleaning genius...and I also got a good talking to for that one. ;)

  3. Oh & Adele is absolutely AMAZING! Love her!

  4. Girl! I drink sparkling water on the daily! I get the Clear American brand from Walmart for a sweet low price of .69 cents! Lovess it!!

  5. Ive missed your blog!! :) I cant believe that huge blow up santa haha ... BUY IT!! haha j/k!! :)

  6. Seeing your meijer sparkling water mess brings back memories... everytime I buy that stuff it seems to explode EVERYWHERE. My roommate is never amused. xo

  7. I really wanna see that Santa on someones front lawn. Hilarious

  8. hahah that is the biggest freakin' santa ever, I think! There is house around the corner from us that had about 6 giant blow up thingys for Halloween. I wouldn't be surprised if this on their lawn for Christmas. I'll keep ya posted.

    I also love that song by Adele. I video-ed 2 of my kids singing it this weekend. Will be posting tomorrow.
    Kinda home movie-ish of me but like you said, if people don't wanna watch, exit said blog. ; )
    Oh and this is the longest comment ever but I love Ellen! I'm hoping for this book for christmas!

  9. I would like for these beautiful pictures of those great looking kids sent to my email. I know you took about a million! Thanks for hanging out see you soon...


  10. That's so funny, see we actually have a five year old in our house....and she is also a spiller. Adele is on constant play in my car. I'm her Mom and all, but Boomer can really belt out Someone Like You. :) Happy Monday!

  11. I am very glad to hear that I am not the only "other" child in the house haha

    My poor hubs, he just assumes at this point I will spill, break, stain, ruin, chip or just plain mess up everything! There are unspoken rules in our house: never allow me to touch any electronics, insure Meesh's cell phone and never buy anything you will be too upset over getting ruined!! :)

    Happy Monday!! -Meesh :)

  12. I drink sparking water too :) it always explodes on me though..never fails. I will come watch movies on that sectional. I adore the wrap bracelet you posted below..vedy vedy cute!

  13. I am constantly spilling stuff. Usually on myself. Awesome.

    I drink sparkling water all the time. White grape is where it is at!


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