The Purse That Showed Up On My Doorstep

I've gotta tell you friends--
Blogging has it's perks.
Perks that I never knew existed.
As you may or may not know, I started this blog back in February as an "escape" for my mind.
I needed something to keep me busy--
Something that I would enjoy doing.
How I decided that writing a blog was the answer, I have no clue.
The only thing I've ever written was emails.
Really stupid emails at that.
Anyhow, my intentions when starting this blog was to tell NOBODY about it.
The thought of other's knowing I was doing this whole blogging business made me cringe.
So I wrote...
and kept it a secret.
For a couple of days.
You see, I am the world's worst secret keeper.
So I accidentally blurted out to my family "I started a blog..!"
and then I accidentally posted it all over Facebook.
{FYI--If you want to keep something kept a secret, don't talk about it on Facebook}
And then my sister told me she could see me being the next "Pioneer Woman"
At which point, I realized my sister is the most naive person I've ever came in contact with.
Anyhow, I am SO beyond glad that I decided to leak this secret.
Because not only have I met some incredible people--
I've found something I'm passionate about.
Writing complete nonsense.

It also turns out, that Blogging can result in getting free items from companies.
Not just any item though...
{If that didn't just convince you to start Blogging, I don't know what will..}
Anyhow, you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted by
to choose a bag and "model" it for them.
Too bad they didn't realize I am no model, nor do I know how to act like one.
Anyhow--their website blew me out of the freakin' water.
I drooled.
And then showed my husband a million and two purses.
And then drooled again.
What I'm getting at is you MUST pay them a visit.
Let's have a little look at what I chose shall we?
{I'm not sure if I adore the outside or inside more...}

I have gotten so many compliments on this bad boy already.
Want one for yourself?

Here a few of my other favorites:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Don't forget to use the code: FALL11 to get 15% off

Moral of the story:
I Love Blogging.
Purses Or No Purses.
Preferrably with Purses.

Thank you Handbag Heaven for my beautiful little big bag.
I couldn't love it more.

...Now go get yourself one.
You totally deserve it.
I said so :)



  1. That bag is a-dorable! Love it! Seriously, I'm going to check out that site right now. Christmas ideas? I think yes. :)

  2. That purse is so cute. I think I'm a weirdo though because I was mentally stuffing it while looking at the pictures. Guess I'll have to hop on over and check out the site :)

  3. I LOVEEEEEEEEE that bag! Gorgeous! And big enough to fit all that really important stuff I need to haul with my everywhere :)

  4. That is a GORgeous bag! I love bags, honestly, I could buy one a day. And I like 'em big cuz I carry around a lotta junk. So cute!

  5. eeeek i have to have this. i've been looking for a nice purse to carry to work more as a satchel for my erin condren planner, work files, etc.. this would be perfect - better than plain black!

    you made a great model. so far you have sold one item for them!

  6. You're killin' me here! LOVVVVE your new purse! And every single other one on their site. Great. Thank goodness Christmas is right around the corner! :)

  7. oh my word, i loove this bag! i checked out the site and your right, it is so hard to choose just one!! I also started out with my blogging as a secret but now i love it!

  8. I am now totally lusting over that bag. It is FAB! Its going on my wish list! Or, I'll buy it for myself, whatev!

    Your modeling pictures are great :)

  9. Good choice! You look AMAZING too! Congrats :) Blogging is the best! Too bad I'm a poor college student or I'd totally invest in one of those purses... saving my pennies haha

  10. Love your choice. And your modeling of it. And I'm happy you started blogging too, since you make me laugh every day.

  11. I'm so excited you started blogging too! I love your pick in the purse...so cute.

  12. I was the same when I started - a few weeks ago. Then my fiancé blurted it on Facebook. So the secret was no longer secret. oh well. I'm loving it!

    AND that bag - ah-mazing! Christmas idea...hmmm?

    Lovin' your blog,

    Your newest follower :)

  13. I went straight to their website. I have already found a bag that I LOVE! Thanks for directing us to their site.

  14. Ahhhh I so want that purse!! Maybe a christmas present for myself ;) It looks great with your mustard yellow heels!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  15. Just put it on my Christmas list!!!
    Do you know how long the code FALL11 works for??


  16. Lucky you! I want free stuff to pose with :) Super cute!

  17. This is so cute! I totally did the whole "I'm not telling anyone about my blog" thing for MONTHS! And then I couldn't take it anymore and I, too, posted on Facebook (accidentally, of course). I'm not the best secret keeper (when it's not a serious secret, at least!)

  18. That bag makes my life a little happier. I need to get one!



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