Oh hey, it's {the middle of} November already!

This is my "Oops, I failed to realize it is November already" post.
Sometimes months change and I don't realize it until it has passed.
My bad.
So let's all play pretend for a minute that it is November 1st and I am introducing you to all of the new November sponsors around this place.
Playing pretend is cool.
Especially when you are 4 years old.
Gosh, I miss those days...
Take a minute and go meet some of these lovelies.
They really are fascinating.
And worthy of a visit.
You will get to know all of them in more detail later on, but today we will start with the basics:

....Now that you have 100 new blogs to read, don't forget to come back here once & awhile.
Stay tuned for some great guest posts and giveaways.
You won't want to miss it.

PS. Speaking of giveaways, tomorrow three giveaway winners will be announced.
Put two and two together and you will realize that means today is the last day to enter all three.
Start here
then go here
Happy Winning.

.....Oh and hey, if you want to see a picture of me in our new Snuggie, I would come back tomorrow.
It is bound to be cute.


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  1. Awwww...thanks for including me! (especially since i kinda got in there for free and all....!)

    Can't wait to see the snuggie!!
    Oh! I put your new button on my blog last week...it's not working...could be me, I'll double-check. Just thought I'd run that by you...
    Have a great week!


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