Major Dilemma{s} & Capturing Joy

It is so true.
I've got some major dilemmas goin' on right now.
First one being is that I had no idea how to properly spell "Dilemma" and darn spell checker doesn't work on the title to these posts.
Why does Blogger assume that I am going to know how to spell what I am titling my posts?
Anyhow--aside from that, my husband thinks it is "cool" to have the house at sub zero temps.
{Pun intended}
And who the heck can sit and write while their nose is dripping snot, hands are shaking, and my ears are developing a nice layer of frost bite?
Oh and the third thing going against me is that it is 8:00 pm and pitch black outside.
I don't care what time it is, pitch black means I should be sleeping.
Not writing.
Oh and one last thing, I totally just walked in front of the window with no pants on.
Meaning there is a good chance my old neighbors just saw my booty.
I always forget that when it is dark outside, and there are lights on inside our house, others can see it.
I would say someday I will catch on, but that would be a lie.
I've been naive about this fact since I was little.
How much do you want to bet when I am 80 all my neighbors will suddenly move away?

Anyhow have no fear friends--I am beating all odds and whipping this here post out.
I say "this here" post like I am Amish.
I get down like that sometimes.
I just realized some of you may not even realize what an Amish person is.
Now you know.
They surround me.
I would say it's awesome, but it really kinda stinks.
Literally, horse manure smells somethin' fierce.
And not in a good fierce kinda way.

So that really had nothing to do with the point of this post, but that's cool.
I don't really like things to make sense around here.
Now seems to be a fitting time to jump into Capturing Joy wouldn't ya say?
My favorite people ever. Yes, I just called my dog a person.
And yes, I dressed her up as a bumblebee for Halloween. 
I think leafs with raindrops are pretty.
I think it is time I share some make-up tutorials. I'm clearly a pro.
What-You've never worn lipstick on your eyelids??
{Yes, this is hanging on our refrigerator for some strange reason...}
The beginnings of the best lasagna ever that I made this week.
Delicious is an understatement.
And the beginnings to the gallons of homemade applesauce that was made last week.
I've really stepped it up a notch in the Martha Stewart category.
Please, hold your applause.
Oh, and this little diddy? Two cookies with homemade peanut butter frosting in the middle.
Why nobody has told me of this trick before is beyond me.
Try it pronto.
Peanut butter never disappoints...

And there you have it.
Funny how my joy always ends with food.
So let's see what makes your clock tick.
Or as I prefer to say, what tickles your fancy.
Link up your pictures below.
Use this little picture on your blog if your heart desires.
And if it doesn't desire, then don't link up.

Oh and hey, come back tomorrow for a pretty sweet giveaway.
I've been wearing it all day...and I am officially in love.
Are you squirming yet?
Well squirm your way back tomorrow to find out what it is.

Peace out youngins.



  1. You should really put up that lasagna recipe...just sayin'! And, I refer to my dogs as people too, I also talk to them as if they're people...no shame in it. haha ;)

  2. My dog is definitely a person. He is currently sleeping under a blanket, on the sofa.
    I always walk in front of our windows without pants. I think in my head that no one can see in at all, ever. Oops.

  3. My dog is family, don't care what others think. So if your doggie is a person, so be it. I just found your blog and really, I don't remember how I came across it, but I'm glad I did. I'm diggin this post. So true about spell check. Thank you for hosting! Have a fab weekend!

  4. Great photo's. It looks like you have been a busy girl & i'm pretty sure I just gained 10 pounds looking at all that yummy food. Happy Friday!

  5. My hubby will not let the house warmer than 65*. I freeze all night; might as well sleep outside with the dog. I don't like paying the propane bill either, but that is like cruel punishment! And I live in WI, Sunday Daylight Saving Time ends = pitch black at 5:00 PM. Super sucky! I feel your pains.

  6. Your baby girl dressed as a bumblebee is TOO cute!! Oh & that makeup tutorial... I died laughing! I look forward to your posts because I always have a good laugh at something that you say, or post, so thank you. Happy Friday!! =)

    P.S. - Can't wait for the giveaway!

  7. You take such great pictures! Good job chica. And I'm glad your makeup skills have improved dramatically...just sayin.

  8. I love your puppy! So cute! I also love your Notre Dame rock. I think we need one of those bad boys!
    Your leaf photo is amazing... great job! I've missed linking up with you but things are starting to simmer down and I finally have time to pick up my camera! Hope all is well.
    Have a great weekend!

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