Livin' It Up Like Whoa

I have a confession to make.
When my life gets busy, blogging is put on the side burner.
Or sidelines.
Side burner sounds old school. And scary. Burning is never a good thing.
Especially when it involves your dog's tail.
Do you ever think of a funny story that happened awhile ago and you laugh out out?
Consider myself laughing out loud.
Poor dog.
Anyhow, when I happen to not get home until after 9 pm four nights in a row, my inspiration is dead.
As in tired.
Because 9 pm is way past my bedtime.
You think I am joking.
So when I am tired, blogging feels like a chore.
And I hate chores.
So typically, I don’t do them.
Hence yesterday’s post.
Nor do I answer emails.
Or for crying out loud, introduce this month’s batch of new sponsors.
Sponsors, your time is coming.
Just tell my life to stop being so busy.
But because I am booked solid again through the weekend, I am ready to get this post over with.
So today, I leave you with pictures to recap my week.
Joyful pictures if you will.
Well that’s convenient, today happens to be "Capturing Joy" day.
I couldn't have planned that better if I tried.
Let’s see what has been making me smile recently—
{there may be more than just a few..}
Some of my favorite pictures are taken while driving...
 Adult feet...
 And little kiddos feet..
 Monday night consisted of a party thrown by my sister and I.
And by that I mean my sister did all of the work--I showed up.
But look at that charming little hot cocoa bar. Isn't she cute?
 Speaking of cute-this munchkin popped more marshmallows than what would be considered legal.
Watch out mom.
Oh just my niece..."floating in mid-air"
{please tell me you know that one infomercial that says that..} 
Andrea {The Hollie Rogue}, my sister, and cousin Emily =)
Martini Club. Picture taken after I walked into the Male Restroom. Minor mishap.
Snow makes my heart melt.
Unfortunately it freezes my feet.
This would be me teaching my dog how to back her "thang" up.
We might've been dancing to Juvenile.

K, your turn.
The rules are simple.
Link up, display your pretty pictures, and display this picture on your blog.
Fun stuff right?

PS. If I said I am not going to Ikea this weekend, that would be a lie.
I am totally going.
And I am totally planning on walking out of that store with way more than I can carry.
Excited would be an understatement.
My home is about to be beautiful.
Look out.

PSS. This post was orchestrated by none other than Ja Rule.
Please tell you used to be are obsessed.




  1. I am going to IKEA too!! Can't wait to pick up some goodies.
    And I love Ja Rule...probably too much.

  2. Gorgeous pics! I am the same way, I get busy, tired and that equals no blogging or visiting other blogs. I feel bad but sometimes you just need a break. : )

    Have a fantabulously wonderful weekend!

  3. Great pictures! =D Thanks for having this link up each Friday! Have a wonderful weekend! =D

  4. I love snow too. I just despise driving in it.
    I am dying to go to Ikea. One day I'll make the 3+ hour trip and see the awesomeness in person.
    Have fun!

  5. a hot cocoa bar sounds amazing! great pics :)


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