La Vie Petite, Yo.

Remember yesterday how I promised I would share with you all my stellar car stories today?
Scratch that.
You see, yesterday was an exhausting day full of something very exhausting.
In Chicago none the less.
This was the view on our way there--
and our view on the way home--
You could say we got a little bit of snow over the course of a day.
Only like 8 inches, but who's counting?
{Now would be an appropriate time to mention how much I love "That's what she said" jokes}
Anyhow--because I don't have the energy to sit here and type,
I thought I would redirect you here.
Only over to one of the coolest blogs ever.
Like seriously.
And guess what?
Yours truly happens to be talking over there today.
Meaning now you really have to click here.

If you are reading this still, it means you haven't followed my directions.
Thankfully, I am giving you one last chance to redeem yourself.

...I promise, I will return tomorrow with my car stories,
perhaps a picture of me in a snuggie, and other equally exciting things.
It's bound to be good.

Happy Wednesday Lovers.

Oh real quick--if you are here from Cori's blog, thank you for stopping by :)
I knew you were awesome even before you stepped foot on my blog.
Or before your fingers clicked on my link, whatevs.
I hope you stay around, I would love to get to you know better!



  1. You are so dam funny! Loved your guest post xoxo

  2. I totally almost spit my coffee out at the whole 'that's what she said remark' LOL!

  3. I definitely read your post over there a while ago - you had me laughing my butt off!

  4. Coming over from cori's blog. Thanks for a good laugh...always helpful in getting over the wednesday hump!

  5. I'm def. jealous of the snow! We are dying to go skiing and the temp hasn't left the 50's... which is seasonably warm for this neck of the woods.

  6. Hi-here from La Vie Petite! Loved your guest post and just had to stop by and look around!

  7. Love your blog, just clicked over from La Vie Petit! You cracked me up, and I really want to learn more about your puppy. I'm thinking about getting one, what kind of dog is she?

    By the way, you are adorable and I'll be back soon!

  8. I like her blog too! She is so freakin' talented. I wish I had a fraction of it. ; )
    You are funny. I've said it before.
    ; )

  9. I just want to tell you I found your blog this week and love it! Love your sense of humor!! :)

  10. I just started reading La Vie Petite and am now adding your blog to my reader as well! What a great guest post! Off now to check out more of your blog :)

  11. so awesome! congrats--she's such a cutie and you were hilar!

  12. stopping by from cori's blog. loved your post!

  13. Loved your guest post on La Vie Petite. I just read some of your previous posts and couldn't breath because I was laughing so hard over "how to dominate Thanksgiving" and the bubble bath misadventure. Life is full of surprises, isn't it? You have yourself a new follower :) if you find the time/would like to, you can check out my blog:


  14. you're funny. :) love the first photo, what a view. :)

    Anyways, I'm a new follower! Maybe you could visit my blog, and follow too? I'd highly appreciate it! Thanks very much! <3


  15. LOL!! loving this post..."citizen of the year" had my dying!



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