I Would Rather Be Cleaning...

Pathetic, but true.
I am having the hardest time sitting here trying to write this post when I know my home is in shambles.
Clothes are thrown all over the bed, our counter has endless papers on it that need thrown away,
and if you even could see the poor hamper.
It is being swallowed by towels that need washed.
I'm kinda a freak when it comes to this stuff.
Or maybe I just don't feel like writing because it is 8 am and I have had zero caffeine.
Regardless, I'm just not feelin' it at the present time.
One would think that maybe I should wait til' my house is clean--
til later in the day when I am jacked up on caffeine
{Side note: Starbucks is having 2 for 1 Holiday drinks from 2-5}
to write this post.
But nah, I'll sit here and struggle my way through it.
I've got shopping to get to and Lord knows I don't want to have tear myself away from a store so I can come home to write a blog post.
So this is the best it's gonna get people.
Thankfully, it's Capturing Joy day, meaning I don't have to talk.
I'll allow the pictures to do it for me.
Let's begin.
You know I love flowers. Especially pretty kitchen flowers.
Nothing sweeter than a little girl between her Uncle and Grandpa.
Scenes from craft night. More pictures to come.
Oh, and no the Graduates were not a part of the craft.
They just kept little babies quiet so we could get done what we needed to get done.
"Well hello cinnamon roll, why yes I will devour you this morning..."
I die.
Just look at that face...
I've never seen a little girl love her "Uncy" so much.

Well yo, that's a wrap.
I'm off now to get this house in tip top shape.
And drink my life away.
In coffee.
Calm down.
Oh, and shop.
It's my last day off from work for the year--gotta live it up.

Hope your day is equally as fabulous.

Oh and hey--link up if you've got pictures on your blog today.
Feel free to use this little ditty on your blog if you so desire.

PS. I am thinking of discontinuing this whole "Capturing Joy" thing.
It was fun while it lasted, but I'm bored of it now.
Maybe because I know no matter what, I'm always going to be posting pictures all over this
hot bloggity blog.
I have a different idea for a link up party.
One that is much more exciting in my book.
Details to come.

Peace Out Pretty Kitties.



  1. Love the photo's! Awe, i'm going to miss this linky but I can't wait to see what your other Idea is. =D

  2. I get the same way when my house is messy. I dream of having a "staycation" where my husband and baby leave for the weekend and I get to tackle all the projects and deep cleaning I am always meaning to get to!

    Also, I am definitely heading over to Starbucks later to get some 2 for 1 drinks!

  3. yum panera bread! love their mac and cheese! I have never had a cinnamon roll from there but it looks delicious!

  4. ooh i love Panera..i could leave on it!


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