Couches and I get along Well. Real Well.

Before this post begins, I owe you an apology.
I know yesterday I promised that you would see me in our brand new Snuggie today--
but I lied.
It turns out yesterday I failed to style my hair or put an ounce of make-up on.
And if you think for a second that I would post a picture of me in a Snuggie with no make-up on,
you gotta be crazy.
Girls gotta be lookin' good in that Snuggie.
So--that will come another day.
Perhaps tomorrow.
So anyhow, I hope you keep reading because I have a lot to share with you today.
All very profound and life altering of course.
Just keep reading...you'll get there eventually.
Let's break this down.

1. So as I said Friday--this weekend entailed a day trip to:
My sister and I did a great job of filling our carts to our heart desires spending limits.
Somewhere in that clutter is this cute little tray I purchased.
Bada bing bada boom.
These two I did not purchase, they just came for free with the trip
{my momma and sista}
After Ikea we did a little more shopping, please meet my dinner partner:
Isn't she cute?
Even cuter is the dinner that I devoured.
Get in my belly.
Oh wait, you did get in there.

Anyhow, it was a lot of fun.
So much fun that I am trying to ask nicely beg my husband to take me back next weekend.

2. Second item up for bid, our new sectional arrived this weekend.
Only two things that have been spilled on it in the first 24 hours of ownership.
Gatorade and Coffee.
On the bright side, I am only responsible for one of those mishaps.
Thank goodness because if BOTH were my fault, I might not be married anymore.
So back to the whole reason why I didn't put on any make-up yesterday:
I had major plans to spend all day laying on this sucker.
Maggie had the same idea:
I have a very similar picture of my husband doing the same thing.
Except he informed me I am not allowed to share it on this blog.
He can be a real nut ball.
I mean, who doesn't love pictures of themselves sleeping?

3. Speaking of Maggie, yesterday I made one of my favorite snacks.
Whole wheat spaghetti, soy sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese.
Yes, I am aware that this is probably a meal for most of you.
I eat a lot, get over it.
Anyhow--I told Shawn to take a picture of how Maggie was admiring my spaghetti.
Please notice what happened just as the picture was taken:
She took the admiration to a whole new level.
Umm, yes that would be her tongue touching my pasta.
Needless to say, I didn't get to enjoy much of my "snack".

4. If you like Taylor Swift's "Sparks Fly" song...you will love this.
When I say I haven't stopped playing it, I mean I haven't stopped playing it.
I am obsessed in a really obsessive way.
Julia and Tyler--download it instantly.
And to clarify, no I was not talking to Julia and Tyler telling them to download it.
The names of the singers are Julia and Tyler.
Got it?

5. So the other week, Katie had to go and post all over her blog how La Mer wrap watches were on sale.
I act like I am complaining but really it was perfect timing because within the last month I started a secret love affair with La Mer.
Shhhhh....don't tell.
Anyhow, I did what any smart woman would do, I purchased one.
I am smitten:
It is so comfortable, I don't want to take it off.
Not kidding.
Hence wearing it with a sweatshirt and no bra.

6. Do you know how glorious it is to not wear a bra?

....So that is that.
Now if you will please excuse me, I have a couch that is calling my name.
5 hours straight on that baby is not nearly enough.

Happy Monday Lovers.

...On shoot, I just remembered I am supposed to announce three winners today.
Let's do this.

Look at you go hot rods.
Congratulations Heather, Sarah, and Miranda
We will be in touch =)



  1. Hahaha, I love that picture of Maggie and the spaghetti. One time, I made a pot of macaroni and cheese, left it on the stove for a minute to go answer my phone that was ringing in the bedroom, and then when I came back out, my cat had his two front paws and his face in the pan, and was devouring my mac and cheese. Needless to say, I did not get to eat any of the deliciousness. Gotta love pets.
    And... IKEA is God's gift to the shopping world. Seriously - I could spend a year in that store and still not get everything that I want!

  2. I see an IKEA maskros lamp in there! did you get it?!?!

    I'm so glad you ordered a watch. it looks adorable on you! I ordered one too that was originally sold out but I put myself on the wait list. Saturday I got notification it was available and snatched it up {it's black and rose gold}

    PS-That pic of your dog with the pasta is TOO MUCH. Love it

  3. I must say your weekend looked pretty great!! I have never been to an ikea sadly. :-(
    Also that video is amazing! I loved it more than the original. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am obsessed with La Mer watches!

  5. Found your site for the first time today and thought it was great! Looks like the dog enjoys the pasta just as much as you do!! I'm following your site now, and look forward to coming back to read more.

  6. Your weekend looked pretty amazing! I love Ikea, and puppies eating pasta! And the watch is fantastic, I must look into them, I need one!

  7. I dream of the day I can go to IKEA....and the spaghetti picture is just too cute :)

  8. I've always wanted to visit that store! SO jealous! ;) Your puppy is the cutest!!

  9. 1. YAY for winning!
    2. I went to IKEA this weekend too...so many goodies
    3. That picture of Maggie is too funny. Thats a framer.


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