Big Timin' It.

So guess who is featured on this girls blog today?
{The Beautiful and Inspiring Casey Wiegand}
That would be moi:

Let’s breakdown the meaning of “Featured” in Blogger terms.
Featured translates to: I paid money to be included in her post today.
Paying money in hopes that others will find my blog, click on the link, read what I have to say,
and then not be scared to come back to read again.
So please, I beg ask—go check out me {and lots of amazing others} over there.
Don’t make me think it was a foolish decision to shell out a chunk of change that could’ve been spent on my second La Mer watch, ya heard?
Oh and PS. If you are visiting from Casey’s blog—welcome.
Thank you so much for stopping over.
You have no idea what you just got yourself into ;)

In other news, tonight I am attending “Craft Night” at one of my friends homes where we they are attempting to make these:

I emailed my friend and asked if I could bring the necessities-food and wine, and then watch from the sidelines as they work their craftiness magic.
She emailed back saying “My daughter could make this craft it is so easy”
Even better.
Now I get to eat, drink, and watch a 3 yr old make my wreath for me.



  1. That wreath is awesome, I'm supposed to think up a craft for my ladies night craft, and it's supposed to be quick and painless, I think I found my idea! Thanks for posting it Erin!!

    Also, good luck making it tonight, I totally wanna see your final product. :)

  2. OH EM GEE! I absolutely love this wreath and pinned it on Pinterest months ago to make before Christmas! I had totally forgot about my plans to craft it up! Thank you for the reminder. I can't wait to see how yours turns out. Have a great girls night! XO Magan

  3. I'm going to MAKE you make that wreath! And you better love it.

  4. Can you post on how exactly I can make that wreath? I love it and if a 3 yr old can do it then I'm set!
    Stopping by via Casey Wiegand!

  5. Ok I see the link now... My 18 month old is sitting in my lap and trying to type you a message so I missed it... My bad... Nevermind...
    Maybe I need to sit back and have that drink... lol

  6. The wreath is so cute. I'll bet it gets easier to construct after a few glasses of wine :)

  7. I love you Erin!!! I'm on vacation right now but reading your blog!!!! Now that's true loyalty and a true fan!!! Haha!!!! I love Casey too and I won a 100 value ad space on her blog for December!!!!! Yep....I'm a wee bit excited!!!!

  8. hahhahaah....laughing my buns off! From the 'food and wine' part to 'winning'. HiLARious! Saw you on Casey's blog. Yay!


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