Bath's Give Me Bruises

So last evening I had some master plan of writing an awesome blog post for today.
Until this girl had to go blab all over Facebook about how a bubble bath was in her evening plans.
And then my brain, heart, and soul started thinking
 "Man, I'd really like to take a bubble bath"
So then the blog tried to argue back in my brain and say
"No, I need something good for tomorrow"
Guess who won.
Every. Single. Time.
Sorry Blog.
If you only knew how glorious those bubble baths are were.
Yes, were.
You see--I was making my way out of that bath in a near coma state from being so relaxed when all of a sudden BAM.
Actually it was more like BAM.
I hit the deck/Bit The Dust/Whatever you wanna call it.
After quivering my lip for a few seconds at my husband, I did what I knew best.
Reached for the camera that happened to be sitting on the bath counter.
And took a picture of him helping me up in action.
Not pictured: My husband doubled over in laughter saying
"Oh my gosh I am going to puke..this is the hardest I've ever laughed..."
Also not pictured: His black eye and missing teeth that his fallen wife gave him.
I kid I kid.
But now I have bruises on my legs, side, arms, and hand.
It's hot.
Speaking of hot, I just looked down at my hand it is the palest it's ever been I'm pretty sure.
Gosh, I love Winter.

Anyhow--sorry, but no awesome blog post today.
Come back tomorrow though to hear about how I hit a car, exited out of a parking lot {not using the exit}, and got a parking ticket.
 All in the same night.
Oh, and not in a car I own.
True story.

PS. Tonight is the Victorias Secret Fashion Show.
It may be my most favorite night of the entire year.
Betcha anything come 10 pm, this household will be blastin' the hottest jams ever, accompanied by a girl struttin' around in a bikini and the highest heels possible.
Another true story.
Never stop dreamin' kids.

....I should probably reconsider the highest heels possible thing.



  1. Hehehehe.....you poor thing!! I know its not even funny, but geeze, you are having the worst luck!!!
    Yea, rethink the heels....we want to keep you low to the ground, well at least until your "crappy luck phase" passes.....try to have a good day and STAY SAFE:)

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  2. Hahahaha... Love this. You wanted an awesome blog post? Success.

  3. Half of American girls will start their holiday diet after watching VS fashion show...Oh if only they knew seriously the amount of work and things those models go through!

  4. I've never commented on my own blog before but I do want to get this out there now that you brought up a fabulous point. In regards to the VS Fashion show, I do believe that the girls are very skinny-unhealthy skinny at that. I enjoy the Fashion show because of the energy it has. It is fun, upbeat, and makes me bounce around. I do however know the effect that these tiny girls can have on us females which is unfortunate. Thank you for pointing that out CMae :)

  5. Better not wear heels! Hello from Rome!

  6. you poor thing!!! so sorry to hear that you hurt yourself :(

  7. Lol. Oh my gosh you poor thing! I hope you stop being hurt soon!!! *Hugs*

  8. I'm so sorry for giving you an idea that caused you pain!!!!!

  9. haha oh my gosh this is funny! but is you think about it, even though your bath time trumped an awesome blog post...you still ended up with an awesome blog post! hope those bruises heal soon!

  10. Bath tubs are so a love hate relationship!
    I've never seen the vs shows. Im afraid of my hubby wanting my boobs to be there size! Lol
    Oh I can't wait to read about your car luck...I'll make some popcorn then to enjoy it even more :-)

  11. I can't wait to watch the fashion show too!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it. Last year they played OSU's theme song and I about died.

    BATHS rule.

    the end :)

  12. OH no! So much for being all relaxed after the bath. Crappy. Glad you weren't too badly injured.
    I'm watching the VS Fashion show right now!!!
    I LOVE it too!

  13. I ran {really, I did!} over to your bloggy after reading your guest posty on Cori's blog...
    you are my kind a girl! so now I am your faithful lover {follower}...
    So I'm saying Hello...Where's my "what's up"?


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