Awkward & Awesome {It's about time...}

Is it pathetic or just really pathetic that I almost forget how to write an Awkward & Awesome post?
To make myself not feel so bad, I will just stick with the first option.
Please excuse me as I have been slacking big time when it comes to my usual Thursday musings.
Today though I am regaining my title as the A&A Princess {pretty sure this girl is the Queen}
Where is my Burger King crown when I need it?
Enough small talk, let’s get crackin’.

1. I was conversing with another co-worker of mine about one of the most important topics you could talk about at work--food. We got on the subject of soup and she recommends some certain brand saying
"Oh it is the best because it is so chunky!!"
If you think you are going to win me over on a food because of it's "chunkiness" level, we have a problem.
I may or may not have threw up in my mouth at that moment.

2. Remember here when I was poppin' corks like it was my job?
So naturally, I pop the cork out our patio door to watch it fly into the grass.
Turns out a DirectTV guy was at the neighbors, on a ladder none the less.
Thankfully, nobody was killed in the popping of the cork.
If only I could've videotaped the poop that must've come out of his pants when he heard that explosion.
That or the look on his face when he saw me run in the yard in my slippers and apron to pick up the cork.

3. I was grocery shopping the other day and I stopped to purchase some flowers.
As the flower lady was wrapping up my pretty little stems, a woman walks up to my cart and walks off with it {thinking it was hers}.
Just fyi here-chasing after somebody in a grocery store yelling "That's my cart!!" is a little uncomfortable.

4. I was conversing with a Subway employee the other day and she says "Happy Halloween"
I say "Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that it is today!!" then I say "I guess at our age you kinda forget about those things" Totally normal comment except she was 70.
I now categorize myself with people 45 years older than I.

5. Minutes before that Subway incident, I stopped at the Post Office to mail out 5 boxes of cookies.
After realizing that sending cookies internationally is more expensive than buying new furniture, I decided I would keep the cookies. Until the man says "I'll have the cookies--I love cookies!"
Being the sweetheart I am, I gave him the cookies.
And then proceeded to write down for him my blog URL.
I left feeling like a complete idiot for just giving a 40+ yr old male cookies and my blog address.
Sir, if you are reading--I apologize you have suffered through my non-sense.
Hope you liked the cookies at least.


1. If you were not already aware, I dropped the .blogspot like a bad habit.
This blog is officially http://www.livinginyellow.com/
Hello legit website, you feel so good.
Soo--if you have a button on your blog of mine, please change the web address to the above.
Oh what's that you say? You don't have it on your blog?

Really, you shouldn't have...

2. I have a new best friend.
His name is Trevor and he is a 3rd grade boy.
Turns out I am mentoring that little pistol now--
and by mentoring I mean getting pelted with dodge balls by that nugget.
I kinda love him already and I just met him yesterday.
Except if he keeps up the whole "I'm better at you at dodge ball" act...
Then it might be another story.

3. Halloween.
{Yes I am that creepy candy giver outer who takes pictures of strangers children}
....and then blogs about it.

4. So I learned how to put a twist in my hair.
Turns out all you have to do is like turn your hair 3 times and stick a bobby pin in it.
Talent kids, pure talent.

5. The Target dollar spot.
It seriously makes me pee my pants in excitement.
Not kidding-the last time I was in there, I sneezed and I had to beeline it for the bathroom.
It's amazing what kind of quality items you can pick up for a buck.
Animal crackers, popcorn bowls, and baby socks.

I need these. Like bad. Need Need Need. Bad Bad Bad.
Okay yeah, you get the point.
First person to tell me where I can buy them gets a prize.
Except if you live internationally, then you get no prize.
Sorry foreigners. I love you, I do.
You're just expensive to be friends with.

...Okay kids. I am ready to be done writing.
Awkward & Awesome, it feels good to have you back.
Now if you will please excuse me...I've got a man to tend to.
{For the record my husband just read this and said "What man?!??!}
I don't think I will mention Matthew here.
As in McConaughey.
I like him so much I just spelled his last name right without even having to google it.

Happy Thursday Pretty Bitties.



  1. I love this! You are so darn funny and cute and I love those shoes! I agree, all those awkward moments are awkward. lol. Your husband is funny too! :)

  2. Hahaha! you never fail to crack me up. I love your awesome & awkward posts. Oh who am I kidding, I love all of your posts. But seriously, A&A = awesome. *hugs*

  3. love love love those heels! found you through follow fest...cute blog :)


  4. OMG! I want those shoes! They are amazing!


  5. Love this post! you crack me up. Hey those shoes are AMAZING!!! I want some too! I found them through Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Womens-Suede-Platform-Courts-Orange/dp/B005GTNVNS/ref=sr_1_3?s=shoes&ie=UTF8&qid=1318246192&sr=1-3

  6. you are flippin' hysterical! then end and amen ;)

  7. Hahahahaha. Peeing myself. My favorite parts are the poor cable guy on the ladder and the cookies with the UPS guy. LOLOLOL!!! You are awesome. Thanks for this today. I needed it :)

  8. I'd be offended, cause I'm a foreigner, but I laughed too hard at the chunky comment. All I can think of is Madagascar 2 and Moto-Moto singing, I like 'em big, I like 'em chunky. Lol. Youtube it if you need a refresher.

    Found you through Follow Fest, check out my blog if you're interested! I'm hosting my first give-away!

    My Growing Obsessions

  9. First of all, that first pic is grody. haha...Thank you, I was eating lunch while reading your blog and saw that.
    I'm so happy to be one your expensive, international bloggy friends! hehe...glad the guy liked the cookies that I didn't get to have. ; )

    And those shoes...OMG. Now I want them too.
    Happy Thursday (I thought it was Wednesday and just told someone to have a wonderful Wednesday...fab)

  10. You are funny. I'm going to start following you. I think I'm going to like reading your blog. Isn't it awesome to have your own domain name? :D I bought mine in 2000. Haven't looked back since.

    Hope you stop by the see me. xo

  11. Yeah, I'm with you Erin...chunky in general is not going to motivate me to eat something. I think I'd even be offended if someone told me my food was chunky.


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