The #1 Diet Trick I Swear By.

Let me start by prefacing something here.
I do not diet.      
I do not do anything close to what you would call a "diet".
I eat what I want, when I want.
{IE: The McDonald's french fries I had the other night at midnight,
Nachos and cheese at 10:30 the following morning,
and the countless Hershey Kisses I keep poppin’ every hour on the hour}
I am not proud of this fact.
I used to try harder, but somewhere along the line I realized I love food way too much.
So, if I can do something that is somewhat good for me without taking away something that I love,
I am all for it.
Insert this fabulous concoction:

Lemon Water.
Not just any lemon water though-warm lemon water.
First thing in the morning.
Now before you get all disgusted on me, hear me out.
Warm lemon water is one of {if not} the best thing you can put in your body in my book.

Let me back up this train for a minute and tell you how I got hooked on this.
Warning: It’s a little awkward and involves talk about bowel movements.
Consider yourself warned.
So there are some of us who are naturally blessed in the bathroom department.
Everyday like clockwork you get to make your way to the restroom,
enjoy your however many minutes of freedom, and walk out feeling 10 pounds lighter.
And then there are some of us who get lucky if they get to visit the bathroom more than twice a week.
I fell under the second category.
For whatever reason, my insides like to stay in my insides if you catch my drift.
Until Now.
{I could tell you a really funny story about how when I was little my parents literally had to pry it out of me, but that might get even more awkward than it already is, so I won’t mention anything about it.}

Anyhow, there is something magical about the warmth and the lemon that does wonders to your body.
It is the most natural and easiest thing for your stomach to digest.
It “naturally awakens” your body—totally different than how coffee shocks and awes your nerves.
It is a natural cleanser.
It is good for your skin.
It helps with bloating, heartburn, and heart problems.
Basically, it does it all.
Don't take my word for it--just type in Google "Warm Lemon Water"
Bam, Bam, Bam..Result, Result, Result.
Read it and weep.

And then start drinking with me.

Cheers to having a happy inside ;)

PS. Dear husband,
Yes, I know you did not get to "proof read" this post before I published it.
And yes, I realize you are freaking out right now saying "No...No, you are not writing that"
Well consider yourself wrong.
I did write it.
And it is published now.
Just think how many digestive systems I helped out though ;)

PPS. If you do try this and you develop a stomachache and/or headache, that is good.
It means it is working.
Your body must've been chocked full of toxins that your body is trying to get rid of.
Ain't no shame in it.

Oh crap one more thing-
Unfortunately, life has handed me NO lemons recently so I had to rely on lemon juice.
Try to go Au natural if you can.



  1. Hahaha! Thanks for your tip Erin! I totally believe you and now I'm going to start doing it. Now I need to go out and get some lemons. :)

  2. Im all over this.
    I will take any diet tip that does not involve me getting off the couch...
    I can feel the toxins leaving already...

  3. Good tip! I have the same problem as you :( Hopefully it works!!!!

  4. I was not blessed in the bathroom department either LOL I had a Colonic last year, and the place I went to has special all natural herbs that I buy to make me "go" LOL I've always been a water with lemon drinker, but I've never thought to drink it warm or first thing in the AM!

  5. Oh my goodness. I think I am going to have to try this. I don't have problems in 'that department' but I like this cleansing of the body talk. Thanks for being brave and sharing this :)

  6. When we lived in India many people told me they drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning.

  7. You are too cute! Pregnancy has taken away my body's ability to "cleanse itself", so I am definetely up for trying this method out! Thanks!

  8. I think this is one of those things that I'm definitely going to have to try!

  9. I may just have to try this, especially with all the horrible Holiday eating I'm about to get into :P

  10. Lemon water is so great for you!!
    I also discovered fiber one brownies. Haha those things taste good and it made me go daily....so just to help ya out even more. ;-)

    Does your hubby really proofread all you write?! Hhehe

    I drink peppermint tea daily so that helps my tummy issues too.

  11. Oooh very interesting! I'm one of those blessed-in-the-bathroom-department gals, but this sounds like a nice healthy way to start my mornings!

  12. I'm not one of the blessed bathroom department people either, so I'm gonna have to totally try this! thanks for the tip!

  13. Post. of. the. year.

    I love you even more now ;)

  14. I am totally going to try this! I just need a coffee machine that spits out hot water first...I'm always running too late in the a.m. to wait for the H2O to warm up in the microwave! :S

  15. are you serious?? your husband proof reads your posts before they go up, mine totally does that too!! or if he doesn't he calls me up and says you didn't let me proofread it, oops! and lemon water i swear by that stuff

  16. I so know what you are talking about and I am now (starting tomorrow morning) going to be a fellow hot lemon water drinker with you. I have lemon juice in my fridge I need to get rid of. Once all that is gone I will go with the real thing. Thanks for the post.

  17. you are so lucky that you do not have to diet ... jealous! But i have to say, I could do this ... lemon water doesnt sound so bad.

    I also thought about doing the cleanse where you are supossed to drink salted water and then I guess it "cleansed you" AKA you will be running to the bathroom lol ..may try that one on a weekend haha

  18. I cannot WAIT to try this!! I also fall under the second category. Thanks for the tip!

  19. Love it!! I loooove lemon water! I going to have to try this!!

  20. I will definitely have to try this! Thanks for the blunt and honest post - I can relate in this matter...if ya know what I mean ha!

    Anyway I will give it a try!



  21. haha thanks for sharing! I usually drink this when I'm not feeling well but I do need to try drinking this more often. It really is refreshing and makes you feel good.

  22. As a fellow second category I googled "warm lemon water" and I'm jumping on this train!

    I'm your newest follower :) I found you from someone that was linking up for the 25 things...now I can't rmember who-dang it!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. OMG! Thank you for this. I'm definitely going to have to try it. I fall under the second catagory also... it's awful.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  24. I am absolutely going to start doing this!!

  25. Thank you so much for this tip!! I wish I visited the bathroom regularly and hopefully this will help!!

  26. i was about to post: better use a fresh lemon, but you beat me to it :)
    and for more benefits, ad one spoon of olive oil with it

  27. I think I just may try this. Any guidelines on lemon to water ratios?

  28. I'm laughing right now because my doctor just recommended to me to do this every morning, but to prevent kidney stones. I just had a kidney stone blasted and removed. Those things are killer painful. So . . . I think I'd better start my days like this too!
    Lemon water - not just good for regularity, but great for your kidneys too!

  29. Sweet, I'm so going to try this right now! I haven't had anything to eat yet :). Don't have any problems in like you said "that" category (haha), but I like the idea of cleansing and not having to limit foods!

  30. Just discovered this post and am so thankful that you shared your little trick! I've struggled with an anything-but-smooth digestive system my whole life and fall into the second category of chicas. I've never been able to stick with any remedy because it's A) too annoying to chug fiber-water before it turns into a jello-y thickness B) too expensive to buy those magical digestive-enzyme supplements C) really, really hard to eat a perfectly-balanced diet ALL the time. Now... warm lemon water? That I can do! Bring it. I picked up a big ol' bag of lemons this afternoon. I'm sure it's not the end-all, cure-all, but it seems promising! I looked it up in the "interweb"; you're right--there's a ton on it. Thanks again, Erin!!! :)

  31. I haaaaate lemon water, but you've got me thinking that maybe I should try again & suck it up. Literally!

  32. Erin,
    I've been trying your lemon water for a few days and it's not helping with "that" yet. A couple of mornings, I've forgotten so it hasn't been consistent yet. But, I'm wondering how much lemon juice to put in the water? I am going to buy some lemons but until I get them, I've been using lemon juice. Any idea how much I should use?
    THanks for the tip!

  33. This is fabulous, hilarious & helpful .... THX!!
    Definitely will try ... I like happy insides ;)

  34. haha love this! And i love the note to your husband. I need to send my husband notes once in a while and I totally have him proofread sometimes. Usually I ask something like "is that too weird to say?"

  35. So this is better than coffee? I drink coffee every morning because that's the only way I can...ya know. But it sounds like you're suggesting this is better?

  36. Oh mu gosh! I just found your blog and stumbled upon this. I have the same problems as you do. My parents had to pry it out of me, too, but wait, we won't talk about that. Thanks for the tip!

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