La Vie Petite, Yo.

Remember yesterday how I promised I would share with you all my stellar car stories today?
Scratch that.
You see, yesterday was an exhausting day full of something very exhausting.
In Chicago none the less.
This was the view on our way there--
and our view on the way home--
You could say we got a little bit of snow over the course of a day.
Only like 8 inches, but who's counting?
{Now would be an appropriate time to mention how much I love "That's what she said" jokes}
Anyhow--because I don't have the energy to sit here and type,
I thought I would redirect you here.
Only over to one of the coolest blogs ever.
Like seriously.
And guess what?
Yours truly happens to be talking over there today.
Meaning now you really have to click here.

If you are reading this still, it means you haven't followed my directions.
Thankfully, I am giving you one last chance to redeem yourself.

...I promise, I will return tomorrow with my car stories,
perhaps a picture of me in a snuggie, and other equally exciting things.
It's bound to be good.

Happy Wednesday Lovers.

Oh real quick--if you are here from Cori's blog, thank you for stopping by :)
I knew you were awesome even before you stepped foot on my blog.
Or before your fingers clicked on my link, whatevs.
I hope you stay around, I would love to get to you know better!



Bath's Give Me Bruises

So last evening I had some master plan of writing an awesome blog post for today.
Until this girl had to go blab all over Facebook about how a bubble bath was in her evening plans.
And then my brain, heart, and soul started thinking
 "Man, I'd really like to take a bubble bath"
So then the blog tried to argue back in my brain and say
"No, I need something good for tomorrow"
Guess who won.
Every. Single. Time.
Sorry Blog.
If you only knew how glorious those bubble baths are were.
Yes, were.
You see--I was making my way out of that bath in a near coma state from being so relaxed when all of a sudden BAM.
Actually it was more like BAM.
I hit the deck/Bit The Dust/Whatever you wanna call it.
After quivering my lip for a few seconds at my husband, I did what I knew best.
Reached for the camera that happened to be sitting on the bath counter.
And took a picture of him helping me up in action.
Not pictured: My husband doubled over in laughter saying
"Oh my gosh I am going to puke..this is the hardest I've ever laughed..."
Also not pictured: His black eye and missing teeth that his fallen wife gave him.
I kid I kid.
But now I have bruises on my legs, side, arms, and hand.
It's hot.
Speaking of hot, I just looked down at my hand it is the palest it's ever been I'm pretty sure.
Gosh, I love Winter.

Anyhow--sorry, but no awesome blog post today.
Come back tomorrow though to hear about how I hit a car, exited out of a parking lot {not using the exit}, and got a parking ticket.
 All in the same night.
Oh, and not in a car I own.
True story.

PS. Tonight is the Victorias Secret Fashion Show.
It may be my most favorite night of the entire year.
Betcha anything come 10 pm, this household will be blastin' the hottest jams ever, accompanied by a girl struttin' around in a bikini and the highest heels possible.
Another true story.
Never stop dreamin' kids.

....I should probably reconsider the highest heels possible thing.



Nothing Else Matters {Besides This Giveaway ;)...}

Well look who decided to show up.
Your lovely face..and Monday's not so lovely face.
I am so glad that you are here.
{Monday--I am not speaking to you}
I've got a few back problems goin' on at the current moment.
I am still blaming it totally on that dang turkey and its frozen neck I had to yank out.
So in honor of my discomfort sitting behind a computer, I am putting somebody else in charge.
Somebody cool.
Real cool.
Her name is Emily and she makes really pretty things.
Like things I am dying to get my hands on.
Lucky for you saps, one of you will get your hands on something.
I could keep talking, but my back keeps telling me to go lay down.
I guess I will obey.
Enjoy what Emily has to say and please, oh please, go visit her after you are done here.
She deserves all the love you can throw at her.

My name is Em and I blog over at And Nothing Else Matters
I am a happily married mum of two from Australia.
Yep that's right I'm an Aussie. 

The hubby joined the Air Force last year so I am navigating the new world of being a defence wife. 
I blog about the highs and lows and all the fun in between of juggling marriage and motherhood with distance and demands.
The loneliness and hard times that came with this whole new lifestyle was one of my main reasons for starting my blog.
And I am so glad I did.

I love discovering new blogs and getting to know the awesome people behind them, so please come on over to And Nothing Else Matters and say hi!
I also have a fun Etsy Shop where I sell gorgeous delights like this
Hot Pink Fabric Sunglasses Case
Mellow Yellow Ruffled Love Pillow Cover
and this
Blue and Floral Ruffled Love Small Tote Bag

And now, a little question and answer session between Erin & I...
1. What inspired you to start your shop?
It was something that I always wanted to do, my mum used to sell handmade goods at markets, I have such great memories of that time. So when I taught myself to sew and started getting crafty I was making way more things than I could ever use, so selling those goodies became the perfect option.
Plus its a great excuse to try out new ideas!
2. If I could only choose one item to buy from your shop,
which item would it be?
A ruffled camera strap for sure. I love, love, love mine.
So comfy and pretty. They make perfect gifts too.
{Hint Hint}
Ruffled Camera Straps
3. What is the one food you are most excited to eat this Holiday season?
Cheese shortbread for sure, my mum only ever makes it at Christmas and it wouldn't be the same without it. Followed closely by the baked ham. Nothing like a good baked ham.
4. Do you enjoy reading or writing blog posts better?
I love writing and expressing my thoughts, feelings or just what great new finds I have come across lately.
But I must admit I love reading blog posts the most. I love to sit down with my big cup of coffee and read through all my fave blogs and find new faves to add to the list!
5. What is your favorite color combination at the moment?
In honour of Christmas, I am loving red and silver. 
Christmas Red Silver Ornaments
Also my love affair with yellow and turquoise is continuing.
6. One piece of advice for new bloggers or etsy shop owners?
Don't let yourself get easily discouraged. Slow sales or not much blog interaction can put you on a downer. And so can comparison.
 Everyone's blog and shop has its own journey, embrace yours.
And now for the best part of all--A GIVEAWAY
One lucky reader has the chance to win one of her fabulous Ruffled Camera Straps!

Additional Entries:
Visit Simply Nothing Else's Shop--tell me which item you would buy
Share this giveaway via Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.

You have 4 chances total--Considering how cute that strap is, I would do all 4.
Just sayin'

Oh, and because Emily is extra sweet, she is offering all Living In Yellow reader's a discount.
Enter loveerin for 25% Off your order!!

Talk more tomorrow lovelies :)



How To Dominate Thanksgiving.

My original plan was to walk you through step by step of our Thanksgiving Day.
And then I realized that would be the most boring blog post known to mankind.
So instead, I figured I would leave you with lessons that I learned from hosting this grand event.
Thankfully, I took 142 pictures throughout the day to accompany my lessons.
Get your big girl panties on for this one.
I’ve got a lot to fill em’ with.

How To Dominate Thanksgiving
{Or What Not To Do}: 
1.    Don’t think you won’t break things.
 You will.
In my case, I was successful enough to shatter 4 items.
The mashed potato bowl, the saucer to the gravy ladle, a drinking glass.
Oh, and a plate. Don’t cry about it. These things are unavoidable. And great photo ops.

2.    Decorate real fancy with plastic plates and bowls. If you add name tags, pumpkins, and candles, people will think they are at a gourmet restaurant. Until they touch their plastic plates.
Then they will quickly be reminded that they are in fact, at their young relatives home.

3.    If you enjoy eating turkey, don’t prepare it. Yanking the neck out of that sucker is not one of life’s finer moments. And it makes your muscles sore the next day.
Who knew those necks really are attached tightly?

4.    Speaking of the turkey, don’t think you can take an appealing picture of it {uncooked}.
You will get something along these lines.
 Do you think it looks like what I think it looks like?
Don’t answer that. This Blog is PG-13.  

5.    Need a place to store that turkey til’ it’s cooked?
Place it in the garage.
 It fits in perfectly with your tools.
You will not be sorry. Oh, and taste test them. Repeatedly.
As in eat three bowls worth. Before serving them to your guests.

7.    In the making of your mashed potatoes, don’t allow hot butter to get on your shirt.
You will have to change outfits.

8.    Have your guests write down what they are thankful for.
 And then bake those thankful little thoughts in crescent rolls.
Greasy baked notes of thankfulness. What could be better?
Have everybody crack open their crescent roll and read aloud what is inside.
It’s fun in a Thanksgiving Day kinda way.

9.    Pull your tank up when having your picture taken with the food.
Nobody needs to see that business. Oops.

10.  If a little girl wants to fly, let her fly.
Don’t however leave her with a buckeye.
Or an uncle who steals hairbows.

11.  Put more food on your plate than your stomach can handle.
It’s the proper thing to do.

12.  Have wine on hand.
Lots and lots of wine.

13.  Also have apple cider garnished with lemons and cinnamon sticks.
Yumm in the tum.

14.  Do take pictures with your husband. Preferably mildly inappropriate pictures.

15.  If your oven is smoking, shut it off.
Unless you prefer to have a house that is chocked full of smoke which will make it so that you can't breathe or see.
We opted for the second option.

16.  Your house will be messy. Keep in mind that you did all the cooking.
Cleaning is your husband’s job.

17.  Take the day off of work following Thanksgiving. While you sit at work, you will be exhausted but still have a longing desire to be out shopping.

18.  Enjoy it all.
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Because in the end it’s the memories that were created that will be cherished forever.



While You Are Out & About Shopping....

Please pick me up one of each.
Please and thank you.

Roger Earrings From Wonton Mommy

Sleeping Mask from Rouge & Whimsy

Leather Wrap Bracelet from Miss Mommy

Vintage Inspired Purse from Brittney Luycx

Ruffled Camera strap from And Nothing Else Matters

Cabochon Flower Hair Pins from Mimi Baby Boutique

Vintage Dahlia Flower Necklace from Sunshine Blossoms

Green Crocheted Cowl from The Hollie Rogue

Oh, and because I couldn't wait any longer...I had to order this yellow headband from One Little Monkey.
 I am now convinced that every young girl in this world should have one.
I think my niece was born to be a supermodel.
Just sayin'.

One last thing--I am now accepting Iphone 4s's for gifts as well.

Please email me for my shipping address.

For other great gift ideas {on what you can purchase me this Holiday season}

You are about to be blown away my friends.