Weekend Tid-Bits

So listen my friends-
I am not one to usually write blog posts on the weekend.
But right now I've got a situation goin' on.
It's called-the husband is busy being all productive around the house
{Case in point}
And I don't want to be "that wife" who sits around and watches TV all day.
So instead, I figured I'd make myself productive and sit in front of the computer.
And maybe have a glass of wine.

I think I made the wiser choice.
I'm pretty sure I just heard a not so nice word come out of my husbands mouth through the window.
Apparently fighting bee hives isn't a fun task?

Anyhow, now you lucky little readers who have the same amount of lives as I
{close or equal to zero}
get to be filled in on what I've been up to this weekend.
On a serious note-I really need to stop being so creative with the subjects I write about.
I'll try to tone it down in the future.

Let's start with Friday--that seems to make sense.
For starters, I had the privilege of wearing my new jacket that I recently purchased from Miss Chic,
which I happen to be head over heels in love with.
Even my boo said after I put it on "Yeah...I really do like that jacket"
Anyhow-the best part of the jacket is that I got to wear it to a Wine Tasting.
Not just any wine tasting though-one hosted by Awake & Alive.
Check out these lovely ladies for more information on their awesomeness.

After Friday, Saturday came along.
I got to do two things that never happen:
I didn't have to go to work.
And I worked out.
Boo yah.
Oh and I dominated the new JLO line at Kohls {More on that this week}
After emptying my back account, we headed over to Notre Dame to tailgate our hearts out.
And played a nice round {or seven} of Flippy Cup.
Oh, and somewhere along the line I thought it was a good idea to throw a football back & forth,
which resulted in me jamming my ring finger.
I've officially reached the age where if I do anything physically active, I get hurt.

Oh crap, my husband just caught me sitting here and asked if I can come help outside.
Be right back ya'll.

Well that was fun.
Have I ever told you how much I love sweeping outside?
Oh that's right--I haven't. Because I don't.

Back to today-
the morning started out listening to our neighbor belt her brains out to some song with her windows open.
{Pretty confident she didn't realize they were open}
All I remember hearing was a screeching sound of "I'M A ROOOOCKSTAAAR"
Once we got our laughter in from that, we had a nice little church service, did some more shopping,
and here I sit.

So yeah, exciting stuff.
Now would be the appropriate time to tell me all the festivities you participated in.

Oh and hey-just because these made me laugh this weekend,
I figured I'd share them with you.
If you don't follow me on Pinterest, you should probably start.
You'll get to see a lot more goodies like those above.

I'm off now to go make some meatloaf for dinner.
Act like that doesn't look delicious.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend kitten britches :)



  1. Gross!!! You are one tough chickie sticking your fingers into brain-looking matter. I prefer not to know what my meatloaf looks like before it turns brown.

  2. What a fun weekend! The picture of you and your soon-to-be meatloaf made me laugh out loud! Your personality is just so entertaining and so vivid through your blog!

  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend! :) I love that jacket! It's so cute! That last picture is hilarious!

  4. We had the same kind of weekend where my hubby also wanted to be productive around the house and I just wasnt feelin it. I had to look like I was cleaning when he came inside :) LOVE the jacket!! I have a HUGE issue with touching raw meat and that last picture sent chills up my spine!

  5. you look different, did you change something?!?



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