Scratchin' Off My To-Do's {And Capturing Joy}

Ahhhh, The dreaded "To-Do" List.
I say dreaded but I actually kinda love them.
I've got one lying in front of me and I need to do some major scratchin' off that sucker.
So please excuse me while I make that happen.

First item up-it appears that I need to remind you all about two giveaways we've got goin' on this here blog. Both of which I will think you are a complete maniac if you don't enter. And because I don't want to think that my readers are maniacs, you must enter.
That's right--I said must.
For some goodies to put around your belly and head, click here.
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Second item my list that is flashing at me:
Sponsorship for November.
You interested?
Click here to make it happen.
As for me-I'm going to be sponsoring at least two major blogs in November.
That means an additional 5,000+ people will see my blog advertised-
which in turn means they will see YOUR blog/shop ad.
Sounds exciting right?
Third item on the list-
Beg husband to allow me to make over our "office" into a girly haven that I will be inspired in.
That means not just me beg-you beg as well.
Use the comment section at your disposal for this one please.
I'm thinkin' something a little like this:

And fourth item-write Capturing Joy post.
I guess that means I should do that now?
Okay, here goes nothin':
I used to think that only "trashy" girls drank beer. I also used to be an idiot.

While I'm showing off pictures of alcohol {I promise I'm not a lush} I should mention this place.
A Wine Superstore.
I've never seen so much wine in one spot.

Our 5 year anniversary dinner. Chips. Wings. Wine.
Total perfection.

Speaking of perfection--This is the complete opposite.
Our dinner last night.
Cardboard and all.
My bad.

Hi little Iguana-it was so nice to meet you.
{We will now ignore the fact I first typed "Hi little Leprechaun"}

So did you just notice that all the pictures {minus my little iguana buddy} centered around drinks and food.
Now show me what you got.
Link up your joyful pictures down thurr k?
{If you want to share the joy-post this baby on your blog}

I'm off to go have a lovely weekend.
Consider doing the same would ya?

Love you tiny tots.



  1. Love your posts & your pictures! Oh and Erin's hubby...please let her turn the office into a girly haven!

  2. I love that office! I think you should copy cat that all the way :)

    xo Teresa

    enter my GIVEAWAY!

  3. Dear Erin's husband,

    First of all, I love your wife she is UHMAZING and hilarious I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have her fantastic blog to follow so that I got my daily laugh. You are so lucky! Second, if this creative, funny and oh so beautiful woman does not have a creative and "erin inspired" area it might just cause problems. What if she decides to not be inspired anymore... what if i didn't get my daily laugh.. I'd cry! So, I am begging you please let her have a beautiful, creative office that inspires her.. you never know it might just bring some inspiration to you.

    Thanks for listening.
    JeNeal.(fan of your wife's)

    & ERIN> I love that office. and UMMM for some reason i always cook the cardboard LOL almost caught it on fire once.. One day i'll learn! Linking up with you xoxoxoxx

  4. glad my husband and I aren't the only ones who don't eat "fancy food" for their anniversaries. we had burgers and french fries this year (and, of course, wine - happy anniversary to me!).

    love that office!
    ~ Andi

  5. Ive put a frozen pizza in the oven WITH the cardboard as well before also. Makes for some chewy dough. :(

  6. That's so not a girly office! Here's what you do. Find the girliest, ugliest office pic you can. Show him and tell him how in love with it you are. Wait 20 mintues, show him this fabulous one and then say, "Oh wait, I love this one even more! What do you think?" Works every time!


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