Meet Me In The Confessional

So ya'll remember that one time right?
You know--that time when I exposed all of my {not so} perfect habits/traits.
And I said I had plenty more that I would share at a later date.
Well guess what-
that later date is today.
 I kinda love confessing the weird/not so "good" habits of mine.
I'm not really sure why?
I do think there is something great about calling yourself out on things.
It's just kinda...fun.
And it's like the world's easiest topic to write about-
And on Mondays, I am all for easy.
Especially when your Sunday evening involved tearing it up at a bar listening to your favorite band.
Not that I would do that....but I can imagine if one would-they would be all for easy on Monday.

So with all that being said....I confess:

-When I was young, I thought my dad liked me. Like in the sense that he had a crush on me.
All because he wanted me to hold his hand when we crossed a street.
Basically I was a freak show.
And I'm pretty sure whenever I talk about it, it embarrasses my dad.
Sorry dad.

-I am a Homebody.
I hate those words, but I know it is true.

-Whenever I am going to start my period {or the day that I did start} I simply don't talk.
And if I do have to talk--it is a mumbling mess.
Talking is way overrated sometimes.
Especially on days when my ovaries hate me.

-After I got married, I had to ask my husband which one was the washer & which was the dryer.
Act like you know that stuff...

-The minute I get to work I take my shoes off. And I don't put them back on until I leave for the day.
It's splendid.

-When my husband is sleeping on the couch, I can't help but yell "ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING?"
He finds it annoying for some reason?

-I am the World's Messiest Tooth Brusher.
No, but seriously-
I was going to show you a picture..but then I took the picture and uploaded it on my computer and realized it really isn't a cute sight to see.
-Speaking of brushing my teeth--I have had two different dental hygienists tell me that I have the most saliva they have ever seen in one mouth.
I am not sure if I should be proud or highly disgusted of this?
I am guessing I should be the second one-but for some strange reason, I'm proud.
Don't make me mad-I'll spit on you.
Which will result in Niagara Falls being unleashed on your face.

-When I was young the only thing I would dress myself in was a Michael Jordan jersey.
And I had my hair cut high above my ears.
You might say that I wanted to be a boy.
I say it was awesome.

-I hardly ever wash my clothes.
What's the point?
One of my least favorite things to do is put clothes away after they've been washed.
Why make myself do something I hate to do?
Battle won.

-I won "Weirdest Laugh" in my High School class.
It's a nice mixture between endless screeches, cackles, and what may sound like a baby who can't breathe.
If my husband would ever let me Vlog-you may just hear it.

....And guess what?
I still have like another 30 items to list.
But I will save those again for a later date.
Like one of those days after a night out.
For now-I am off to take a nap underneath my desk.
{If I work with you-this is a total joke...I would never even think of doing such a thing}
And if I don't work with you-I am totally off to sleep under my desk.

Bye Bye Lovie Dovies =)

PS. During the writing of this post-my dog's tail caught on fire.
I wish I was kidding...because it smells pretty darn bad.
Poor thing stuck it in a candle that is burning on my desk...
Yes, I let me dog be up on the desk while I write blog posts.
And this is why I don't have children.
Speaking of children-I did baby-sit three different ones last week.
All three are still alive.



  1. Ha! You never fail to crack me up. Also, glad to hear there were no fatalities under your careful watch. :)

  2. Oh my! Your posts always make me die laughing! And your poor pup :)

  3. This post is just what I needed to start my Monday! Hilarious!

  4. you are too funny, the dad being your boyfriend had me rolling!!

  5. Your posts always make me laugh, can't wait to hear the next 30! lol

  6. Great post for a Monday! It gave me a good laugh! =D

  7. I love it!! you are freaking awesome!!

  8. You are hilarious, and when my husband reads your blog (because I make him read things that make me for real laugh out loud) he always says, "My God, there is another you out there."

    He says it in a scared voice for some reason.

    Anyway, I think you're pretty neat.


  9. hahah.
    Definitely a new follower! :)

    I do something of these things which is so weird. haha. whatever ;)

  10. LOL I hope your dog is ok. Damn burning tails.

    Ok, so when I was first practicing to learn as a young driver I asked my Dad which one was the gas and which one was the brake. He will NEVER let me live it down.

  11. I agree with these other ladies- always making everyone laugh. I love it. :)

  12. I love it ! I won best laugh in high school, which I think it just a nice way of saying loudest, weirdest laugh. I'm glad I have another kindred spirit laugher out there. p.s. I just found your blog and I am loving it.

  13. I never wash my clothes either...it's so annoying and I always forget to get them out of the dryer.

    I hope your pup is okay! That sounds like something Floyd would do.

  14. You seriously should write a book! I am laughing at so many things in this post right now. Laughing WITH you, not at you dahling!!! heehee...
    I love the saliva thing, that's how I feel about myself because I can't seem to keep it in my mouth. Sorry ahead of time if I ever meet you.
    ; )

  15. Love this post! From the comment you made about you thinking your dad had a crush on you, not washing your clothes (I have the same thought process on this) to your poor dog's tail on fire and the fact that the children you watched are all still alive!


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