Holy Ship!

Guess who is baaaaaaack?
{Maybe you didn't even realize I was gone...Don't tell me if that's the case}
Anyhow-yesterday we set foot back on land after being on a 7 day Caribbean cruise.
To say it was awesome is like saying I am just mildly excited to watch the Kardashian wedding tonight.
It was beyond awesome
{and I am beyond excited}
But here's the deal--I still kinda feel like I am on the ship.
As in rocking back & forth continually which kinda makes me want to vomit if you catch my drift.
And staring at a computer screen doesn't seem to help the cause.
So today I am not going to say much.
Instead I'm going to do 10 loads of laundry-unpack-lay out-and sleep.
Really I'll probably just lay out and sleep, that sounds like a much better idea.
I just wanted to let you know that I am back and ready to attack.
I hope your happy pants just came back on.
Today I'll leave you with a few photos
{out of 600}
Hope you all had a fantastic week!
Thanks again to all my wonderful guest posters--weren't they awesome?

Can't wait to talk more tomorrow loves :)



  1. What an awesome vakay you had!!

  2. So glad you are finally back!! Woo hoo! It looks like you had an amazing vacation :) can't wait to hear about it g/f.

  3. looks so fun! I'm going on one next month and can't wait:) Welcome back!

  4. That looks like so much fun! I will live vicariously through your photos because the idea of feeling like I'm gonna vomit, does not appeal to me.

  5. Yay! I"m so glad you are back girl!!!! Love the photos looked like a blast!!! xoxox

  6. Yayy for the Kardashian wedding. One of my many, guilty reality show pleasures! Looks like you had a blast on your trip!!! :)

  7. You will feel much better tomorrow (from the rocking)! Yay! so glad you had a blast. :o)

  8. Whohoo! for the Kardashian wedding ;) Welcome back! The Caribbean is so BEAUTIFUL! Looks like an awesome ship too! Enjoy your sleeping today :)

  9. You got to go on Allure of the Seas?!?! I am soooo jealous!!!! My husband and I went on Royal Carribbean for our honeymoon and our first anniversary. Loved it! ~ Andi

  10. Fantastic photos!! I want to go...now please!
    You are gorgeous. Oh and uhhh...I'm so beyond excited to watch the Kardashian wedding too....
    don't tell anyone. ; )

    Hope to see more pics!

  11. ok how crazy is this. Hubs and I are going on that exact boat on a caribbean cruise in March. I would not lie. And your pictures make me that much more excited woohoo!!

  12. Looks so fun! I'm so jealous! Love the pics :)

  13. LOVE cruises!! Glad you had a good time!!

    Love all of your outfits!!

  14. I went on this same cruise last April. It was amazing and I wish I could go back again this year! Great pictures!



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