The Heck With Window Peepin'...Come On In!

I’m going to go ahead and assume that all of you are just as obsessed about looking at other people’s homes as I am.
I’m talkin’ I schedule home viewings as often as my husband allows me,
I hit up any open house I can,
and I look in empty house’s windows just because.
Yes, I am window peeper.
I am pretty sure it is the old Real Estate agent in me, but there is something fascinating about it.
To see other peoples décor, the homes layout, the room sizes, it is all so exciting.
Except when the house smells like cat pee.
Then the excitement quickly fades.
Anyhow-today I am allowing you to peak around my home.
Fair warning: It isn’t the most exciting home to peak in, but it is our home, and I love it. 
Let me describe my current style: Clean, simple, uncluttered.
It’s “okay” but it is not even close to what I dream about.
Dang Pinterest.
If for some reason I happen to sell my home and move, I am blaming it 100% on Pinterest.
Our home also has way too many “guy” spaces if you ask me.
We are talking the entire basement and the office.
Hence the major moving of homes remodeling plans I have tucked up my sleeve.
Anyhow-take a look around, relax, enjoy yourself, and then get the heck out ;)
Oh and just a warning-you are about to see a million and two pictures.
Make that a million and three--who's counting?

{Living Room}

{Laundry Room}
{Guest Bath}
{Master Bedroom}
{Master Bath}
{The Office}
...Tribute to Shawn's late father. He was a baller. And a fireman. A fireball we'll say.
...And a tribute to my husband's other hero, Jimmy Buffet. We'll just call him Jimmy.

{Maggie's Corner}
{The Basement}

And there you have it.
My home in a nutshell.
A huge nut at that.
Thanks for coming friends.
Now if we could only make this happen in real life.
How fun in the sun would that be?!?
Eeeeek I must stop talking about it before I pee my pants.

The sign above my door couldn't say it better myself....



  1. I love all your decor! You're house looks so cozy and inviting :)

  2. You're house is completely cozy, I could watch Golden Girls re-runs on that couch of yours for hours.

  3. Love your house! Everything is so cute! I'm afraid if I had that basement, I'd never leave it. The side with the couch...not the workout equipment. :)

  4. it looks great! i love the colors and decor. you need to let us see the ENTIRE room. what good is peeping if you don't get the full view? haha

  5. I am a total home peeper too! My hubby and I like to walk the pathways in our neighbourhood at night so we can see in people's houses. haha...sounds stalkerish but whatevs. It's fun.

    Your house is very nice, you shouldn't dis it so!
    : )
    Although I can totally relate about Pinterest.

  6. love the house!! in the basement is that a movie thingy??

  7. When do I move in? Im in love with your decor and all the colors you have around the house... its so warm and cozy!

    xo Teresa

  8. it's beautiful Erin! love your home :) now let me come visit ;) I loveee that basement..I could totally stay there! and give that tredmill some use...I need it after all the halloween candy I've ate!

  9. Oh how perfect!! I envy you!! We live in an apartment so I can't really make this place fully ours since I can't paint the walls. But I love how you decorated your place.
    Thanks for the tour!!

  10. Great pictures but they don't even show the whole picture of how awesome your house is in real life! People, I am talking comfy and clean and smells good and gorgeous!!

  11. cute cute cute!!

    and yeah, people can deny all they want, everyone loves to be nosey!! lol.

  12. I'm obsessed with your house and decorations!! I wanna move in!! LOL

  13. Wow!! I love your home! LOVE IT!!!!

  14. I love looking at peoples decorating/homes too!! :) It's fun to take/borrow ideas away from all that you've seen! Hence...Pinterest! :) Loved the post...your home is adorable. Now say.....your master bath...Those ruffle towels are adorable! I need further away pictures of that room...to see how all the things go together. :)

  15. Your house is totally cute! Love it! Also, I have all of the same flavors of Kcups, aren't Keurigs just amazing? I'm in love with mine!

  16. I love your house! I have seriously considered getting my real estate license so I can go into other peoples homes more often. When ever I see an open house sign, I stop and go in :)

  17. I really dig the decor missy. Not to be a stalker/creeper but we have the same colors in our master bedrooms. Yippee!

  18. You have an absolutely gorgeous home!!! It seems so warm and inviting!! I especially love the wreath on your front door and the lighting in your kitchen above the cabinets! I die! So pretty!

    I just recently got married, so since I have all this free time (no more wedding planning!!!) I can finally do some cute stuff like you did in our home!

    Have a great week!

    Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

  19. I love it! Your home looks so inviting and cozy!
    Im pretty sure I would just spend all of my time in that basement!

  20. did you pull these pics off of pinterest? just kidding... your home is like a show home!!! its stunning!

  21. Wow! Your home is stunning and I love all of your decor! I just discovered your blog and I am your newest follower! xo

  22. So this was posted MONTHS ago but I just saw it (I may or may not have already spent 30 minutes looking at all the posts on your blog that I can). I love your house! And, especially love the firefighter stuff ;)

  23. I love the colors in your home and you took pictures at a unique angle. Thanks for sharing your home, your love of peeping, and your awesome personality!


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