Don't Be An Idiot.

So check it:
Once upon a time there was a boy & girl standing at the baggage claim in the Chicago Midway airport.
Next to them stood another boy & girl.
Except that boy & girl were fighting.
And the boy decided it was a good idea to act a fool and smack a bottle of water out of his woman's hands.
Upon the bottle of water landing in front of the boy & girl bystanders-
the girl observing got mad.
Like her face got red and she was full of rage at what she just witnessed.
{Real quick-the girl was me. I am the one who got mad-got it?!}
Not only that-but the dumb-butt boy told his girl to pick up the bottle herself.
So being the fabulous chimer that I am-I chimed right in on that conversation.
So I began with something sweet along the lines of "Wow....he is acting like an idiot"
{spoken loudly to my husband} and then proceed to tell the guy
"Sir...you better pick that bottle up yourself"
{I am over the top intimidating}
And then he has the nerve to say something to the extent of
"We've been married awhile....it doesn't matter!"
And THROWS the bottle at his wife.
Throws it ladies.
And misses terribly {proving that he is good at NOTHING}
Are you surprised?
So then I get really mad.
Because who in their right mind throws a freaking water bottle in an airport at his wife?
After he already smacked it out of her hands.
An idiot.
That's who.
So then I proceeded to make all sorts of statements that his wife can hear about how nobody should put up with that-how acting like he did is absurd {at which point my husband chimes in "Unless your 6 yrs old..."
<--genius that man is...And so on}
The end of the story basically goes like this: We got our bags and walked away.
Sucky ending I know.
But I seriously can't stop thinking about that whole ordeal.
My heart hearts for that poor girl who has to deal with that crap on a daily basis.
I don't care who you are-how long you've been married-blah blah blah-
you should NOT have to put up with that kind of behavior.
And the sad thing is-I am sure that is minimal to what a lot of people put up with.
But seriously..The minute my husband throws a water bottle at me when he is mad is the moment I knock out every single one of his teeth and eyeballs.
No joke.
Now if only that guy could read my blog and he could be embarrassed by his actions.
I seriously need to start handing out business cards for matters such as this.
You know something like
"Thanks for acting like a fool.
Please read about your story on Living In Yellow along with the rest of the world.
It will be fun-see you there"
Off to Vistaprint as we speak...
Peace out homies.



  1. WOW... You feel sorry for the girl, but at the same time she shouldn't put up with it and stick around! Boys like that--it'd be all I could do not to smack them around myself. Ridiculous.

  2. It's terrible when people act like that. I probably would have said something too and called the police or security depending on the severity.

    I like your idea about handing out your card and warning them about reading about it along with everyone else. :)

  3. uggg I hate him already...and what kind of excuse is "we have been married for a while?"

  4. I hate that this happened, but I love that you commented and made a point to say something. I would totally do the same. And I hope and pray that girl realizes this man is not a man if he would treat her like that. Honestly, I wish I could give this girl a pep-talk... I just ditched one that tried to treat me that way. Buh bye!

    - Erica Lee

  5. How sad. Hopefully, her hearing you speak up, will give her the courage to have a voice.

  6. Grr Those situations make me SO mad! I was heading home from work one day & I saw a kid, probably about 18, beat the crap out of another kid, probably about 12. I turned my car around as fast as I could, but by this time the big kid had already run off. I was mad & talking about it for a month afterwards...I mean, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?! lol

  7. WHAT A DOUCHE BAG! I would have said something too! When he said "We've been married awhile" I would have looked at her and said "Wow...I'm sorry". And then would have told him to get his shit together or I'd get it together for him. I'm with you...about the time he smacked that bottle out of MY hand? It would have been picked up, grabbed tightly in my hand and thrown directly at his face as I left him there alone at the airport. God, I have zero tolerance for guys like that.

  8. jeez...what a jerk. good think you at least said something. I would never allow that from my husband as well...and he knows it. I don't know how some people put up with that stuff.

  9. I just love your blog it makes me laugh pretty much everytime!

  10. Say it, sister!!! GOOD for you for saying something, what a total JERK that guy is. I don't get why people put up with that crap either. It's sad that they think they have to.
    That would have been sooo awesome if you'd had a business card to give him...that made me giggle.

  11. Ooooh that makes me mad!!! I am no good with that stuff - I have a very quick temper and find it hard not to deck people like that. That poor girl! If my guy did anything close to that...well, he would wish he'd never been born by the time I'd have finished with him.

  12. What an ass. I know guys like that and I can't stand them. One bit. Good for you for mouthing off at him. That jackass deserves a dropkick to the head!


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