The Day JLO & I Fell In Love.

Story Time.
Once upon a time, a girl and her husband decided to visit their local Kohls bright & early Saturday morning.
Something very unusual was going on-Kohls was having a sale {gaasssp} and the couple wanted to take advantage of the discounts.
The girl wasn’t that excited because Kohls is very much a “Hit Or Miss” store for her.
And the girl doesn’t think that Kohls always has the best prices for women’s apparel.
Then again, the girl doesn’t only buy $7 polos like her husband.
Anyhow-once in the doors, the girl started going ape nuts. Short for crazy.
Before her eyes she spotted the new JLO line.
Shoes, Purses, Shirts, Oh My.
She loved it all.
And because her husband told her “No, we are not going to the outlet malls tomorrow”,
she decided to take full advantage of what was before her eyes.
So she loaded up her cart.
Just not with babies like you are supposed to.
Instead, she stocked it full of boots, a purse, jewelry, and a few shirts.
And then made her husband take a picture of her while he was in mid conversation at the watch counter.
What a good mate she has, eh’?
Speaking of pictures, the girl decided to take a few {51} herself so you can see the new goods. 
 Let's start with the jewels shall we?
 {Vera Wang}
 {Daisy Fuentes}
{Vera Wang}

And then we have the shoes:
{Jennifer Lopez}

Can't forget about the purse
{Jennifer Lopez}

No shopping trip is complete without a few tops.
Am I right or am I right?
 {Vera Wang}
 Love the detail..
 And love the back even more..
{Jennifer Lopez}
 Not gonna lie--this one might need a little stretching.
Apparently XS means Extra Small.
{Vera Wang}
 {Jennifer Lopez}
{Old Navy}
It was $7 bucks.
The husband thinks it's ugly.
I think he is ugly.
But don't call my shirts ugly.
The End.

PS. Not only has JLO taken over Kohls. So has Marc Anthony. Battle of the ex’s? Awkward.



  1. Wow, I LOVE all of your finds! I'll have to stop by Kohl's this week!

  2. Awesome finds...Love the shoes! Kohl's is great!~

  3. Love the long sleeve top with that drop back! Sooooo cute!

  4. You want a new job? You can be my personal shopper! Loving all your finds!!

  5. LOVE Kohl's...I get way too many things there, I'm in love with Daisy Fuentes and the JLo line is amazing!! Great finds!!

  6. LOVE that long sleeve Jennifer Lopez top! Beautiful!! I went to Kohls last week for the first time in months and almost got run over by a man trying to shoplift? I'm like, seriously, at Kohls? They have such amazing deals. Hahahaha....

    And I love that blue shirt from Old Navy.

  7. You found some AWESOME things!!! Ill have to visit Kohls more often...loving the booties!!

    Enter my Shabby Apple FAB Frock Giveaway!!

  8. I bought a pair of her shoes this weekend to! i love love love them! I love that navy blouse from Old Navy! Not ugly at all! Good finds!

  9. Looks like a successful shopping trip! I will have to check out jlo's line at Kohls! Loved your post you are hilarious!

  10. Looks like you had fun :) Love that cream shirt with the bead flowers on the side! Maybe I need to take you shopping with me, I have a hard time finding things at Kohls, usually ;) Have a great day!

  11. I gotta check out Kohls - you found some cute stuff girlfriend!

  12. you most definitely had a "hit" kinda day at Kohl's! LOVING that shirt with the stuff on the sleeves (I don't know the technical word for it!)

    Oh-and God bless your husband for 1. Shopping with you 2. On a Saturday morning and 3. Taking photos of the whole process.

    I'd say he's a keeper. :)

  13. Um look at you go gurl!! Major finds.

  14. I love all of your new items! Such pretty finds - You look great in all of them :)

    xo Teresa
    There is still time to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  15. You found some really cute stuff, my family has a serious love affair with Khols. I mean 5am on black friday love affair. :)

  16. Such great finds! Love, love, love!

  17. Your posts are so cute & those boots are amazing!!!!!!

  18. I've always loved LC's and Vera Wang's collection at Kohls. Now it looks like I'll have to go soon for JLo's too!

  19. I need that cuff! so amazing.

    Khols? Who knew? I think I have been there once like 5 years ago. Clearly I need to go again.

  20. It's funny--the last top is my favorite of all the tops you bought, and my boyfriend would think it was ugly too...we should all hang out sometime!


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