Capturing Joy-Luuuuv Style ;)

Why hello there lovely readers of Living in Yellow HAPPY FRIDAY! Don't you just freaking love Erin!? She is  awesome! And so freaking funny!! Her posts get me rolling.. no not on the luvdrug but you know rolling with laughter! Any who I get to be her lovely Guest today! I get to fill in for CAPTURING JOY! I'm so excited!!!!! I link up to her Capturing Joy each friday with my weekly {Fotos} on Friday post and I love checking out what she has captured for the week!

Well first off, let me tell you a little bit about me...my name is JeNeal and I blog over here. I am a mother to my precious Lexi and a wifey to my wonderful Jordan. My job is at home with Lexi where I get to do lots of fun things! One being playing with my camera .. snapping lots of {fotos}! I love keeping memories!!!There are so many things I enjoy but you can check out all that shinazzle over at Pieces of Luv my little blog...where I document my journey in this beautiful life.

K... so I had this huge plan where I was going to go take a bunch of beautiful pictures at the gardens this week.. I visited them last week while on a walk with my daughter and I had them all planned out!! WELLPP.. I should've gone back that same day and did it all because this whole week has been UGLY and rainy.. not complaining I am loving this COZY weather but it ruined my plans!
SOO I decided to go another route..and I am going to post a few of my past favs.
Well there you go.. love capturing joy! 
Hope you all come and say hi!!

It was great Hosting Capturing Joy!
Make sure you link up with us today!!!
Can't wait to see all the purrrttty pics ya'll captured!

Now seriously-go meet JeNeal-she is uuuhh-maayzing. And I mean it.
Please and thank you.
Happy Weekend Party People.



  1. Newest follower! :) LOVE your blog!

  2. Came over from pieces of luv...great job jeneal!


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