Can You Tell I'm Slacking Yet?

Well look who decided to show their face around here today...
Welcome ;)
Because I am on a guest blogging role-I'm gonna keep goin' with it.
Today I have one of my fabulous sponsors sharing with you all a little bit about what she is all about.
Cat is the owner of this blog and this shop.
I think you call those people multi-talented?
A word I'm not all that familiar with but whatever.
Get to know Cat and go give her a nice welcome would ya?
Thanks for being so cool.
Here she is!

Hi Everyone! I am so honored to be here with you today.
Erin has such a wonderful blog!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Cat and I married my college sweetheart, Richard, back in 2005.

We have 3 adorable, energetic little kids. (squirmy baby L has been the model for all my ventures).

Let me tell you - it has been a long, hot summer, and I am so ready for fall! How about y'all?

I am so blessed to be able to stay home full time with my kids. In my 'spare' time I write a little blog called

There, I share Stuff I Love, Stuff I Don't Love, Books Of The Week, Recipes, and whatever else (charities, events, giveaways, great deals, ideas) happens to be on my mind. We also have a forum for you all to ask questions, post recipes and share your own opinions.

If that doesn't keep me busy enough, I also sell some of my crafts at my shop

And I am thrilled to be able to give away a couple of my items to you all!
The winner will receive both this framed 8x10 sunflower print
and this purple flowered necklace

I am grateful to you all and best of luck!!


There you have it!
I am off now to go partake in some fun activities.
Perhaps you should do the same?
Peace out buttercups!



  1. Hey slacker...come back from your cruise already. I miss you and I'm bored without your emails :)

  2. OOps! Looks like I forgot to tell you how to enter! You can get one entry each for doing the following: Follow Stuff I Love via GFC, Like Stuff I Love on Facebook, Follow Mimi Baby Boutique via GFC, Like Mimi Baby Boutique on Facebook, tweet about this giveaway, Facebook about this giveaway. Please leave a separate comment for each entry. Thanks!!


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