5 Years Of Love Makin' {And Capturing Joy}

That's right.
5 {glorious} years ago today I said "I Do" to my better half-best friend-partner in crime-
my husband.
We tied the knot in Jamaica with 16 of our closest family and friends around us.
The day was PERFECT.
{Okay, minus the 100 degree temps that caused me to sweat profusely during our photo session..minor detail.}
But seriously-anybody considering doing a destination wedding...Two words: DO IT.
Hassle Free Is the Way To Be :)
Anyhow-back on to our little story..
I was the ripe ole' age of 20 when I got hitched.
If you are 20 currently and tell me that you are getting married-I will think you are crazy.
Not that it doesn't work out-because it does.
But dang, when I look at twenty year olds these days--
 I can't help but think how insanely young that is to get married.
But if you are like us and your age doesn't seem to phase you-proceed on :)

So this paragraph was dedicated to something really cool and profound.
And then you know what happened-the man read it and deleted it.
So, instead..I leave you with some love notes to my dang paragraph deleting husband.
{I am writing this in the midst of him yelling "NO" and me pointing to the office door yelling "OUT!"}
The love is alive folks. Love is alive.
Anyhow-I'll try to be nice ;)

Thank you for choosing me to be your wife.
You make me happy in the happiest kind of way.
I know that over the past 5 years we have had our up's and down's..
but your love has remained constant and consistent.
You are my rock.
{except when you get all soft and let me cuddle you-then I consider you more a snuggie}
You are the first person I want to see in the morning and the last person I want to kiss each night.
Life with you makes sense.
I not only love you, but I love being married to you.
Thank you for these past 5 years...
I can't wait to keep celebrating our love together.
Love you boo.
PS. You are Hott. Yes, with two T's. And a capital H. That's like a whole lotta hotness.

Now that I got that mushy gushy stuff out of the way-lets move on to a little capturing joy shall we?
In honor of our 5 year anniversary, I dedicate these pictures to the last 5 years together.
Enjoy :)

1 Year-Siesta Key, FL

2 Years-Riviera Maya, Mexico

3 Years-Riviera Maya, Mexico

4 Years-Siesta Key, FL

5 Years-Caribbean

{Can we just note how handsomer and handsomer my man gets over the years}

Lets see your joy now!
You know the drill-
Link up below-
paste this little picture on your bloggy blog-
and get on with your life.

Have a fabulous weekend friends :)
You know what mine is going to be full of don't you.......
Best way to celebrate an anniversary. Duh.



  1. I, too, was 20 when I got married. My hubby and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary in August.
    You two are an adorable pair!

    Happy Anniversary S & E!!

  2. How is it possible that you don't age? You both look exactly the same... beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

  3. I used to live five minutes away from Siesta Key. :)
    I love it there!
    Congratulations on your anniversary.
    <3 Ashlynn.


  4. awesome making it 5 years! That's like a million in Hollywood years! And married in Jamaica? freakin awesome. My sister got married at 18. Ten years later her and hubs just had their first twin baby girls :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! We just returned from Jamaica and loved it! Where did you stay?

    Love the photo recap. You both are aging very well!

  6. SO sweet! Happy anniversary!! I sure as heck hope we spend all of our anniversaries somewhere tropical :)

    PS-I've deleted SO many blog posts/parts of posts because of my husband too...men...so judgmental sometimes ;)

  7. Super Awesome!! Happy Anniversary!! and I love the fun places you go!!!!


  8. Happy Anniversary! I was married at 22 and its been 10 years now. Amazing how quickly that time flies by, right?

  9. happy anniversary!! mine is coming up soon and it'll be NINE years. sheesh. i wasn't 20 when we got married though. i don't think my hubs and i would have survived me at 20 ;) y'all are so cute and i love that you did a destination wedding. i would have loved to have done that...but i have 1000 bajillion family members who would have killed me.

  10. Happy 5th Anniversary to you and your hubby!!

  11. Happy anniversary you 2!!! I loved the picture recaps. You are blessed! :)

  12. Aww congrats - you are a beautiful couple! :)

  13. Love that you had a beach wedding - we did too! Isn't is the best? Everyone was so relaxed and happy. Congrats on your anniversary.

  14. Happy anniversary! wishing you MANY MANY more years of happiness!! love the recap :)


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