The Heck With Window Peepin'...Come On In!

I’m going to go ahead and assume that all of you are just as obsessed about looking at other people’s homes as I am.
I’m talkin’ I schedule home viewings as often as my husband allows me,
I hit up any open house I can,
and I look in empty house’s windows just because.
Yes, I am window peeper.
I am pretty sure it is the old Real Estate agent in me, but there is something fascinating about it.
To see other peoples décor, the homes layout, the room sizes, it is all so exciting.
Except when the house smells like cat pee.
Then the excitement quickly fades.
Anyhow-today I am allowing you to peak around my home.
Fair warning: It isn’t the most exciting home to peak in, but it is our home, and I love it. 
Let me describe my current style: Clean, simple, uncluttered.
It’s “okay” but it is not even close to what I dream about.
Dang Pinterest.
If for some reason I happen to sell my home and move, I am blaming it 100% on Pinterest.
Our home also has way too many “guy” spaces if you ask me.
We are talking the entire basement and the office.
Hence the major moving of homes remodeling plans I have tucked up my sleeve.
Anyhow-take a look around, relax, enjoy yourself, and then get the heck out ;)
Oh and just a warning-you are about to see a million and two pictures.
Make that a million and three--who's counting?

{Living Room}

{Laundry Room}
{Guest Bath}
{Master Bedroom}
{Master Bath}
{The Office}
...Tribute to Shawn's late father. He was a baller. And a fireman. A fireball we'll say.
...And a tribute to my husband's other hero, Jimmy Buffet. We'll just call him Jimmy.

{Maggie's Corner}
{The Basement}

And there you have it.
My home in a nutshell.
A huge nut at that.
Thanks for coming friends.
Now if we could only make this happen in real life.
How fun in the sun would that be?!?
Eeeeek I must stop talking about it before I pee my pants.

The sign above my door couldn't say it better myself....


Groupie Love

Well Hello Monday.
So nice of you to show your face once again.
I love when you just show up and put an abrupt end to weekends.
I mean who really would want more than two days to relax and have fun after all?

Because I don't think you are going anywhere, I'll make the best of ya.
In fact--starting today I promise I am going to start working out again.
Just like I promised I would last Monday.

Enough about me though, lets talk about people much cooler than I.
These girls are pretty much thebomb.com
Yes, I said thebomb.com
I am that person who thinks it is cool to say phrases from 1989.
Make that 1999.
I don't think .com was around in the 80's?
{I think I just got sidetracked...}
Back to the matter.
I have a few chicklins to introduce to ya'll today.
When I introduce somebody to you, I fully expect you to go get to know them more at their hangout spot.
So puuhh-lease do so.
This little tid-bit about each lady is just the tip of the iceberg.
So go get yourself wet.....
And I mean fully submerge yourself in the iceberg {aka their blog}.
Wow, this got awkward in a hurry.
K, seriously-time to meet these girls.
Hi all... I'm Kyna, from Great Expectations.
I am a thirty-something wife to the most amazing man, and a very happy momma to the sunshine of my life, my little girl. I love photography and everything that goes with it. I love traveling. I love good food. I love good wine. I love good friends. I love having fun and laughing hard. I love unwinding after a long day. I love indulging. I love my family more than words could describe.
And I love meeting new people through my blog!
Please come visit my blog to get to know me!
Hi Living in Yellow readers I am Sarah from Total Basset Case. 
Over at TBC I chat about recipes, crafts, my DIY adventures and life with our silly yet adorable basset hound Floyd. 
My name is Candice, and I live in the lush, and truly beautiful country that is New Zealand.
My blog is a lifestyle blog which developed from my hope to keep some kind of a diary of the happenings in my life. I talk about pretty much everything, but I suppose to narrow it down, the two fairly consistent things would be fashion and weddings...I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but it's FUN so I'm gonna keep rolling with it until it stops being fun!
The name is something my dad unwittingly came up with; I have been known to say/do ditzy things in my time and whenthis happened my dad would ask "...and what's the weather like in Candy Land today?"
If you would like to join in on the fun, the wardrobe/wedding drooling, and sweetness then come and join me in Candy Land!
Hello all, I'm Cat!
Stuff I Love is a site where I offer reviews of stuff I love (or warn you about stuff I don't love), review our favorite book(s) of the week, pass on yummy/kid-friendly recipes, and highlight charitable causes I think are worth your attention.  I toss in the occasional anecdote/interview/giveaway as well. 
I also have a little shop called Mimi Baby Boutique where I sell hand made crafts.  At the moment I'm specializing in jewelry and appliqué, but I have TONS of ideas brewing for post-Christmas-rush.
Come visit me here or here!
"Hey there, I'm Kourtney!
 I write over at Sunshine Blossoms Blog and also design unique, custom jewelry for the SB Etsy shop.  I'm a wife and mother who loves being crafty!  I talk about everything from DIY projects and recipes to every day life and all that's in between. 

And there you have it.
5 new lady loves.

Now leave here and go comment crazy all over their blogs.
Have fun buckwheats :)
Pssssst.....Come back tomorrow for a glimpse around my home.
It will be like you are here hanging out with me, except not really at all.
It just sounded cool.
Oh, and Minnie Mouse {aka my adorbs little niece}
wants to wish you a Happy Halloween.



Pop The Bubbly

We maaaaaadddeee it.
Made it to what you may ask?
{Followers that is}
If you are shocked at this fact, know that you are in good company.
Back in February when I started this whole shin dig,
 I thought I would be lucky to have like 20 followers.
Make that 18.
Bribery--I've clearly mastered you ;)

One would think I would be like awesome and have a giveaway planned for this occasion.
But I don’t.
Instead, the husband and I are having a little celebration with cake and champagne.
It was the blog's idea {she can be such a lush sometimes..}
I think the blog picked up on my huge craving to pop a cork and send it flying.
I don’t care if you drink champagne or not, poppin’ corks has to be one of the best adrenaline rushes there is.
Please go try it immediately.

Anyhow- time for me to get into the whole part of the post that goes a little somethin' like
“You are awesome, thank you for supporting me and this little hobby of mine."
I mean that seriously.
I realize not all 500 click on this blog with every new post,
But for the 10 that actually get a hint of excitement in their bones to read what I have to say-
Thank you.
It is for you 10 that I continue to write.
{And because I really have nothing else to do with my time, but that’s beside the point.}
Your comments and emails continue to bless me daily.
I hope you receive the same amount of love that you put out
{Now I make you all sound like a bunch of floosies…}
But really, it has been such a joy getting to know some of you.
I never knew blogging created genuine friendships, but I am so {so} happy that it has.

The end.

PS. For all you newbies around these parts from the Followers Fest—I am dedicating a solid {ten} hours to visit all your blogs here shortly. You will be hearing from me, I promise.

PPS. This is totally irrelevant, but this morning I put on the same pair of jeans that I wore last night {because that’s what I do} and I couldn’t freakin’ button them today. Really?! I thought jeans were supposed to stretch out after you wear them, not shrink. Apparently lasagna and wine do go straight to the hips. I think this is my body’s way of telling me I need to stick strictly to leggings from here on out. Leggings, get ready for some cake & champagne. I have full trust that you can handle it--Don’t prove me wrong.

K I am off now—
time to devise a plan to make that number over on my sidebar say 1,000 ;)
After celebrating of course.
Life is all about priorities kids.
Don’t you forget it.

Happy Weekend Loves!

PS. If you see your blog listed, you are getting cookies from me this week:
Katy Goes Boom
Just Another Mummy Blog
Sweet Pea
Ashley {from my work..thanks for tweetin'}

The baking begins.....
starting now.

{In case you are wondering--that would be a bird's eye view of me in my apron.
Not just a shot of my lady lumps as it may appear.}



Did You Win?

If your name happens to be:

You won these lovely goods from J&M's Eye Candy:

And if your name happens to be:
You won a free advertising spot on Sincerely,Kylee

Look at you lucky ducks.

Go buy like 10 lottery tickets.....right now.

And then split half the winnings with me because it was my idea afterall.

Well Emily & Raquel, I will be in touch!



Rando Ramblings & Capturing Joy

Hap Hap Happy Friday.
So you know what sucks?
When you go to write a “Capturing Joy” post and you realize you haven’t taken any “joyful” pictures recently.
So excuse the suckiness today.
I have been trying to rummage through my photo archive and see what I can dig up.
You can be the judge of how well I dug.

Anyhow-thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday.
Glad to know I am not the only one who struggles with feeling like she is “lost” sometimes in this life.
I did determine that if I just drink three glasses of wine, I feel found very quickly.
Ha, kidding kids.
It only takes two glasses.
No, but really-you are all the coolest.
Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise.
Aaannnnd thankfully my brain gets really smart while I lie in bed at night and I have come up with a few ways to strike up a “passion” and add some balance back into my life.
Those items will be shared soon—they are pretty much genius so I wouldn’t miss out.

So whaddaya say we get into this whole “Capturing Joy” biz?
Here goes nothin’…

I don't know what it is about this picture, but I love it.
Oh wait, it might be because of the ice cream..chocolate..and cherry.

 How precious are little peoples feet?
At what age do we stop classifying feet as precious?!

 My daughter. Don't tell my husband she came out black.

Splish Splash I was takin' a bath...
Or playing with a table that had water on it.

And this is why I love Fall so much.
Beauty, Beauty, and more Beauty.

And there you have it—my joyful pictures from the past week several months.

Now I know you guys did a much better job of capturing joy this week.

Prove me right and link up below.
{Have you ever noticed the nice shine on my face in this picture?}
And I am off now to go live it up this weekend.
Live it up how?
Your guess is as good as mine.
But you can bet your bottom dollar it will involve food, shopping, and drinks.
Those three are pretty vital in terms of weekend success.

Talk soon pretty kitties.

PS. And because everybody and their mom was linking up--I figured I should too.


Go join in the fun.

One last PS--Did any of you watch Beavis & Butthead last night?
When I say I wanted to puke just hearing their voices, I mean I wanted to puke.
If it wasn't for my husband turning the show on--I would have never written this post.
Gag me now.